Marsèll leather boots review

Marsèll leather boots review

so today I’m doing an other review. Actually it’s my second review of the day I just realized that I’m buying more than doing videos . So we are reviewing Marsell biker boots today. I am extremely happy about this purchase think this is probably my nicest pair of shoe that I have If you don’t know Marsell, it’s an Italian
shoemaker. They solely focused on shoes and the quality of shoes are absolutely
ridiculous, insane, fantastic there’s no way to describe the quality
of the shoes. I have several pair of Marsell this is by far the nicest shoe brand. Big black box saying ”Marsell” see myself
I think that the boxes are beautiful. black and same thing for the dust bag This is it. As you can see a
wore it a couple of times.It is made in all calf leather which makes it a little bit softer than
regular cow leather And it a very thick very rubber sole. This is absolutely gorgeous The quality is absolutely insane . The texture and the feel of the leather is incomparable. As you can see here there is the sign that says it’s Marsell As you know I’m usually wearing a size 44 or 43.5 and I usually wear a size 43 in Marsell Those ones are huge and for those one I took a size 42 Almost 2 size down so they fit big As a general rule I would suggest to size down Like the Common Project. The retail value was about 1.6K$ I got them at Michel Brisson. Which is an amazing store
located in Montreal I think they have one of the best selection in Montreal I’m very happy about
those shoes. A sort a way to wear them There are various to wear. You can either dress them down or dress them up depending on how you feel Usually wear them up. But since
it’s a biker shoe you can obviously wear a biker jeans with it You can wear sweatpants with them. You can have fun with them for many year to come because Marsell is on of the most durable shoe brand that I know of.

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9 thoughts on “Marsèll leather boots review”

  • Beautiful boot. Sz 7 & 13 on thecorner for only $425

  • Hi Simon, I'm a female who has just purchased my first pair of Marsell shoes, and you are correct, they do run a tad large, and they are also expensive. However, ultra stylish and comfortable. I found your video because I wanted to know if this brand of shoe does last a long time, and you answered that question in your presentation, so thank you!

  • Fuk you are useless !! You are clearly more interested in filming your smug face than the ARTICLES YOU ARE MEANT TO BE REVIEWING…!!!!!! The boots were shown for about 20 seconds of a 4 MINUTE REVIEW…!!!!!???? HOW ABOUT ZIP MANUFACTURE ( YKK ? RIRI ?? ) ZIP MATERIAL AND QUALITY( PLASTIC, METAL…?? ) ARE THESE BOOTS LINED…..?? IF SO, WITH WHAT MATERIAL….??? BONDED OR WELTED SOLE….VEG OR CHROME TANNED LEATHER…..??? FUK YOU ARE ONE DUMB BASTARD…!!!!!

  • Thanks for the review! I've got a pair of Marsell boots recently and this is absolutely the best shoes I have ever worn. The quality is outstanding. They feel super comfortable. But I definitely recommend at least a size down.

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