Making Giordano Fashionable | ZULA Altered | EP 1

Making Giordano Fashionable | ZULA Altered | EP 1

Hi guys, so I would actually consider myself to be someone who is pretty interested in fashion, and low-key a shopaholic. I just spent like S$200 on ASOS the other day. Aside from that, [shops] that I usually go to are like Topshop, Zara and H&M, basically ION Basement 2. Somewhere I wouldn’t consider going to would be Giordano, and what I often associate [with] Giordano is typically ‘auntie’ clothes, or maybe something that is not as fashionable, and that I wouldn’t wear today. Today, I have a challenge. I’m going to Giordano to style a couple of outfits [with their clothes], to see whether I can actually make them fashionable, and whether their clothes are actually wearable for modern day today. Let’s go check it out! I have a budget of S$100, let’s see what I can find. Buy one get one free. So if I ruin one, I’ll have another one. I think I can crop it. Aspirational. This is not bad. I’m going to use this, cut it into shorts and then use the fabric to make into a tube. I’m a genius! Sis, this is S$46! Shit, how much are my jeans? I cannot buy this already, it’s S$59! Okay I’m putting it back, I’m putting it back. No. Alright guys, I’m back in the studio. So I’m going to do a mini haul for you guys to show you what I bought from Giordano. Let’s start off with the shirts first. This shirt was S$15 and it was under clearance in the men’s section. The reason why I got this shirt was because I thought it could [become] a simple shirt dress, and then you can just belt it or do something easy with it. And it was only S$15, so why not? Moving on to the T-shirts, I got 2 T-shirts. The first one is a three-quarter [sleeved] striped T-shirt. Stripes are always in trend. And this one is just basic, it’s only S$10 and was also in the clearance section. This one, I got it for- I think it was pretty cheap. This was S$7 and it was also in the clearance section. It’s just a green oversized T-shirt, and I got this because it’s for safety, because I damn scared that I will do something wrong with my DIY. So I got these two tops because it’s to
match with the two pants that I got, or somewhat match with the two pants. The first one I got is this pair of khaki trousers, and this is just a simple one to match probably with the striped black and white top. This checkered pair, I really like the pattern for this. But it’s the same [cutting] as the khaki ones, so I might do a little bit of DIY and cut this into a pair of shorts. The extra fabric, I’m thinking whether I can make it into a top. So I got these two pants for S$39, because they were buy one get one free, so that means one item is about S$20, which I think is pretty worth it considering the material and the quality of the pieces. I also bought an additional set of socks, because y’know, socks can always add as an accessory to any outfit. Letting it peek above your shoes, I think that makes the whole look tie together, and it looks like you put in a little bit more effort. So I thought this was like S$3 or something, and I clearly didn’t check the receipt, but it says here, that I paid S$9 for two socks, which is not necessarily worth it, because you can probably find these socks on Taobao for like S$1. So yeah, that’s the whole haul I have for the items that I bought from Giordano. And these items totaled to about S$80. I think for the number of pieces that I got
it for, I think it’s actually quite worth it. So I can have a total of 3 outfits with these pieces. I need to do a little bit of DIY to some of the items first. So in this DIY section, I’m not going to be doing too much DIY, just some simple cutting and glueing fabrics together. Because I know that if you guys want to go out and buy these products, you’re not going to be like, sewing these products into something new completely, so I’m going to keep them as simple as possible. Let’s jump right into it! Ta da! Alright, so I’m done with the three outfits and the DIY. So the first outfit is actually the striped top and khaki pants. I just cut off the top of [the shirt] to make it off-shoulder, and I paired it with the khaki pants which I didn’t do anything to. I thought that was pretty simple, it even looked like something I could buy off the rack at H&M, or Forever 21, honestly. The second outfit was the shirt dress. To be honest, I wanted to do the shirt into like an off-shoulder shirt kind of fashion [piece], but it didn’t really work on me, I don’t know why. So I decided that I was going to turn the shirt into a tube top kind of dress. All you need to do is to button the shirt up [till your chest], take the sleeves and tie it at the front into a knot. And that’s pretty simple, because I see a lot of dresses online with the knotted-front aesthetic. So the outfit I’m super proud of is actually this two-piece set, which I cut out from the super long checkered pants that I got. It took me about 15 minutes to cut the pants and glue the fabric together. It’s quite modern in terms of style, cause nowadays a lot of people are wearing [matching] tube and shorts. That’s my aesthetic. It’s worth the money I guess, because it was only around S$20 for the pants. You can actually wear these two pieces separately as well, so you have two [different] pieces that you can wear with jeans, or maybe for the shorts you can pair it with a T-shirt, it’s quite simple. Overall, my impression of Giordano, it’s- I would say it’s still leaning towards the ‘auntie’ side of the spectrum. Not very trendy I would say. Like it’s very basic. [Going] through this whole experiment, I would’ve assumed the items are on the cheaper side. If I didn’t get it on promotion, it would have been pretty expensive for like one item. The pants would’ve been S$40. The material and stuff, it’s pretty okay, it’s like average. I don’t feel like justifies the price to be honest. The socks were like S$9 and when I wore them, it felt like my Taobao socks were a bit better. I’ve heard a lot of my friends say that they wear their basics quite often, because it’s pretty easy to wear and fits them really well. So I think for the basics you’ll be okay. Aside from that, if you take the pieces and you kind of style it in your own way or DIY a little bit, you could kind of make it work. But whether it’s worth the effort to go there, dig out from the piles of clothes, and then DIY, I think you can go there and give it a try. For me, it was a challenge, so I felt that like I wanted to ace this challenge and do well. But on a normal basis, I still don’t think I’ll walk into Giordano to get anything from the store. But maybe I’ll walk in to see if the sale is worth it. So guys let me know which outfit was your favourite out of the three that I styled today, and also let me know what other brands you guys would want to see on this kind of styling challenge [videos]. [For] something that’s a bit more ‘unfashionable’ or not so ‘trendy’, I could try to do a twist on that. Leave your comments down below, and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Bye!

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