New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer SKU: 8998353

New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer SKU: 8998353

Hi everybody, my name’s Richard from and this is the Minimus 20v7 Trainer, it’s from New Balance Now these have a supportive nylon infused yarn upper also has mesh on the sides there, so it’s really can give you amazing durability and breathability all at once It does have an asymmetrical foam collar up there to give you a more natural fit once you lace up here with a cushioned textile and so on bottom and beneath all that It’s really thin yet shock absorbing REVlite midsole and of course you got your vibra rubber outsole here on bottom really help keep you steady on all different types of surfaces The kind of shoes that can always keep up with you, so don’t miss out on them from New Balance

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