New Balance Vazee Pace Protect Pack  SKU:8767890

New Balance Vazee Pace Protect Pack SKU:8767890

How’s it going guys? My name’s Joe We’re taking a closer look at the Vazee Pace Protect Pack, it’s from New Balance Now the shoe is gonna be perfect for the experienced true runner to the casual runners It’s got a very lightweight design and a six millimeter heel-to-toe differential Cool thing about these that they’ve got a glow-in-the-dark element here in the midsole and around in there to give you a little extra light Those low light situations you know, reflective material there in the back as well Now the footbed is gonna be removable Got some nice extra cushioning there on the inside It’s got a really great response up there in the front of the shoe So, durable blown rubber here on the outsole to keep you steady out there on the road And it’s got a Water Repellent treatment here on the upper And no worry running shoe, just put it on and go, from New Balance

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