My Most Complimented Menswear Items – Favorite Garments and Accessories

My Most Complimented Menswear Items – Favorite Garments and Accessories

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we’ll discuss the ten things in my own wardrobe on which I
regularly receive the most compliments and the lessons I’ve learned as a result. Loyal viewers of the channel may recall
that Raphael has previously published a video on his own most complimented items.
Now that I’m increasingly more settled into my role here at the Gentleman’s
Gazette, we thought it might be fun for me to compile my own list. It’s always
nice to receive a compliment, of course, and if you’re wondering how best to
accept one, you can find our video on that subject here. But for today’s video,
enlisting my 10 things, some of which are individual items and others of which are
collections, I’ll also be offering some reasons as to
why I think those items have gotten so much praise. We’ll start today with my
collection of vintage hats. As has been noted here on the channel and also on
our website, I’m almost never out of doors without a hat on and I’ve built up
a collection of hats over the last 10 years or so. My regular three season
rotation consists principally of three vintage fedoras; one in a sort of
mustardy brown color, one in charcoal gray, and one in medium gray. I’ve also
got a vintage black fedora but I don’t wear it as often. By the way, you can find
our video on why black is the most overrated color in men’s wear here. In
the summer, I most often wear a coconut straw pork pie and I wear a boater for
more formal occasions. I used to own a conventional Panama hat but it got too
worn out to wear. Still, I hope to acquire another one soon. Using online resources,
I’ve learned how to reblock the crowns of my felt hats all by myself at home.
Perhaps, this could be a future topic for a video, if you viewers show interest. And
for our full playlist on different hat styles, etiquette, and more, you can go
here. Next up is my collection of cufflinks. When I started seriously
investing in dress shirts in my college years, I became immediately fascinated by
French cuffs and cufflinks as they’re a subtle but distinct way to accent an
outfit. My current collection incorporates everything from simple
black links that are typically worn under sweater sleeves to more casual
fabric inlays to designs incorporating colors and patterns to vintage models
that I’ve found online and in secondhand stores. And of course, I would be remiss
not to mention our various Fort Belvedere models in both monkey’s fist
and eagle claw designs which you can find here. And if you’d like to learn
more about French cuffs in general, we’ve also got a video on that topic. Speaking
of my French cuff shirts, they’re my number 3 pick as several of them have
also gotten many compliments including my blue and white gingham model and
several of my other grid patterned shirts, as well as my pastel colors, in
particular, pink, probably because it’s good for my complexion. My lavender puppytooth and violet Glen check models almost fit in both of these camps since
the patterns are so small that they read as solids from a distance and my blue
and yellow Prince of Wales check model, my first shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt, is a favorite of mine. I’ve been collecting these shirts for the better
part of five years now, all of them in the same fit but since joining the
Gentleman’s Gazette, I do now realize that they are largely too big on me.
So stay tuned for future content as I continue on my style journey zeroing in
on the fits of all of my garments. On that note, I’ll touch on two of my odd
jackets next, both of which fit me reasonably well or at least better than
some of the other jackets in my closet. These would be my double breasted navy
blazer and my camel hair sport coat, both of which are vintage. In addition to
liking the fit of these jackets, I also appreciate the smaller details like the
blazer’s gold buttons and the sport coat’s wide rounded lapels and if you’re
curious about the differences between blazers,
sport coats, and suit jackets, we cover everything you need to know in this
video. Mentioning camel hair also reminds me that I do receive a number of
compliments on my camel hair overcoat which is probably my favorite piece of
winter outerwear. This is another vintage piece and one that pairs well with my
brown Fedora as well as with many different colors of gloves and scarves.
By the way, we do also have a video on pairing gloves and scarves with
overcoats which you can find here. The color stands out well from the more
typical black, navy, and charcoal overcoats you are going to see and the
genuine camel hair does keep me quite warm in the winter. My overcoat
collection isn’t nearly as extensive as Raphael’s though and this video should
prove that. I don’t happen to have too many full suits in my wardrobe at the
moment but two that do get compliments and are, therefore, my number 6 pick are
my royal blue suit and my charcoal grey suit. The blue is two pieces and the
charcoal is three. Again, while neither of these suits have a perfect fit, I do like
the way that each of them makes me feel. Also, the charcoal suit has a slight
texture and pattern to its weave and the blue suit is brighter than a traditional
Navy so it stands out of it. I appreciate having the option to wear the charcoal
suit as either two pieces or three and with either of these, I do sometimes also
engage in the spezzato technique of breaking them up and pairing them with
odd trousers as I’m doing here today with the blue jacket. And as long as
we’re on the topic of choosing layers to wear underneath jackets or indeed on
their own, I’ll mention my sweater collection next. You’ve seen a number of
my sweaters on the channel already including my cardigans in navy, blue gray,
and black, and my oatmeal color that’s good for more
casual outfits. My favorites though and the ones that get the most compliments
are my wine colored cardigan and my berry colored cashmere v-neck. Both of
these sweaters can be worn well under jackets, as you are seeing here, or
of course, on their own. Cardigans tend to give the wearer a more
professorial vibe which I don’t necessarily mind, whereas v-necks are
more sporty and preppy. Both styles though are quite versatile. Let’s return
to accessories for a moment to cover another small piece that can make a big
difference, collar clips. These are designed to make
the knot of one’s tie more pronounced and also to hold the collar together in
a neat and tidy way. They were particularly popular in the early 20th
century but they fell out of favor somewhat as larger tie knots and wider
spread collars came into fashion. I have a few vintage models in my collection,
some of which are more ornate than others. They don’t always get noticed
because they are small but when they do, onlookers are generally very
complimentary. Of course, Fort Belvedere does offer collar clips in yellow gold,
rose gold, and silver, and you can experiment with those in your own
outfits as well. My number 9 pick is another accessory,
boutonnieres. As with collar clips, they were a popular accessory in the early
20th century but they too fell out of favor somewhat. Probably because real
flowers could wilt or might get pollen on a lapel and having to often buy fresh
flowers wasn’t exactly cheap. Fort Belvedere has solved this problem too
though with our extensive collection of silk boutonnieres. My Edelweiss and corn
flowers in different colors are good for sport coats and my carnations are good
for black-tie ensembles which brings us nicely into my final selection for today,
my black-tie wardrobe. As a jazz singer who specializes in early 20th century
standards, I often wear black tie when performing and as a result, I have a few
different ensembles in my collection. You’ve seen both my black single
breasted and midnight blue double-breasted tuxedos on the channel,
as well as my double breasted ivory shawl collar dinner jacket. I’ve got a
single breasted ivory model as well, also with a shawl collar. Some of these
ensembles are vintage and others are new and the same can be said for my black
bow ties as well. You can find a wide variety of black tie as well as white
tie accessories in the Fort Belvedere shop and for anything you’d like to know
about these formal dress codes, our comprehensive black tie guide on the
website has you covered. To wrap up today, let’s consider a number 11
bonus pick that echoes Raphael’s own list. This would be my overall look or
demeanor when wearing any of these items as well as other pieces in my collection.
No matter whether you’re a menswear expert or just starting on your own
style journey, wearing your clothes with confidence is a key step in wearing them
well. Of course, fit is important as we’ve covered many times here and you should
always try to look for quality craftsmanship but equally key is being
able to wear your garments in a way that feels comfortable and natural to you. If
you can do this, you should be no stranger to getting compliments from
those around you. In today’s video, I’m wearing a sporty combination that does
feature at least a few of the items I’ve discussed here today. Chief among them
would be the jacket from my royal blue suit which, as I said, I’m wearing in a
broken up spezzato style with some grey odd trousers that feature a small
pattern in their weave. Harmonizing with both the jacket and the trousers is my
shirt which features a micro check in dark grey and blue. It isn’t one of my
French cuff models from Charles Tyrwhitt but it provides a bit of variety in my
closet as I don’t have too many barrel cuffed shirts. To add some brighter pops
of color to the outfit today, I’ve chosen a madder silk tie with a geometric micro
pattern in a lavender color that harmonizes well with the light purple
cornflower boutonniere from Fort Belvedere. The blue corn flower is the
most standard and classic choice but we’ve introduced a number of other
cornflower colors in the shop so you should take a look. My socks are from
Fort Belvedere too, they are grey with light blue shadow stripes. These go
well with the trousers as well as with my shoes which are gray suede derbies
from Heinrich Dinkelacker. The other piece in the outfit today is a vintage
magenta colored pocket square from Hermes which features a sort of
chain-link design in yellow and bluish tones

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