Hi Guys Welcome back to my channel adn if you are seeing this face for the very first time , them hi i am tanu and this is my channel where i share my take on dressing classy n chic ina budget plus i also make videos on skincare, lifestyle and travel so if you could please take a moment and subscribe to my channel that would mean the world to me , so now enough of self promotion and lets get on with today’s video in order to make your outfit look classy n chic that does not mean that one needs to change your entire wardrobe, all you have to do is mix n match a little bit and follow the 5 simple rules that i have learnt that i have learnt over the years in order to make my outfits look classy n chic and i thought, why not i share it with you so if you are interested in knowing what my 5 rules are, then keep on watching so now, lets get on which my 5 rules the first rule is , that your basic pastel outfit is your best friend. i know, lot if us like bolder print and colours so forth, however if you are trying to maintain a look that is more classy n chic , pastel colours pairing them up in right way , will really make your outfit look a lot more, up-chic, rather than your existing bolder print outfit , coz its a little difficult to work with bolder print, so pastel colours, neutral colours, and lighter as possible for the summer season are your best friend that DOES NOT mean, you have to let go of your favourite colour That just means , you have to find your fav colour in a lighter pastel shade , like recently i had developed a liking for mustard yellow colour or a bright yellow colour so , i chose this pastel light, lime colour , just to go with it so , now we come to the second rule, is TUCKING n Rolling . This I have recently realised, that can really up-held your existing average look here i am wearing average blue t-shirt & jeans its look basic and average , however however, this lacks the CLASSY LOOK. So all you need to do is either tuck in your shirt into your jeans and see what a difference it has already made to the look if your jeans is a little longer, then i would suggest that you ROLL it up as well . it just gives you a more Put -Together Look , in terms of things are fittig you at the right places, eventhough , they might be baggy in nature, but just by tucking them in, it gives a proper fitted look based on your body type . Now we comes to the third rule the third rule is very simple, if you are opting for anything baggy be it the top, that is baggy, like an oversize shirt or a baggy t-shirt then you have to ensure that then you have ensure, the bottoms are well fitted, incase, you are going for baggy bottoms like baggy jeans, mommy jeans then your top needs to be well fitted one fitted does NOT mean it needs to be TIGHT fitted means ; it fits your body type very well like here you can see, i am wearing a palazzo pants, which has quite bit of flair. these i got them from MASSIMO DUTTI STORE its has a bit of flare so if i team it up with a baggy cold shoulder top that i got them from zara, it does not give a proper look However, since i teamed it up with a well fitted crop top not too tight, and thats why it goes really well together. and now comes the rule four rule 4 is the one that i have been following it for many years and the rule is very simple if you are showing off one aspect ; that is if you are wearing an off – shoulder top or a dress, then you are showing off your shoulders, or if you are wearing something like a mini skirt then you are emphasising your legs, then , keep that sapect the ONLY Highlight of your outfit and keep the other part all covered up, like here in the outfit, you can see i am wearing Skorts from zara with a tank top however, this kind of a look give a very casual vibe. However if i pair the same skorts with an oversize shirt and roll my sleeves up a little bit & tuck it in as the Rule #1 goes. then you can see what a difference it makes to the simple outfit

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