Nike Flex RN 2017 BTS SKU:8853841

Hey everybody. My name is Richard And here we have Flex RN 2017 from Nike Now what’s awesome about these is not only are they super lightweight and breathable thanks that mesh upper here, it’s going to keep your feet feeling energized You have a really thick layer of Phylon material in that midsole going on the way down to the outsole here and keep your feet feeling energized, give amazing bounce backy Make sure they just feel great while you’re out there on your run Do you have that really cool, shiny Nike logo right there on the side Give you a little low-light visibility too which is nice Good cushioning in that footbed It also has a really really sturdy outsole down here on the very bottom That tread pattern is gonna help keep you steady just about anywhere you could be running So don’t delay. Go ahead and get running with these awesome shoes from Nike

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