Nike Free RN 2018 Shield SKU: 9098090

Nike Free RN 2018 Shield SKU: 9098090

Hey everyone, it’s Jeanalin here with And you could train like a boss with this Free RN 2018 Shield from Nike, let’s go keep it up Ladies, you can go on a nice smooth run with a sneaker and it’s gonna be perfect through the neutral road runner What’s great is that it has that Water-repellent knit and synthetic upper And my favorite part is that you have the toggle lace-up closure, so you could slip in here easily and just go about your runs The inside has a soft and breathable fabric lining and it also features this removable foam insole so you could add your own orthotics if you need to all You have this file on a foam midsole that’s gonna give you extra cushioning as well And I’m just loving how you have this tristar outsole, you guys Check it out, it’s gonna be super duper flexible with every run you take Get in tip-top shape with this shoe, it’s from Nike

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