shopper to change Kendall Kylie if you pray and I'm popping diamonds barking not so cocky and also cocky I'm so cocky up so cocky yeah bitch I'm so cocky out so cocky out so cocky I'm so cocky bitch I'm popping water faucet on me it's honestly my shoes me more than anything like honestly careless you say where I get my clothes from I'm not this whole big oh no my clothes gonna be from polo or from Gucci I don't have couch money I don't so I hope you feel this when I get my clothes wrong it's really about that's me I've always been that way not really I got until she was my hair before I got into shoes my sophomore year in high school and then it really started progressing I have a good life maybe I don't know by heart right now company should be there in my closet and that's even the shoes that are in boxes and art boxes so I'm gonna show y'all I'm gonna show you one now so I am like so in the way of my shoes but kind of a mess a little bit but this is it it stops look great here I think you can see that box and that's there's all of these and then there's like shoes going down that it's a lot I feel it's a lot but I don't think but I barely wear half of them I'll show you on my all-time favorite first my favorite favorite ones in a barely wear them says they're my favorite they are these a lot of people they ask me where I'm from and I got them from I would be flood action finish line one or the other and I got these in Miami I got them at I forgot what you've all I got him from it's like I don't even remember there's these my most favorite ones I love them I barely wear them but they still got Cruz's venom and they hurt my feet you can never go on if you already know you got a pair of them box you never go wrong with a pair of all weight air forces you can I got these last week with my graduation money a very good investment I've been meeting a pair for the absalom youth I've only worn online Weiss that's the bottom line I mean they're kind of dirty but they're still really clean little creases whatsoever and and also I'm taking my shoes out of the box because eventually they have to go my way because I'm leaving for school and I can't bring boxes with me I'm just gonna do that for now kind of get them under my bed for now and I know these people say they're ugly can't wear them so their ease I actually like them you know you have to get the right color with these shoes for the shoes because sometimes I look mad ugly I'm sorry somebody had sex I mean I don't even really know the name of it if you want a pair and I'll just mark myself and they were like 500 110 but I got him online so funny so you don't number to go me under my bed I'm doing all my Nikes first because my mateys I witness on the first day school these are my children you know their air maxes you can never go wrong with these they are kind of dirty though cuz they have a good couple times all my shoes please really good clean my my dad yeah my dad how about your home alone I'm gonna punch me better look here not this color but let the same she these boxes are getting thrown away I like that Oh I barely wear these because they hurt my feet but they are so pretty where's these are another different animals with their different number I believe it was these that they did like Houston and Miami I wanted the ones that were for Miami so bad people in Houston have the ones for Miami are like aren't you supposed to get balloons she was like okay you see it's probably why I could never find them again because of so many of the bidadi Houston [Applause] ego I have to be a winner with the pair of Uggs they kind of look bent over the shape because I'm one of the live here in the winner do they eat we're always told a person which name I am NOT saying got me this for Christmas and you no longer speak it's okay yeah same person got these we matched I got these you never go wrong with slides I have these Maggie's live these Nike sides and these Nike sides I need to get a pair of these in black do these they're so pretty I'm barely room because for me of shoes I don't wear now we're on to my Jordans I think I got a warm pair of Nikes in here but since the box is black I came along with my droids in my shoes they usually are six to seven ah I remember me and a friend we made a bet to see who would get these first when we saw them in reaction right dumb bitch won't get him for you look at you didn't even have enough inside because I always keep my boxes but I can't afford to do that right now so these are the Nikes these aren't even difficulties I need to get them clean like a little pricey side all these are here their boxes and I need to like I need to like a major shoe shopping spree although she was I'm not important that woman but they are surprisingly these aren't as dirty they can use a little bit of cleaning but not that better and then of course I have them laced with weird I just my Air Force when I got these I realized that I needed a pair of regular white air forces so you see beautiful I I'm thinking about getting a black eye these I believe you can tell by the gross as a dust and like they're super old I got these like I think we're like the beginning of myself there these you know I still keep all of it intact like literally it's like I still got the little clip on their shoes I don't wear you know they're small me I gave them to my sister because she's about to hit my size issues next I don't know why a lot of people say they like when you're wearing me but if they're the web doesn't make my feet their phone possibly so I originally got the ECU the first ones I got and I got him big so do you think is six and a half yeah these are six and a half and then these are six what's that it will piss me off is that I want to go get these I got these at Foot Locker I went to Jimmy jazz I think that's what it's called another shoe place and they had to fall posits that I actually wanted they were the white through the purple four houses I wanted those for the longest don't know why and so I got them from Foot Locker that I went to Jimmy chance all of my god about those so my mom said we could go over eternal and we can get these four they told me that um well you got to pull out everyone return em they say that the money would hit took away business days I was like I'm going home to pair shoes today so I just decided to take these i barely wear these because they make my feet hurt and they are so heavy like but size of my head I need a shuttle as I can see my box is early all over the place they're all like why is there paper towel you're old and you can thumb i shoot anything like I had these wool since my 7th or 8th grade year of high school 7th or 8th grade in your eye in my 7th or 8th grade here my mom used to buy me shoes and then buy me the matching outfit so she bought me this she bought me these shoes she bought me the best blush weights I won with me and then it was like a black I'm not a black of great jordan shirt which was oh my god I wonder school thing I was fresh people really these most like me will probably go in the trash because one there's one she likes gonna saying they're like beyond dirty and then they're like super super you can never go wrong with a pair of grandma slippers they are so freakin comfortable I wear I'm late these were my accent did these for me he was he was super was so super into you know the old he loves drawing and those customizing things so I had a pair like all the air maxes that even using over light and he had got in like the shoe paint and everything and he did these for me I was the first person to ever get the pair of shoes to do it they came out good they did I mean I don't really know where I'm like that but he had these you could see you got a little a little Dexter things on the side it was cute I like these yeah I don't got none aware of them the rest is you know freaking sandals and the vans like old man's eye dude they're fans and they're like super dusty I thought because I don't I'm not a vans kind of person I mean although I do have a couple pairs and so I have like a bunch of shoes and stuff that needs to get story like they need all most of them are somewhat clean so I'm going to need a cleaning so this is pretty much it all of that and I still have and so I still have to go through my closets all my clothes to see what I mean don't wear what I'm not gonna wear and then that's it thank you guys and for the people that I have been have been asking me to do this video and now you got it and you can watch it like subscribe do what you do okay but look my name is so cute anyways thank you and I will see you guys next time

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