LIVE: Shanghai, China | 2019 Men’s & Women’s Pro Tour Finals, 2019 Vans Park Series

LIVE: Shanghai, China | 2019 Men’s & Women’s Pro Tour Finals, 2019 Vans Park Series

welcome to Shanghai China the famous
skyline on the books disappears into the clouds above and plays back job to yet
another custom-built state-of-the-art skate park for the first stop of the
2019 fans park series the Vans Park series Pro Tour is the premier
competitive showcase from park terrain skateboarding the fastest growing
discipline at skateboarding today defined in all aspects of culture Street
transition the park series most exciting show escape
field is stacked with contenders 2018 world champion Alex or checkmate is back
looking to defend their own victory over one of the tour’s biggest stars pedro
bios not far behind them season 2 or throws like Corey to no CJ Collins and
Robin Canadians aren’t gunning for the spotlight ready to prepare city for the
next level and prove their ranks here in China the level of women’s skateboarding
is at an all-time high defending world champion Brighton Joyner
is leading the charge it’s all about who to drop their line when it counts the
most the former champ Dora Vasconcelos wild
card Lizzie Armand toe and Brazilian superstar NV are asked in contention
there’s no telling who will swoop in the abundant bustling streets at the
most populated city on the planet are alive with anticipation here on the
banks of the honker river and the finals are about to go down
welcome to the 2019 Bank Park series Pro Tour going down that’s right skate fans we are back this
is the 2019 Vans Park series we’re live from Shanghai China new places and new
faces and of course incredible skateboarding about to go down
right in front of your eyeballs Chris Cote here with one of the new faces Tony
Hawk welcome to advanced Park skier thank you happy to be here happy to be
in Shanghai for the first time – well this is as you can see here another
purpose-built skatepark for the reason that we all want to see high-speed
ripping skateboarding and with the backdrop like Shanghai China you just
can’t go wrong everything is in its proper place this is the Final Four the
women’s division this is awesome it’s relatively new here in China – for
skateboarding so to see it grow so quickly and to see the anticipation here
and the level of talent that we have is exciting well we’re gonna get into the
finals in just a moment but let us tell you what you have in store for you for
the 2019 Vans Park series world tour like I said we got some new stops we’re
gonna start it off right here in Shanghai China you see that beautiful
skyline behind you Shanghai the burgeoning skate scene only getting
better as Park City’s now in its third year coming to China from here we’re
gonna go down to a Brazil but incredible park that we built last year in 2018 San
Paulo of course the skate scene down there second to none and then we go to
Montreal and which is kind of the middle ground there with relatively new skating
in China Brazil has that a hardcore skate scene for a long time my charol
has been pretty steady I’ve done some really good exhibition there last couple
years so I’m excited for that one and then on to Paris and Paris has a very
strong skate scene especially in Europe the biggest demos I’ve ever done have
been there so I can’t wait to see all this action come to that big city yeah
this says you can see an epic global tour it’s all gonna wrap up in Salt Lake
City for the World Championships that is where we’re going to crown our world
champion of parks skateboarding for men and women we gotta get there first and
you got to go through this gauntlet Shanghai China the park behind us is
absolutely perfect we’ve seen the skaters have a relatively easy time
getting into this Park sometimes in the past we’ve seen you know challenges in
adapting and getting you to the park but the park behind us it
seems like right on everybody’s getting into it from there let’s go down to the
deck we’re welcoming back the one and only dune Chris pastures what’s up buddy
what’s up boys I’m honored to be joining joining you here today alongside another
legend Christian Hosoi will be calling the action from the deck and the big
story line here today with the women’s finals our 2017 champion nor Vasconcelos
Scott edged out so that really opens up the field for a lot of new names like
mamita zukie sakura Nakajima brazil’s in dr asp it is really anyone’s game any
one of these eight women we can’t forget Jordan Barrett could win this event so
really exciting practice is going off and we are hyped to kick off stop number
one from here in Shanghai no doubt well like you said Tony a relatively new
skate scene here in China and to illustrate that fact we’ve got the one
and only Geoff Grasso with his love letters dedicated to Shanghai China welcome back to letters China edition in China it’s never short history for
skateboard I think the first group Chinese skaters should be start a 1989
that is it’s almost 30 years the obviously the parent they don’t want you
to be a skateboarder there were no formative years of
tick-tocking in the grass it was it was straight to love park in Shanghai had
its own love park in the early 2000 poets and their ability to won’t harbor packed here with skate fans from all
over China we have some new faces hitting the course in just a few minutes
but then of course we’ve got some legends with us as well Christian Hosoi
is with us as well as Steve Caballero we almost got the whole Bones Brigade down
here Christian Hosoi here I’m at the Vance Park series with Steve Caballero
and it’s 30 years marks the anniversary of skateboarding in China and Steve
Caballero would also did Danny Wainwright with the first skateboarders
to ever come to China pro skateboarders what was it like back then Steve well
that was back in 1994 and it was pretty primitive skateboarding had just reached
here a few years before that George Powell had sent some boards out and a
distributor had distributed their and brought Danny and myself out here and I
felt like that was the beginning of the growth of the industry and sport here
Wow so here we are 2019 vans Park series back in Shanghai
China how do you feel what do you think skateboarding has changed since then oh
it’s changed a lot a lot of skaters came out here over the years and started
filming parts in the cities of Shanghai and other cities in China and I feel
that this competition here is going to really push the growth of the industry
in the sport in the government and you know 2020 is coming around with the
Olympics in Japan and I think you’re gonna see a lot more skateboarders come
out of this country Wow I agree I definitely agree
now you’ve skated the course this morning we got a private session and now
do you have a favorite skater to win the contest now that you’ve actually we saw
the prelims we saw the semis but what do you think who’s going to be on top um
shoot CJ Collins Patrick Ryan I don’t know a lot of guys a lot of my favorites
yeah you heard it from Steve Caballero I’m Christian Hosoi back to you guys in
the booth I love the sentiment that we saw with Jeff Ross those love letters
basically to have George Powell come and literally give the boards planting the
seeds of skating here in China and one of their first introductions of
skating was through the movie gleaming the cube so I feel that’s great partly
responsible for thank you for that yeah you’re welcome well yesterday we had the
preliminaries and the qualifying rounds for both men and women the women came
and almost destroyed the park they didn’t leave much left for the guys it
was incredible to watch so let’s take a look at how these women got to the
finals this is the qualifying rounds stellar display of skateboarding right
there what I’d love to see when we start back up here at Mann’s Park series is
you really get to see the progression of you know quote unquote the offseason
who’s been skating hard everybody has come back better than we left him in
2018 oh absolutely I can’t believe the level just from in terms of overall how
far it’s come just in a year and these girls are going for it I have some picks
for underdogs too well let’s get to those picks before we get into the
finals here we like to do our commentator picks not necessarily who we
think is gonna win or who were excited to watch I’m gonna start with you Tony
who you got well I think that Kisa Nakamura is kind
of an underdog she’s the dark horse she’s very powerful that the thing you
miss is that between her power and her speed and her confidence is that she has
the tricks like she’s doing really technical stuff and it kind of gets lost
because she looks like she’s so confident and going so fast but watch
her closely and I think she might be in on the bubble right now and he’s gonna
move up yeah she blasted her way through this emma is really fun to watch solid
pick there I’m gonna make my pick I’m gonna go with Brazil’s in the era ass I
love her style she’s super fast and smooth she always seems to save hammers
for the finals and I mean she is a bad woman I’ve seen her take some big Slams
and come back swinging so really fun skater to watch in dr.azz I just gotta
lay back here big fan there you go Chris pastor’s on the deck who is your pick to
watch here in the women’s final solid pick guys and I am going with powerhouse
Jordyn Barrett she’s got three podium finishes from 2018 here at vans Park
series she’s got power pack lines and a super
diverse arsenal a trick so Jordans gonna kill it I like it
pastor astiz going with the numbers there are three podium finishes for
Jordyn she battled some injuries but it looks like through the offseason
she’s come back stronger than ever so the format here for the van’s Park
series women’s final is it’s basically fast and furious skateboarding all four
all skaters will get four runs each we took eight skaters from our big diverse
field to start with you get 40 seconds to skate if you fall your time is up the
fourth run you get that first wall rebate everything resets basically you
can do the hardest trick imaginable that you have in your arsenal if you make it
you keep going that could be your run if you fall
everything resets you go back to square one it’s your own personal best trick
contest one try though and best one-run count so you can do the same run over
and over to get everything perfectly dialed of course in the judges eyes they
just want to see that best run you have and eventually within these next a
couple of minutes we’re gonna see this thing fired up and we’re gonna get this
finals started so like I said we had some upsets in the earlier round to
semifinals but we get here now and we have eight of the world’s best female
Park skaters on hand in your asked Lizzie are Monto mommy to Zuka Shakira
yosuzume Brighton Joyner poppy Starr Olsen Jordan
Barrett and Keith’s and Nakamura just like on the men’s side this is a global
field from all corners of the earth it’s great to see I would say even a year ago
you wouldn’t have seen it kept one of the finalists from Japan now we have
three yeah almost half the field coming from Japan so that shows you their
dedication to skateboarding so there you see the crowd in the house a beautiful
shanghai skyline behind us this park has been incredible for our skateboarders
over the past few days and we are going to get right into our first skater to
drop it’s going to be in the air ask for that our TMF crew from florianópolis
Brazil was 21 years old a goofy footer she’s been in every contest in the past
three or four years she’s the ultimate Park rat
so consistent 40 seconds on the clock remember the time starts right now
it’s fun to watch her cuz she she will try some of the hardest stuff and take
big Slams and get back up that we’re looking for in a park serious winner
absolutely and someone who can who can navigate these mini ramp sections you
know that that could be something that really helps you score and even though
it may not seem like oh that’s tough so right there frontside 5050 to fakie that
is a hard trick it’s a frightening trick you can you can take big slams on it and
she ended her run with that and I know the judges will take notice and I think
the non skaters that may not look like much but that is a tricky one you know
we were talking about this before we started here this is really the
amalgamation of vert skating mini ramp skating
you know bowl skating almost pumptrack skating as well you kinda and then you
have street elements so you’re really looking for these well-rounded skaters
and then of course this is all really taken from the DIY scene this park
really grew out of you know places like Burnside where skaters built their own
exactly what they wanted you know when you know more skate ranch there was yeah
but also there were they those parks were built in to the landscape so they
had it was sort of like what they were forced to build and it ended up being
all these different transitions and hips and they utilized it and now here we are
20 years later creating them for giant competitions Brian for Brighton Zone
indeed loops live yeah Brian’s owner she is fortunate Jeff brought up and she’s
hurting on a fiery run he lives in Encinitas California which
look at what’s happening in Encinitas right now you know when I grew up there
was one part it was Del Mar Sky Ranch now there’s 15 Parks entities that have
a lot of these same features for her to Train big slam right at the finish so at
the end of time if the skater is going up the wall they’ll count that last
trick right so they’ll count that as a fall which is unfortunate for better for
worse I’m glad there’s that clarity because it used to be sort of arbitrary
someone would go up and try something and they’d fall and then it was sort of
they got a pass from it but now it can’t sand it counts for the better well
toughness is also something that counts for these young ladies there you see
Brighton right there that was uh that was a heavy slam you saw she didn’t
really get the chance to slide out that slam is really straight to the flats
she’ll fight back er Manto absolutely we’ve been touring for years together
and I’m really proud of Lizzie and how far she’s come and how she’s taken in
her own direction and she knows that she’s somewhat of an ambassador to women
skating and she wears it well absolutely ever since that famous photo the lay
back tail slide that she had from Santa Monica oh yeah
and Lizzie our motto coming off a 20-19 woman’s coffee fro win so well that’s
accounts are you coming through this contest with confidence when you know
this field is going to be this stuff not right there backside tailslide Oh big
slam their house she went from a backside tailslide over the hip into a
backside boneless all those tricks are are difficult and what county you know
just if you I’m hearing is from one of them when to
do him in a row she’s gonna score well if she makes that run so Lizzy leaves
some time time to burn they’re on the clock these skaters get 40 seconds but
if you slam your run is over here’s a look back at Lizzy our Monta and you
know it’s not about packing trick after trick after trick you have to make it
look good from trick to trick and you have to use the entire park the judge is
gonna be really you know focused on seeing what you can do in the entire
landscape of this skate park and they’ve made it very clear that straight up and
down tricks are not gonna count for as much as ones that grind or slide and she
is the ocean champion every contest that comes Australia is really coming to run
the last few years lot of balls with those big hand plants and feeble grinds
and transfer I mean she’s non-stop last 20 seconds we saw about four or five
tricks right at the end there it’s unfortunate because it feels like you’re
you’re kind of winding it down and then if you have a few seconds left that
really counts against you at what point in these runs thirty seconds do you kind
of start going am I done yet am i there it I guess it all depends on
how you line it up and how much difficulty you have in store right there
she bailed on if she didn’t bail but but she missed that 50/50 that is such a
common mistake and I mean we do that all the time ramps getting every trick
already yeah you’re not considering the pit 15 back charges going on and
everything’s over mommy Tezuka 17 years old
representing japan she hit her yes debut in 2018 17 years old skates with so much
poise and confidence and I love her style right the snow is the cursor just
screenshot that and that’s everything right there those are iconic it’s the
best rare that you would do a trick like that and be recognized just by your
silhouette she’s got that going on I just watch that back foot and I just
wish so I wish I could do that I walk that back foot on this myth grind so she
leaves a lot of time on the clock a mistake right there but again that would
be most likely projecting into the next trick when you’re not done with the
curtain yeah I think that everyone just give them jitters out to this these are
the first runs everyone feels a lot of pressure and they’ll get in their groove
so I know we have a seventy six point eight seven so a solid star four in
dr.azz but nothing quite the ages yet which is most likely what you’re looking
at to get to win representing Hawaii by way of NCIS and now Oceanside Jordan
Barrett is in the park she is a VPS veteran she’s had some huge finishes
here and she’s looking for that big win to start the season and Jordan was
confiding in me and it wasn’t really sure about her strategy going into semis
should she show everything she has or should she save some and I just told her
she should build on each run and it seems like she hasn’t hold held back at
all these skaters are so fortunate to
basically pop out of the deck and anywhere they look they go oh there’s
soy I can ask him a question there’s not Tony Hawk let me ask him
oh that one I feel like that was one of her heart of tricks to the backside
blunt like so she saved that for the end of her run I think I recall her saying
yesterday she wanted to finish with a banger and if she can’t finish with that
trick that is gonna be solid yeah and she looks pretty confident through that
whole run so I feel like she’ll probably get that all within the next couple of
turns coming up next yeah the score comes through 6143
currently in fifth place but now she’s gonna want to delete that score from her
line one of the most technical skaters we have in the women’s division here
Sakura just assuming she’s 17 years old Japanese skater just hit the van’s Park
series hard last year and she has not stopped she’s already had big finishes
and she is so fun to watch you never know what she’s gonna do she is she mix
all this stuff look really easy look at that squatting a 360 out to a fast plant
and five out of Peggy like she’s got the mini ramp shake she’s got the pool
tricks right there and cap Mellon I mean this is all pretty serious right here
it’s no wonder that she qualified so well what’s wild is just my thing she’s
a lip trick skater she doesn’t backside it does it perfectly she’s got a mean
backs at all I – oh my goodness backside blood backside reburn and I
have not seen her make that in practice not once early rights aren’t achieved on
the tricks that was super risky to try your first run of the finals
especially when your runs going so well right there but she got so many tricks
in this run and that the the the link between trick to trick to trick
everything looks good she was the whole park right there you see that big flat
wall with the pop-out section there she touched every wall that could be our
winning run on this leaf yeah and I you can tell the emotion right there that
she knows she nailed it waiting for this score to come through it’s and he’s
gonna be a big in he said Nakamura now qualified first yesterday he said
Nakamura another top skater I saw her with one of the worst lambs I’ve seen of
this season last year in Brazil she came back the next contest the break in her
legs she’s starting out of the gate right
there backside 180 – cab oxen stall and then coming in fakie
all that stuff is serious mini ramp champ tricks tail sight and this right
here that is frightening pinky to 50/50 over the spine things can go bad very
quickly in that scenario I think you know when you’re watching this at home
you realize how big this park actually is there are elements to it that looks
super fun head high the bull section is deep everything has you flying so it’s
not anyone fall on her spine that was a was a risky movement especially for the
last trick to try kickflip kickflip disaster over the spine yeah she’s
hurtin that was a guy or a girl you don’t feel like that was fine that’s
worst-case scenario she’s laughing you know like I said earlier she is super
tough and you said it earlier in the show you know she’s super confident for
her that was probably a b-minus run she’s a lot better than but you look at
the score she’s already got an 82 0 so she’s in second place
Sakura Yoast Azumi now in the lead with an eighty eight point six three so you
know that they’re on the score your leader now we reset and all these
skaters they get those numbers fed to them right before they drop in so now
they know the score to bead which is the eighty eight point six three from Sakura
Indira ass she’s gonna have to just amplify everything a little bit in this
run if she wants to catch the kurtosis ooh she’s capable to she I feel like she
has more technical tricks that she can throw in there look at that
no complied tailslide I mean just that it every little bit counts and that’s
gonna that’s gonna upper score from last row judges have been hammering the point
home they want to see you if you’re gonna do your heirs make them big if
you’re gonna grind to make the grinds long o flow of the park right there she
did a fastplant in a sailfish from ticket gate now that was the exact same
line she took last time but she upped the difficulty of the tricks and now
we’re gonna see if the judges really took notice of that we’ve got a contest
on our hands so this is the finals for the first stop of the 2019 dance park
series the women are in the park and they’re ripping this is India ASP
representing florianópolis Brazil talk about talent florianópolis itself you
can fill this whole contest with skaters from florianópolis score comes through
it’s an 80 so India I asked will now be in third place so now what is she
thinking right she’s really sure I haven’t seen much other any other tricks
that she’s done in practice that would up that difficulty but I hope so this is
brights winner advance team writer write for frog
skateboards such a good style I love seeing the fast plans it’s a lost art
form landing a trick you know from a 360 like that where you know your feet are
gonna be a little swirly and they’re going straight into another trick well
not just your feet but your angle everything because at that point you’ve
got to be know she’s going into an Android there she’s got to be going
straight at the wall so at this moment is when she decides am I really aiming
for the right place and you could tell she tried to correct it but that killed
her speed and then she hung up the back especially when you’re not sliding for
very long distance it’s very easy to catch your wheel on the wall and stop
but your momentum all together and that’s what happened she’s got two more
chances yeah we give these skaters four four chances so you can you know you’re
gonna have bails all the way up to that fourth run really seen her do that moppy star Olsen
representing Australia during the contest where there’s cement weak balls
she is gonna comment most likely how do you even that no one’s really hitting
that fifty-fifty last time she was trying to go to Smith grind there or it
was gonna be a lipslide she’s got a shout-out to Sir David
Attenborough on her grip tape hey whatever inspiration is if I could skate
like poppy star I would put David out for my grip tape he rules alright
another score in the 60s Oh 60873 poppies are awesome currently in fourth
place zhutka sure it’s sunny skateboards man’s
tea rider big results yet on the Vance Park series but the way she’s been
skating I feel like she was cursing in English right there you see that I think
so which is fine that’s allowed to
transpire series we do take our cues with the parks that we have California
State Parks comes through with these parks up now some of them are temporary
but most of them this year will be permanent parks these are Street you
don’t know why athos what you would want in your hometown this is what we’ve seen
filled places like Washington Street in San Diego the ultimate DIY bird site in
Portland fifty-yard Fillion thankfully more popping up all over the world
so we have Pro parks and DIY parks and take all this game parks me Dorn Barrett
flying time goes by so fast when you’re watching this what’s going on in the
skaters head so they have an internal clock that kind of helps them get
through the runs I think she knows in terms of their shows where she’s going
how much time it’s gonna be a bummer because she was on the way up the wall
with the time ran out and that bails gonna kill him but she made it further
than any other run she’s done so I think it’ll be a pretty solid score but she
could have used that last wall and this backside blunt is no joke right here
that trick is easy to fall on I just look at her shears that tells me she’s
an absolute skate rat she’s been skating this thing from dawn till dusk every day
and I don’t you skate with her a lot in San Diego and you’ve been on a bunch of
Tours through her demos she’s just an awesome human to have had escape she
gives her all in any situation and she doesn’t with a smile on her face
super positive when I think she’s a competitor angry when she does big
tricks and want them to come back swinging psychosis should be your
current leader six three and I am curious how she’s going to upper
difficulty factor it’s broad because that last run we’ve
kind of had it all and I saw this suddenly there I am responsible for
naming and going north in the video game I want to take say congratulations 20
year anniversary of Tony Hawk pro skater yeah that’s true so that’s how she’s
gonna up the difficulty right the last run she did disaster up there right
there she’s one for those blondes and still her feet were not in a prime
position and she still went for so I love to see that sketchiness sometimes
when you can pull it back just the commitment so security to me is your
current leader that run is not gonna factor in their final score line she’s
seen you in a median quite 6-3 back to the video game conversation a lot of
these young skaters that we have in the finals today most likely grew up playing
that game maybe they kind of back then with game
came out there was a false sense of reality dude what tricks are possible
and now those tricks are happening all the time
new phrase that was coined was just skateboarding it’s true at the top right
now your ass is there Jordan Barrett fourth puppy star Lucy our motto six
right Joyner uncharacteristically at the bottom instead of the place mommy it to
Zuka you know Herbie rookie the Vance Park series gotta think she has a little
bit of nerves going in this event you know a big crowd on hand of course she’s
skating with some of her heroes your current standings as I just mentioned
security OSI Jimmy with that eighty eight point six three Tony you’ve been
in quite a few skateboarding contests in your career in skateboarding the judges
that we have on hand here we have you know some Street influence some vert
influence some concrete influence coming in the judges I look at everything on
this judgment criteria board you know combination of maneuvers emphasis on
distance travel speed flow basically the judges want to be blown away by your
skateboarding they want to be excited their skaters their skate fans you want
to see you put it all on the line they’re all there is all that criteria
but at the same time there is just an overall impression of what happened as
well and sometimes that can override the technical aspects but they’ve seen
plenty of great skating in their day they know the
is a difficulty in each in each spot and so they have a healthy balance of what
they should be scoring I love how she does a little one foot there just enough
so you can see it oh no that is terrifying
no I rolled up that thing they go no this is not there is a sweet spot of how
much speed you need to go right there too much goes to the flat not enough is
a hang-up either one can be disastrous yeah that’s not for normal people leave
that to the pros like in dr.azz that run a forty six one zero that to me it
almost looked like she just pulled it as a wild card just pulled it out of her
hat her plan though because that was the only way she was going to sort of change
up her life back into it yeah alright right enjoy her she’s in seventh place
this is just okay what I was talking about that fifty-fifty you’re not
focusing on it the front truck doesn’t get on and it’s over and and from you
know from a veteran vert skater and ramp skater it happens all the time you’re
already on the already on the next wall and suddenly you just see it fall away
from up here right now she’s in sixth place Oh changing it up there front side
never and on the big wall that wall is huge I enjoy that aspect of this divorce
to be honest yeah a vert skater these these bowls yes they have fur but
they’re not truly a boar wall that you can do sort of veteran tricks that we
look for as bird skaters and we have it here oh I like that trick brutal man
that’s re gonna be only one we see in this contest
oh my goodness her feet are all over the place yes they ah that was about to be
Wow a potential security also sued me beating scar I love you get to see she’s
escalating as she goes things are getting faster and faster and that start
right there that was insane yeah that thing has some serious for it
on it yeah four feet of her yeah so what do you uh what do you tell Lizzie our
motto before and mo or before a run already know at this point if I had to
go say something to her right now it would be stay on yeah and she was she
was about to stay on whoa poppy star Austin now I can see she
wanted but she’s back in the deep part and back in the groove I like that line
kind of sticking to the walls style you to that that one it looks simple but
that’s alright you can’t see where you’re gone you’re landing on a bank and
trying to get speed out of it Oh switch it up to 500 and to lipslide
there it is there’s the winning is female skateboarders of Australia never
she is your oceanic Continental champion for two years in a row that means she’s
going straight to Salt Lake City but not before she does some damage here on the
band’s Park series global tour that could put her in third place maybe even
second 75 83 what do you think the judges did not see in that run that they
saw with Kisa or Segura sure I think that maybe they were looking for more
technical tricks there’s our 2017 champion we pulled up
that back foot like that she’s back in the groove when I watch a lot of these
girls frontside feeble seems to be a go-to trick and that is not easy you can
come off so easily on that or you can catch the coping and just end up falling
in backwards look at that just again screenshot it that’s how you do a Smith
grind around the corner – it’s perfect so again to reiterate the judges want
you to see you don’t wanna see back and forth
no offense they don’t want to see first style ski more and they want to are
wrong right they want to see you use the corners I think mommy had a great start
doing just that in that last run we seen it a little bit in the past you know
just Trick Trick Trick Trick Trick without doing a lot of big carves the
carve is key advanced Park Service’s yeah and the grinds to this amazing
we’re in 2019 and we’re seeing bonus ones on a regular basis yeah georgette
stalefish – that one is just gotta stay on the rest of this run here three
seconds one more trick there she’s got it BAM
now we’re talking jordan maron that was the run she wanted she’s hype the crowd
is feeling it Jordan Barrett skates for the full 40 seconds that could put her
elemental contention I feel like that’s a top three run
but I spoke too soon laughter so I’ll just wait and see
replay of Jordan Barrett again using the full time is key so seventy three point
seven three you know I’m just if I’m trying to analyze that run at first in
DRI Kisa it Sakura within driv like the difference was speed she was going so
fast was this train technical so there are a
couple set up walls and it seems like that’s really working against you just
going up fifty fifty per set up now waste a lot of time yeah and the judges
really have and then they tell her and they tell the field to use no free every
every time you’re going up to a wall they want to see a trick okay would like
to see a lot of pumping this is the same run we saw this is this is her winning
run so far so we’re gonna see if switch to setup at all so that was basically
the same there is something really cool I’m
guessing by the body motion it was a no she wasn’t she’s height crowds behind her need a
better angle on that back foot it was all danger zone right there
terrifying here’s that last trick oh there you go
told ya Oh big spin disaster she I would love to invite Sakura to a mini-ramp
party she probably has a thousand tricks and I am again I love that she could mix
that with big backside here’s the key but if I may though so that big spin
disaster is not as hard as it backs up on reburn so I agree with the judges on
that one I feel like her score is warranted to be full eight points above
anyone else she can figure out how to get screened out of relative
Oh scary that injury on her first run this place that her back close to she
only had about ten more seconds to go but everything kind of started to slip
right there it’s just that added little sketch to
our fourth runs Tony this is where we could possibly see that first wall rebei
or first trick rebate like ah here are your sanity spore now Sakura yosuzume
setting the pace with an eighty eight point six three what is it about Sakura
skating that has the judges so fired up she did the hardest tricks he used every
part of the course and kept her speed up I mean it’s gonna be hard to beat that
first run she did even for her I think all right here we go
final runs for Indy are representing florianópolis Brazil currently in third
place that’s her first trick no no need for the first trick yeah it’s a good
start though yeah this will Super Chief he can do the rest of her routine that
she had lay back air was one of the first skate
hard slam get back up keep skating Rasta told me that one contest he told her
that maybe she should lose the lay back air so you know it’s kind of an old
school tricks kind of easy and she literally said fu yeah anyone to tell it
to you that’s the guy to tell it to I probably
love story even that much absolutely stand your ground we do have your you
are gonna be on a show with Jeff Ross before they were born it’s pretty cool
especially when someone digs out something like that where Levi’s guys
kind of went under appreciated kind of made fun up and then she comes
back with him on the hardest arrange that’s gonna be here for Brighton so
here you see that was her third wall and again this is a kind of shocked right
now only 64 here we go
Lizzie Armand toes in sixth place he’s an eighteen point six four four first
we’ll see what she has here the first trick she’s gonna go back to that
whatever he knows just gonna ride it out she’s gonna stay on her nice that is so
hard with not that much speed Occident boneless whoa kind of grinding off the
edge there I love who’s doing backside birth right into the transition one part about
Park series I don’t like slams and that’s the thing there’s so many
transitions here and if you start to fall it’s very likely you’re gonna fall
into an upward transition and we call that the bug on a windshield now right
there she didn’t quite straighten out that’s a heart that’s a hard slam run
was good I was really surprised to try the feeble to fakie I have not seen her
try that at all in practice a lot of us don’t like that you’re so twisted up
you’re not there’s never going to be an easy slam out of that trick and always
fun to take your run after a big slam like that pop you start Olson now has to
put that out of her head and get these walls count for a lot here it would be a
lot of time traversing the whole chorus it’s pretty much what we saw last time
though eight seconds left oh there we go okay so this is this run
there’s some irony in lipslides on mini ramps or actually
harder than lipslides on four walls because you don’t have time to get your
your feet and to get your wheels in position to come in it’s very easy to
drag your wheels and come to a stop the way she did well I would say Sir David
Attenborough would be proud of puppy star Olson the griptape shout out it
worked she got a 75 83 not last round a sixty nine point two to zero so I mean
on the best and female park skaters in the world to kick off the 2019 that
series is pretty solid too suka so far balmy and 45 and 1151 so Joe sporadic
finishes here we’ll see if she didn’t say on second trick technically no
rebate they’re like is her ability is just kind of run out of that trick it’s
a 10 foot ball just kind of cruise out of it made that look really easy so
we’re stoked to have mommy to Zuka with us we go this is a big run she’s got a
70 3.73 is not worried about the first trick rebate she’s going straight to the
line that she wouldn’t leo she’s a great student of skateboarding
yeah she definitely takes a lot of influences tries to learn a lot of
different styles stop are you sick Bello we rolled ripping crew oh there we go up
backside ball yeah especially on a fur ball
I’ve seen some of the worst slams on backside boneless it’s really easy to
catch your feet kind of a staple of vans Park series I wouldn’t say it’s super
difficult but when you do them right if you do them in the vein of grant Taylor
they’re gonna look awesome right you’re gonna like
right so Jordan Barrett comes through the sixty nine point five three really
good enough for now when your foot so you put your foot on
your board effort rip like that and what’s hanging off too much it gives you
no leverage to turn towards your heels and it’s usually a fall like that it’s
usually much worse though first run first in the semifinals who’s been on
fire but unfortunately an early fall our first run for second run
oh yeah – actress Dalton – vaccine Reaver n7 tricks and what happened –
she’s in too much pain oh man that is unfortunate that was such
a strong start right there and it was even doing things she was doing there
was harder than any run she’s taken she’s gonna have to sell off a second she might have actually started – yeah
she started too early she’s too psyched you have to wait until Tim O’Connor on
the deck calls your name start your time so she just put herself through some
pain for Wow and I know how tough he says if she’s in that much pain she
definitely uh definitely took it to the heart slam confusion there on curve
starting earlier I said quote unquote offseason there’s no offseason in
skateboarding so we see skaters coming into Park series carrying injuries
you know slamming and qualifying slamming in practice so you know I
wouldn’t say of the entire field nobody’s had a hundred percent is the
skateboarder really ever at a hundred percent on occasion but sometimes those
challenges work – your favorite because you’re pushing so hard to get through
the pain or the challenge and focused on Domino bottom it’s just
like get through the injury injury alright so he said Nakamura restart 40
seconds on the clock oh my college backs are beaver dan look
at this she’s just back in the mix like that alright is this an 88 26 for 10
seconds and right here this 500 in this mine is no joke there is very little
room for error on that trick hurricane and that she push through that pain the
next year on their final run she overcame all of that look at this
kickflip disaster and just certain death with the back truck does it anyway the
last trick was just after time a fan and crowd favorite but the judges basically
have to take that out of there of their score line what I love those to see a
skater go right back to where they ate I do the same trick conquer that
completely I mean if anybody fell on that spine so sir score was almost the
same as her first run when she missed that spine trick I think what slowed her
down was that sort of wobble on the cab to access stall she ended up going to
extra Weaver and losing a little bit of speed and that Bannister she couldn’t
get to the last trick in time there was literally one sec I’d sit I mean all she
needed was yeah half a second more and that trick woulda counted I don’t know
if it would have beat her though I don’t know if it would have beat Sakura
honestly will you look at the score line secure yosuzume 8.63 Kisa Nakamura a
kickflip disaster over the spine it’s not gonna add an 0.0 that it still a
solid vision 80.2 3/4 Kisa Nakamura so she increases just a little bit on
her fourth run I just got to give it you know you got to give her credit we’re
coming back after that brutal slamming her second run so with that I mean
Japanese skateboarders reigning supreme here first and second Sakura yosuzume
Kisa Nakamura India ASP a heavily stacked field of eight of the
world’s best female Park skaters came here did battle at the end of the day at
Sakura yo susumi with an 80 8.63 nothing like dropping the score of
the day on your first run absolutely way ahead so like I said he it might
have been close to akiza but I don’t think that even with that run counting
every trick it would have it would have made it in the first place but it was uh
it was exciting and it’s really close look at that between second and third
point to three points well look at I mean you look at the the lineup we have
here mommy Tezuka a newcomer to Vance Park series right in Joyner in seventh
before we get to this entire lineup let’s go down to the deck we’ve got
Chris Posterous Thank You boys and wow what a huge win amazing runs so we’ve
got a translator here for some Japanese we want to know describe what this win
means for Sakura here at stop number one Daniel M is mass Captain America Sakura
Sakura star dr. Singhal theta she has kind of proud so you can win the next
game because he/she won’t escape and what is her favorite thing about the
Vans Park series tour optimal sphere so many people are crying amazing and that
she want to say anything to their fans back in Japan watching I think you know
well gum but another way it was gonna go off congratulations once again Sakura
Yaya Kazumi amazing win here put your hands together for Sakura huge win fans
Park series stop number one 2019 congratulations Sakura we’re having
a little bit of deja vu here when we started Park series in 2018 Sakura
yosuzume took the win in her first ever Vans Park Series event our first stop
last year so Sakura yes Izumi basically carrying on where she finished off in
2018 looking like a potential threat was skating like that to win every contest
yeah it looked it looks simple for her there was there almost no effort
involved it’s like she had those runs so dialed that she was kind of bored of
them and sometimes that’s what it takes is that sort of that sort of confidence
in that strategy and it looked like you know if we had two three more runs she
could have just kept going kept just adding little elements to that run to
even get those scores bigger so in eighty eight point six three the
benchmark set by Sakura Yosa zoomy a heavy finals there right there we kind
of got a little bit of everything we had some just brutal slams some high speed
incredible skating this is Sakura yosuzume
you know just that that start right there the backside air all a big wall
she does that 360 squatted it out every time but then right into a fast plan
that even though this right here that was that that was the clinch backside
nose my backside we were first run last trick that was set it up for the win
a third place finisher in India again just superb style silky smooth super
fast great trick selection she is the hook
complete package old school and new school and then Kisa Nakamura the survivor
yes coming coming back for this right here cab the cab axle to backside
rebirth really a great mix of finesse and power there you have it your top
three finishers for stop number one here on the Vans Park series 2019 women’s
tour the women right there I’m not even say warming it up for the
men because they just destroyed this place yeah that was the exciting final I
hope that the men’s final even gets close to that level of excitement and
intention well what I like to see here is our veterans Jordan Barrett Lizzie
our Monto bright and Joyner and poppy star Olson they’ve got some catching up
to do with Sakura yosuzume and Kisa Nakamura in the mix they got to be maybe
going back to the drawing board a little bit to figure out things that they can
do to come back at the next stop and get themselves back into contention they
were the perennial top three finishers for the first three years of an
sparkster it would have been great though to see every competitor have one
solid run so we could really gauge how close it was all right well we’re gonna
take a quick break but we’ll be back with more action of course one of our
favorite parts of the show time out with Grasso we’ll be right back hey what’s up everybody we are back in
Shanghai at the van’s Park series and I am joined by legendary skater my fellow
up here and also extremely opinionated talk-show host Jeff cross oh how you
doing Jeff I set you up I’m setting you up so just talk now welcome to summer
camp my friend Here I am funnier yes I’m having a fabulous time I just
told a funny story about in Diarra who was out here we just saw the women
compete yeah she was the way back he runs the Dwayne Peters of the female
Bowl skating yeah so I related that story that you told her did not delay
back Harris and what did she tell you she told me to fuck off ha ha ha there
you go which is probably exactly what you need to hear yes yes to earn your
respect that’s what you gotta do to interfere in Jeff’s respect right just
push back at him I love Indy I I met her at Pedro’s she
was this tall something like that I gave her an anti-hero hat she still
has it she still does lay back airs Viva Brett oh it’s perfect totally what with
what advice would you give any of these girls had you gone up to them before
these finals I told Brighton to rip or I’d blacken her eye that didn’t work
I told Lizzie to go fast that and literally yes yeah that was about it and
I told Nora I was really bummed that she wasn’t skating today yeah that wasn’t
fortunate she got that was kind of a big upset going into finals you know but
somebody always gets torched so welcome to skateboard you see the girls or any
of them do you identify with any of them where you see like oh I kind of know
like I feel that right there totally with the holiday all the time yeah like
whatever I’m skate nerds I said I love this shit so yeah man
there’s there’s a lot of high drama and skateboard contest if you know where to
look at you know for it and yeah I dig the shit so yeah you know we’re just
getting together a tease and and it seems like our biggest biggest thing in
the world right we went to these contests aspro events NSA events it
seemed like there was nothing else that mattered but in the in the grand scheme
of things they were very small comparatively especially this kind of
event yes and the pressure was intense yes
and I just feel like now the stakes are so much higher these people are training
well yes there’s a lot of money on the line skateboarding’s big-time do you
think that’s negative as you and them goddamn video games the money or do you
think it’s the no love for the success lipsticks what is it they’re just
skaters man they’re just a bunch of rad kids who skate and and it’s rad that
they’ve got an ecosystem to flourish in now you know with the little Bowl
contests and stuff in and they’re just going for it
they don’t care I mean the money and stuff is nice it helps me too but even
for us I would assume there’s a dental right when we were growing up the money
would I was no money anyway yeah but it was kind of exciting to get a hundred
fifty bucks first place Oh totally for sure alright well we’re talking about
hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money for this whole series so yes
everything’s changed that’s it and we’re excited to be here getting some trouble
alright men’s finals are coming up thanks Jeff good to see you yeah never settle you boys are throwing down and we’re back that’s right this is the
2019 bands Park series we’re live from Shanghai China and new parks new places
new faces I’m Chris Cote and I’m standing right next to one of those new
faces on the Vans park series one and only mr. Tony Hawk welcome to Park
series Tony thank you I’m excited to be here beside to be in Shanghai for the
first time – first time in Shanghai yep first time here I know you’ve been to a
couple Park series events first time calling it we just watched the women go
into the finals absolutely destroying this Park they did leave it up right
just enough for our men’s finals to stop solutely it was excited it was down to
the wire at the end – and I feel like that’s probably what’s gonna happen here
with these guys that keep challenging each other keep stepping up their
difficulty and we’ve seen them flying around all weekend absolutely this is
going to be insane there’s gonna be an incredible tour let’s uh let’s dive into
a little bit we’re starting off here in Shanghai China relatively new to the
skateboarding scene but I tell you we’re already seeing some absolute rippers
come from this area and from all over in China from here we’re gonna go down to
Brazil a hotbed of skateboarding San Paulo Brazil we built an insane bands
Park series custom park there last year so we’re gonna go back to that
incredible skate park and utilize it and that is gonna be just an epic show and
then we’re off to Montreal which has a strong skate scene in Canada that’s kind
of one of the central places in Canada for park skating really and I’ve done
some demos there in the last couple years excitement level is going to be
high then we go to Paris France European stop Paris has been into skating since
the 80s I’d say some of the biggest crowds that I’ve ever done demos in
front of it been in Paris so it’s gonna be great to see this kind of action come
to a beautiful city like that and we’re gonna wrap it all up in Salt Lake for
the van’s Park Series World Championships that’s where we will crown
a men’s and women world champion of Park Skating September 6th and 7th we’ve got
a long way to go a lot of miles to travel to get to Salt Lake and it all
starts here in Shanghai China so to get us kicked off let’s go down to the deck
we’ve got the water lily doon Chris pastors with us what’s up buddy
thank you boys the energy down here on the deck is insane practice is going
bonkers and the big story line here for the men’s final tom char unfortunately
out with an ankle injury we’re sending you healing healing vibes Tom we miss
you out here there’s also no pedro burrows this year no Oscar Rosenberg and
that opens up the field for a bunch of new names Roman pay bitch is just
dominating won our semifinals we got Louise Francisco we’ve got to
Patrick Ryan got second and semifinals and really once again like I said with
the women’s any eight of these skaters could win this thing so it’s anybody’s
game it’s gonna be super exciting and we’re hyped to kick this thing off well
for the last three four days the men have been taking to this Park like just
animals you know to the slaughter we’ve seen some incredible practice sessions
the preliminary rounds were epic and then we got to the semifinals that’s
where the showdown really began let’s take a look back at what we saw
yesterday in the qualifiers and semifinal rounds thank you to the boys at Thrasher
Magazine for basically just putting together that that video part was enough what an opening round we had for the the
men’s semifinals and finals Josh Borden got to give it up I mean he
was the skater favorite so thank you other skaters they’re sort of Miller
flip over the spine incredible I don’t think we’re gonna get to see one of
those in the finals we got big cheers there for all of our skaters in the
qualifiers and semifinals and two guys that were just fanning out super hard
from the deck getting the crowd fired up and getting our skaters ready to skate
we have Tony Alva and Christian Hosoi hey guys I’m down here with the legend
of legends the godfather of skateboarding the one who worth what we
are doing here the first frontside air I believe is over 45 years ago Tony you
must be blown away at how far skateboarding has come since that day
that you first did that frontside air tell me what you’re thinking I mean it’s
amazing to be here I love Shanghai the skateboarding scene here has grown and
just flourished in the last 10 years since I started coming here and yeah
just to be here and be a part of this thing is it’s a momentous part of like
the history of skateboarding as well as a great experience for myself so I’m
proud of skateboarding but I’m also connected to it you know in a way of
like you know we’re bringing this from California to the rest of the world and
to start right here with this series and Shanghai is really really cool and I
think it’s gonna be great this year we’re gonna have another really great
year so yeah we premiered your movie the Tony Alva story and I I thought it was
an amazing event also the love letters to China how do you feel about your
movie and how’s your experience since you’ve been here on this trip well it’s
great I mean you know it’s cool because it involves other people other than
myself I mean because it brings in the guys that I’ve sponsored such as
yourself and it tells our story from a different perspective you know there may
be some of the other films that we’ve done so you know skateboarding’s rockin
man well we’re here on the lip it’s right before the men’s who do you got
for first place you got a pic all right practice I mean Cory’s just killing it
but there’s there’s a lot of a lot of guys that are on wooed and I
mean the list goes on I really can’t say I mean hey there’s so many guys ripping
that we can’t even say but we’re gonna see it right now back to you guys up
there in the booth oh so high hope to have Hosoi and Alva here and really if
you think about I mean this is the fundamental of skateboarding its
concrete in skateboarding wheels and you just go fast and you’re rip and that’s
how it all started course more bells and whistles here now but as we get into
this thing we like to make our picks those two guys well they didn’t put
themselves out on a limb did they they kind of just said everybody’s ripping
I’m gonna throw you out there on the ledge Tony who were pick to watch you
know what I really enjoy watching Luiz Francisco during practice because he’s
got a really good blend of old-school and new-school tricks he does something
on every single wall even when he’s just going from point A to point B he makes
it a trick and he’s going fast the entire time so he’s not up in the
qualifying you didn’t qualify that well but I feel like he could bump his way up
if he sticks to it yeah here’s a here’s a little powerhouse old Terminator super
fun to watch well my pick is going to go with a guy who has been absolutely
ripping this Park Patrick Ryan I love to watch a skater that just looks
weightless and then when he gets back into it it’s powerful he’s got kind of
the best of both worlds and he actually had to take a semester off school to
come compete in this event he asked his teachers for permission they said no he
said you know what I’m going I’ll see you soon you can’t fire me I quit
exactly and I use an absolute powerhouse super fun to watch can’t wait to see
what Patrick Ryan does here in the finals now let’s go back down to the
deck Chris pastors who do you have to watch today what’s up fellas solid picks
there I’m going with Ocean City Maryland Roman pay bitch he’s got the perfect
blend of old school new school new school tricks like a lot of these young
cats he’s super creative and he’s got unique lines
he’s got great style so I’m rooting for Roman Pape it’s super fun to watch yeah
and I should add there Patrick Ryan has a perfect mix of old-school new-school
tricks which is really that’s what you have to have to compete here at the
Vance Park series our format is the same as we saw for the women these skaters
get four runs each 40 seconds run you skate until you fall or for that full 47
seconds we brought eight skate from the semifinals and the fourth and
final run you have a first trick rebate the clock will reset if you bail but if
you make it you could be on your way to a winning a winning run the judges are
looking for the best one run you can do your same run four times the judges are
gonna look for that one shining moment I think that’s a great format it actually
it went from being a competitor that was always much more of a bonus to just get
that one shining run because sometimes if it’s best two out of four you had the
outs two most outstanding run but combined you didn’t make it that way so
I really enjoy that format well here’s your men’s finals unfortunately to start
us off Carl Burton was swinging for the fences yesterday went down hard he did
qualify but he will not be skating today but don’t worry we’ve got Luiz Francisco
Vincent Mathur on Patrick Ryan CJ Collins Curran caples is in the
finals Keegan Palmer and Roman pay bitch I’m seeing a lot of young faces up there
Tony this is a whole new crop of finalists for vans Park Series it’s
great I love I love the their whole new generation it’s crazy to think that
someone like pagers who I Pedro Barros who I think is relatively is it better yet fifteen years old this kid is pure
punk rock skateboarding I believe he got his first tattoo when he was 13 that
tells you something about this guy CJ Collins just join us he realizes it’s
not the first ball pre-baby situations like serious one oh look at that
Wow 19 seconds left she’s already filled this run with tricks oh my
wow that was a backside noseblunt the deep end of the ball right he gets more
chances all right set the tone here true that line in the sand daring the rest of
the field to cross it an incredible start for CJ Collins 15 years old out of
Anaheim California vans rider 20 machine skateboards and not yellow frightening
that is great that’s crazy don’t try that at home that could have
been tragic try that at your home but could have been tragic out of the gate
and look at this backside noseblunt well think about the judges looking for right
hard tricks big combination think they were looking for that that just that
whole run if there was a dictionary yes of judging that’s what they wanted to
see it the score comes to an 84 3 3 that is how you want to start the final CJ
Collins a heavy heavy run to start us off here coming up next CJ college without like right there
that’s a filler trick a giant hole front side thankful to be here and not in the
judges area that is a hot seat for sure look at that perfect kickflip Indy over
the volcano hip now the judge is looking for every detail the landings how you
flip your board where you grab are they looking for every little detail that
you’re doing I think it depends on if it brings you to the next trick so if he
had landed that in a sloppy way but still kept his speed up wouldn’t matter
right yeah I don’t want to get over technically here but it does impede your
progression slow you down the fragment here we go current cables a crowd
favorite 23 years old from Ventura California he really does look like he’s
serving its kind of the Chris Miller of this generation oh gosh that’s a great
compliment and I believe that you know surfing as different as it is will help
current in these events just because of the flow the way you yeah it doesn’t
look like he’s struggling to keep his speed up because he really does know the
wall and how to use his body well this entire Vance Park series original Park midget by the road and absolute ruler see I will park here there is something
to be said – about skating a park that’s kind of improving like Marseille house
firstly has a lot of gangs so what he’s thrown at this this is like a luxury
yeah super smooth I mean everything in this park is perfect
it’s the same as we grew up skating the the ball the pool parks of Southern
California Del Mar upland Whittier and they weren’t great but that’s all we had
and then once we were presented with something that was great
wow this is easy it was yeah tricks became limitless it’s like window you
see scanners from the east coast of the United States right on that rough ground
they get to California they say Keegan Palmer he’s 16 years old he’s already
won every skate contest there is to win in Australia oh no and that was
terrifying so Keegan Palmer with a little bit of a
false start they’re going for that nose one up on the box he didn’t even give me
a chance to tell everybody in the world that he is our two-time Australia
Australian Continental champion 2018 and 2019 he broke his wrist on Van sparks
Series last year didn’t even bother and he came right back next event skiing up
again Patrick Ryan this guy has been just destroying this Park throughout
this entire week he’s another guy that he goes so fast when with such
confidence you lose sight of how hard the tricks are look at that he had too
much speed for the nose blunt and then just carves his weight like he’s getting
speed on the flat man nose blunt out from that flat wall there you see
that’s what he just pulled back into I love that you saw him do that earlier
and actually skim by the judges go in the tent and then out there are judges
right there Patrick Ryan you know he no work lofty always comes to mind when I
watch him escape he just floats all his errors we didn’t really get the chance
to see him doing to those big frontside or backside errors that we’ve seen him
been doing all week long so that’s a good setup run for Patrick Ryan you went
down about halfway through a forty two point five zero to start it off remember
all these skaters have before runs and it’s just your best run that counts all
right this guy has been the talk of Shanghai all weekend long Roman Pabich he won the semifinals over they don’t hear us kidnap first-run jitters
out he has been he has been kind of low-key as to him skate you know it’s
not you don’t really notice when he drops in and then suddenly he’ll do you
the hardest things and so it’s no wonder that he qualified him first and had he
made that right there I mean that was right out of the gate wall riot into the
bank then a 360 over the volcano what a start
there you see a CJ Collins 15 years old eighty four point three three Louise
Francisco you have these two teenagers just come in quick throwing
sledgehammers against the wall dropping scores in the 80s and then from
there things got a little swirly Patrick Ryan
Vincent Mathur own rub and pay bitch follow third fourth and fifth all at
throwaway scores before now so we just saw a visual of our judges they are vert
influenced Street influenced Park influences you know these guys eat
concrete for breakfast they walk and so we put that panel together this is what
they’re looking for they want to see you go really fast they want to see you hard
tricks they want to see you use this entire park and
they want it to be smooth they want everything to flow together
no choppiness between tricks and of course they’re looking at how long you
grind you’re gonna do air make it a big error they want to see everything bigger
better faster stronger yeah they don’t want to see straight up and down lip
tricks all right so before CJ Collins drops let’s go down to the deck and
listen to Chris pastors with an update from Carl Burt about Carl burglar yeah
what’s up fellas I talked to Carl he’s here on the sidelines and unfortunately
took a gnarly slam yesterday and semifinals and as a small fracture in
his left shoulder so Carl Bergland will not be skating here today he’s very
bummed and we’re bummed too we love seeing some Carl Bergland yeah pastors
we saw that slam yesterday that was scary crew hold our breath there for a
minute came in hot that with that nose
bluntslide again look these guys are doing three four tricks in one and doing
it in really scary parts this part rent traversing from one part of the park to
the other that’s that’s what’s most impressive as they make they make it
look so easy and unplanned it’s pretty cool to watch the practice sessions to
watch the qualifiers to see these guys work out their runs in their head
definitely by no means are formulaic but I you know they know exactly where they
need to go there you go to nose bone 360 he’s got he’s got a perfect way to land
high and it’s like a semi squat but keep his feet up whoa from 10 he’ll you
switch it up higher on this rod he likes that little quarter pipe flat wall that
back lip is insane look at this alley-oop here he’ll flip with no speed
sticking on the wall into a 540 come on still
forcing it to work here big spin up to the bank we haven’t seen anything like
that here I feel like the first 35 seconds that run was planned the last
five seconds he goes alright wall I’m here I’ve done all my work that was
amazing this is gonna be extra credit he did it right in front of the judges that
was a crazy run for Louise Francisco from San Paulo Brazil and he’d switched
up the tricks on the different transfers on the different hips and then he looked
like he was struggling for speed here but able to just hold strong those thing
that was amazing so the score comes through it’s an eighty two point three
three for Louise Francisco so why two points lower than CJ Collins um I think
CJ had a little more danger factor going for him especially with going up on that
box with the through our logo and and on the bank but it’s tough man that is a
hard that’s a hard call feel like Louise did maybe more tricks but you know in
looking back at what the judges are looking for yeah I mean we saw it like
we saw him do that backside big spin leash of it
it’s kind of a flyout trick probably they weren’t counting over that much but
I thought it was super cool you can’t trick the judges yeah oh I remember he’s
coming in and there’s nothing underneath them it’s not like he’s coming into the
same quarter pipe he’s dropping down a level and he is flying no to the speed
current cable skating with right now he’s only have to slow down right there
had to slow down for that giant Bank that’s how much speed he has oh he’s
tearing that kickflip back tail we saw him do that in practice easily these
guys that just makes skateboarding look so good he just looks so natural on his
board you know watch current cable which one day just for one day I could just
get like that I would skate all that I was gay for 24 hours a day
he literally floats around the park and he’s super technical if he can get that
kickflip tail slide I mean that’s gonna huge that is look at that he’s got that
oh he’s got the pinch – almost got his foot flying off there
there’s a lot that can go wrong right there I don’t even want to put that
universe but that was scary and the judges of course they note where you
come in from your tricks as well so Vincent neither on his first run a forty
point seven three some room to grow skater out of a Marseille France oh that
was cool that’s the gap up that’s a very small target to try to hit your truck on
especially when you’re going that fast your one thing that is a constant for
vans Park series is good style everybody in this panel has really sick
style I saw make that every time in practice
so he leaves a hole 18 seconds on the clock really only had to you’ve only had
two scores of notes so far so the nerves gonna cut these skaters shook to start
us off kickin Palmer he is always a steely it’s super veteran competitor but
at such a young age he’s been competing here at Van sparks is I believe since he
was 13 years old his first event he was fully potted up because he was 13 years
old you can skate it’s on now stale fish
into the shallow end in dlu and that’s the kind of traveling that the judges
like to see can’t believe the frontside noseblunt is sort of the go-to trick up
there nice kickflip Indy Oh 85 40 didn’t get it off – didn’t have a lot of
speed so we had to pull out further and that’s the risk of a bottle and make it
a fakie mu5 cab disaster oh just Iran what is this throw it out there so the last tricks
not gonna count but that was jam-packed and I don’t know if he really needed
that last trick our 16 year old supposed to skate like that is that normal
sure yeah why not do we expect everyone at this point this is Vance Park series
that I mean this combination to me the kickflip into the 540
yeah that’s not shouldn’t be possible not a good angle to to approach that it
has an Indy 5 because he kind of has to almost cut a loop to get into it and
that can really wreck your spin crazy well this work em through seventy five
point one three that’s enough for third place we’re gonna go to Patrick right
now Petra Brian’s first run she’s 42 five Oh we’ll see if he can finish his
forty second time over turn switch crook he went so high as you go higher on
these walls that aren’t quite for it you have to yank out much further than on a
vert wall and he didn’t quite get out enough so that he was gonna hang up you
know that was looking like the run he’s really doing everything the judges want
to see you see his tail slides are just a little bit longer than everybody
else’s he’s just going a little bit faster so if he can clean things up get
that air finish strong the one thing about Patrick Ryan I think
it’s really best any faults he gets really not need to tone that down and
here we go there’s the run the run the water damage
Ocean City Maryland 30 seconds left this one he’s already
done 12 tricks I was scary I said Elliot lipslide I saw him
struggling without him practice I love how he looks like he’s always the back
seat big bonus disaster around the corner so was that intentional to go
around the corner like that I think he just reacted that was crazy so when he got into the deep end he did
a biscuit nose grab 540 around the corner which is
incredibly risky incredibly dangerous and did it with ease there’s a hierarchy
of grabs with the 540 what’s the hardest grab you can do well going backside
stalefish is kind of the one that slows your spin down the most and makes you
have to sort of adjust your body in a way that doesn’t work but the idea that
he did this he did the 540 around the corner makes you have to pull out way
further and a very high chance of hanging up but no one does 540’s around
the corner this doesn’t happen worst case scenario the hang up there’s all
there’s almost every case is bad except for what he did well the judges are
right there with us in our fandom for rum and pay bitch that score is massive
eighty eight point one seven again doing everything the judges want to see he is
followed by CJ Collins Luis Francisco the teenagers have come correct here to
Shanghai and your top three everybody they’re not even old enough to vote yet
Roman pay which is 17 years old CJ Collins is 15
here we go we’re back to it CJ colons for his third run knows one slide looks
so easy when he does it this kid is one of the most
unpredictable skaters that I’ve ever watched was hanging up there never apply
aving it with a squat some people are planned out this kid
never plans his run he just goes oh I think that was planned that was my gosh he’s just got that
stream-of-consciousness look right he drops in and you just kind of guiding
he’s just guided by the light to the tricks that he wants to do the no comply
noseblunt is there’s physics there that yeah here we go right that was like what
not to tell uh no comply to tale that’s a big step for him too
oh yeah well his legs are not that long that’s chest high way they get to finish
that run so the score comes through a fifty eight point nine zero for CJ
Collins his third run he’ll have one more go remember we lost Carl Berlin for
the heavy slam yesterday bummer for that but Luiz Francisco now with an 81 and 82
this kid knows how to compete Oh big bold was down there he knows how to get
the crowd behind as well if that was meant to be a gap when this park was
designed nice it’s a weird word to use but for
him I think it was a showman he feeds off the crowd I’ve seen it in Brazil
I’ve seen it anywhere he skates in a contest Mellon 5 around the corner as
well even though he did it Landon low it’s still frightening that those guys
are doing that down there look at these two scores 81.0 782 point three three
that that run right there is a complete so it’ll come somewhere you know the 63
seven range he finishes the run after the way he started right there with that
boneless psycho psycho drop whatever you want to call it yeah big be right out
there in the mix currently sitting in third place and another skater we lost
early was uh Marilla Perez which is a bummer because he was so fun to watch
here we go current cables currently in fifth place
88 for first you can see when he feels his feet aren’t in the right place he
tries to go to disaster there which is just in my opinion a very dangerous it’s
dangerous dangerous is a great word to describe that so that was the third run
it was a quick one for current Caples just a nine point eight three his
highest score so far sixty four point one three coming up next is Vincent
matheran with a pair of 40s he’s gonna double that if he wants to get himself
into that top three it’s just electrified every time you ops
in when he quit he grinds the whole kicker it’s almost like a carnival game backside he hasn’t made that yet so we
haven’t seen the rest this room right there again spine master growing up and
we’re say that’s why the most famous spine in the world that backside sure
cane rebirth is is a rare trick in any situation I got to go to Marseilles for
the first time ever last year but I feel like I’ve been there many times before
cuz I used to play yeah I actually had not skated it until a few years ago
myself oh yeah yeah I played it on my video game before we got the lines all
figured out before you got there yeah they weren’t as easy it’s a little
different in personality yeah well congratulations 20 years the anniversary
of Tony Hawk pro skater oh yes thank you you’ve made a lot of skateboarders it
was like a training ground I’m sure a lot of the guys are skating today got
their start with that game here we go Keegan Palmer this kid skates like a
living video game his nickname from Tim O’Connor on the deck is fortnight
it used to be pigeon spinner but he’s matured down this kid is among the most consistent
scares me but we have on this entire series that was feeding Palmer’s dirt
run his eyes score 75 1/3 just out of that top 3 he’d need to get something in
the mid-80s if he wants to find himself in that top 3 finish
oh that’s a cool looking trick just a glitch on the landing though kind of
like the top part of that but didn’t really see you did Mellon 5 out of it no
harm there’s Keegan right there you can tell
he’s kind of doing the math in his head putting ok where do I need to finish
where do I need to be Corrections will be made and his fourth and final run
here we go Patrick Ryan 56:43 on his last run Wow he’s not playing it safe in
terms of the amount of speed he gets Wow such good popping from that trick it’s
like a 270 to switch pivot then pop it in I love that angle that we sorry
they’re showing you see right there he decided not to do the frontside air cuz
he hung up on a while so I went to disaster it’s probably a much safer bet
there’s a hell of you he had a problem with that his first run this is by far
five seconds left and Bible River there we go
that’s well Patrick Ryan who got himself into the final school into the top three
for sure or also approved in the cross no approves you’ve done something right that is a stack peanut gallery if
they’re hyped you know you did something good waiting for the score to come
through this huge disaster so easy to break your board on stuff like that too
and I think laud skateboarding is rewarded if you’re skating and you’re
slamming the coping your landing disaster heavy that judge is gonna react
he does get that score up there seventy seven point three three amazing drives
bit in one more trick I mean that’s that’s right on that red line I’m
thinking that the judges are like in the five 40s based on how they scored that
run all right here we go your current leader
picking up from where he left off yesterday whoa way up and over he just
looks so comfortable in this part he had some big finishes last year but this is
definitely a new and improved Roman payment and that’s saying a lot because
he was ripping last year one of the most difficult lines to follow here this back
side looking for that 540 around the corner that’s it Wow that was right
there in the edge of time well definitely the trick was going to count
in d3 scorched earth I mean I’m thinking like what’s gonna take well he’s already
at first so it’s just gonna take him to hold on to that score that he already
had and this is just telling everybody else in the finals either give up yield
or go as big as possible that is I mean the the 88.1 seven that he dropped
earlier a similar run just a little bit cleaner maybe a little bit faster he’s
got more to give and there’s a reason why consensus set everybody said
yesterday as they watched Roman anybody you asked who’s gonna win this contest
everybody said Roman pitch he’s screwing them all correct
that makes our job easy but he takes us sound smart like we know we’re talking
about so there’s your current standings for
the men’s finals Roman payments in the lead CJ Collins in second Luis Francisco
in third teenagers at the top of the leaderboard Patrick Ryan creepin in
there in fourth place you know he’s right there with a seventy
seven point three three we know he has a score in the high 80s in him he’s got a
Standards Board he’s gonna get every trick in that run here we go
fourth and final run you can see that first trick rebate Oh No here we go
there’s the first agreement if you’re gonna use it use it on something like
that and the crazy thing is I’ve seen him try that trick fall and go back and
try it again well we do have a best trick event
coming up after this we might see it then so here’s what happens we reset the
clock I think he’s gonna try it again there would not be a surprise to me he’s
in second place 8 4 3 3 it looks like there’s a concentration on there he’s
going for it again do it so scary so one of the parts we have on Vance park see
is the approximate same parking on the tombstone
just pretty much like that but about 10 feet higher if he kickflip then from
there one of the heaviest things I’ve so as it stands now CJ Collins with his
fourth and final run he did enough to get himself in second place now it’s up
to Louise Kerr and Benson Keegan Patrick and Roman to catch up
your current leader Roman payments eighty eight point one seven so no
chance for CJ to catch him but here we go
Louise Francisco nice more for now at eighty two point three three big drop to
try to go straight into it lipslide around the corner caught a dark side
folded it over I can’t explain how impossibly risky that was 14 seconds
left you are absolutely correct assessment of Louise Francesca had those
heel flips are perfect too like anytime trick and you see this lot
for their shoes from the dominant proper so he did a kickflip Indy there didn’t
flip all the way there’s a same and then he caught the wrong side of the board
and just under his feet ASAP now he goes the risk factor and
that goes to 11 and then right here that’s almost an Indy 540 into a melon
540 sometimes those are the mistakes they can actually pay off in your favor
yeah or sometimes it’ll put you in the hospital well the judges come through
with the score a seventy nine point five zero so just under his opening run of an
eighty one point one zero he’s still in the top three
now he’s just gotta sit back and watch that’s coming up next curtain cables I
guess they were feeling that dark side catch they really take it take your
first actual trick tempted into consideration forty seconds goes back on
the clock there’s a soy East Oh throw in Jacques if you got current cables I got
it with forty seconds on the clock getting a straight just doing all day
long Oh throw and thrown that bonus to tail
just to give it a little flair some of the silky silky Astaire’s all right 12 seconds left here we go good that that kind of technicality fat
true and we never quite got him got to see him get past that one that he wanted
that kickback tail and would have been great to see him pull all run well as it
stands now Roman pave it CJ Collins Louise Francisco are all safe in the top
three open up next Vincent neither own last
score is a seven three four zero so he did improve after a pair of 40s here we
go fourth and final run I guess it was sort of a nose bonk
yeah no no first of all rebate he did for Vincent neither up he’s gotta start
doing tricks yeah he’s hidden everything but he’s
just doing air so we definitely want to see you some more I don’t know if that
was intentional but it was solid what’s this I’m going for a back disaster up
the box and then we used to call that to all the end that was going really wrong
really quick so Vinson matheran will not be able to catch our leaders but that
was one of the tricks of the day right there it almost looked like it was
unintentional but he kind of forced it up in there knowing that he could have
just added that extra little grind yeah well he knows he knows he goes to kick
turn there and benefit if his feet and land on it and they land on the truck
why not he can Palmer a definite threat creep into that top three here’s this
big start there we go first of all rebate 32 seconds left
whoa big ollie there Allie you a solid showing for king of Bomber 16 15
years old he’s Australia national champion two years running
the kid is gnarly 75013 was his high score he had more to give as one of the
that was one of those instances one more run and we finally were seen something
wild all right only two more skaters to go Patrick Ryan your glass skater to
potentially crack into that top three he reaches a threshold of hind there it’s
not a bird rim he’s at risk of hanging up but he threw it away
it just gets scarier from there well as the s these scores come through it’s a
forty five point nine zero that means your champion he just got the memo Roman
pay bitch from Ocean City Maryland 17 years old just took out the first stop
of the 2019 vans work series here from Shanghai China you see and breed that
massive severly how did he win this contest aspect he used every part of the
course and he was always a surprise but but most definitely the difficulty
factor was way up there this is the first time in a long time dominating from the first practice huge
wall ride and then all the way out into the into the shallow in there look at
that smile on his face – just hanging on right now 24 seconds left look at this well now he’s just rubbing
it in the rest of the feliner they’re going
okay come on go get your trophy new favorite skateboarder it’s Roman
Haymitch basically getting the note from the judges if you’re gonna grind grind
far if you’re gonna do it here do it high you’re gonna do a trick do it
proper did everything right like I said I haven’t seen this on vans Park series
in the history of this contest somebody dominating from the first practice all
the way to the finals sure since the day I got here his name was on everyone’s
lips yeah I see Roman what about Roman Roman did it and you see I mean it’s an
emotional win he’s stoked but he also just got to were Schnoor ever so a
little reminder that skateboarding is always the boss yeah even even when
you’re winning exactly Wow taking the hits I mean just
like they were shot out of a cannon our eighth finalist came through
unfortunately Carl Berger and wasn’t able to skate due to an injury he
sustained yesterday he did qualify for the final so he will get eighth place
but you gotta give it up to our teenagers Louise Francisco
CJ Collins and Roman pay bitch Patrick Ryan was right there with a 77 point
three three so close Keegan Palmer that’s 75 vincent matheran he God things
going to 73 current cables he looked good doing it but just didn’t get that
big score we right now we have Chris pastors on the deck with our champion
for the Shanghai stop Roman Paiva CH so Roman first off congratulations
brother and you’ve been on this tour with us since the beginning describe
what it means to win one of these things finally I never thought I would win to
be honest but so happy I just making the run and seeing the score made me so
happy finally like I wanna know you were on fire on this course
what was it about this course that suited your skateboarding um I think I
came here and I don’t know they’re all they’re all different but they’re all
the same so you can kind of piece together obstacles from other ones I
kind of just did that here because there’s a lot of obstacles here from
other parks to amazing and you win stop number one what does this mean for you
for your Park series here it’s on let’s go let’s get it
Roman payments congratulations brother yes that’s the first time I’ve heard him
say something like that it’s on let’s go we usually just understated flies under
the radar but right there his skateboarding did the talking again
dominant fashion right there eighty eight point one seven just you know a
step above everybody else in this finals yeah it was pretty evident from his
first run that if he made it it was he was gonna be in the ultimate winner and
the great thing is he won it’s not like the pressures off as you can see he’s
fired up now more let’s bring the next challenge and that’s what it takes to
keep getting better well that’s exactly what we wanted to see here at stop
number one on the 2019 vans Park series from Shanghai China Roman pay bitch like
we said has been dominating this park from the very first practices all the
way to the finals run so things go so fast in the finals that now is our time
to take a quick look back at what we saw some of the highlights that these guys
just provided for us at this incredible skate park again custom-built exactly
for vans Park series so let’s take a look back at the finals to see how our
top three did what they did starting off with first place
top Roman Roman pavement top look at that
wall ride into the 360 I mean in the first 7 seconds he’s hitting three
bangers there yeah and you get to see as he got those first four or five tricks
done and behind him he just started going faster rightfully off trick after
trick let’s just rapid-fire skateboarding and again in proper style
super fast really powerful just a treat to watch that makes me want to go
skateboarding absolutely just like a machine this dose big here in the middle
of everything like that that’s sort of a best trick event and then this was
really surprising to me going over the pyramid into that nose grab 540 around
the corner if I had to choose one trick for this event that’s the one so Roman
Kaiba try there you get to tell when he popped out he knew what was that he was
gonna get a massive score so as you see the park right there we will have a
Thrasher Magazine best trick contest that will be on Vance Park series calm
as well as Thrasher Magazine calm and you can tell you know things have kind
of subsided a little bit but it’s gonna fire right back up as we get towards
that best trick contest so Tony your first commentator job here at the Vance
Park series what do you think of this contest these guys made it easy I’m just
a fan so I’m just going like I see it I’m so excited to still be here getting
to be in the mix to do this and then thanks to you for setting me up hey no
problem your resume was pretty good you got the gig for the rest of the season
well that was incredible it’s gonna take a minute for all of that to sink in what
we just saw and I’ll tell you this highlights package is going to be a
basic video part of how to skate at a skate park this is what we all need to
try to achieve whenever we drop into a skate park let’s take a look back at
some of the highlights of this final it all goes so fast I don’t even remember
how this thing started and as we go back to the women it was a security osuzu me
I mean high tech high speed skateboarding yes
she had the confidence and kept the speed up like right there just to be in
the best trick contest she should be yes she used to mix it up in dr.azz again
speed style power flow she just had everything right there notable for
Keystone Aachen where to come back from a brutal slam and skate how well she did
most of us probably don’t be walking after what Kisa went through yeah we go
to the Med here we go oh man CJ calling straight in kickflip into the
bank boys to men these are all teenagers that that turned into men in front of
our eyes here in vans Park series CJ Collins 15 years old already a park
series veteran the kid shreds our first look at Luis Francisco we’ve seen him in
Brazilian continental championships but then we saw him last year he was one of
these kids that gets on the Vans Park series and every else goes why did you
invite this kid he’s too good ripping his way into third place Luis Francisco
it’s amazing to see people like him how to slow down he’s got too much speed for
the course and our winner Roman Pabich no surprise to anybody with how
he’s been skating all weekend long Roman he is gonna be a threat than the rest of
this year he had a great strategy – I saw him piece those blinds together bit
by bit all right we’re gonna take a quick break but we’ll be right back with
Geoff Grasso it’s time out withdraw so with Tony Hawk we’ll be right back you China hey guys it’s Tony Hawk I’m here in
Shanghai at the Vance Park series the men’s finals just wrapped up and I am
here with legendary skater and show host and opinion op-ed writer a loudmouth
loudmouth Jeff cross out loudmouth idiot me and you’re reading all my questions
that I supposed to ask you so I’m going to throw them all away yeah neither one
of us read what did you think about the finals
it was fantastic man I love Roman we told him to scorch the earth black he
did a fantastic job I love all the skaters that they’re all fantastic so
this isn’t against anyone but man Patrick Ryan got fucking Rod Young Rob
that’s all I got I was saying I was a bit surprised at that score considering
the the the difficulty of tricks he was doing and how many tricks he did you
know I think there should be a lot more emphasis put on how people move around
the course well it’s C course they have changed the
judging criteria a little bit right so so they’ve broken it down into all these
different format they say this that you know we’re gonna bust through those
front codes to like then they judge on overall impression and then they do this
and then they do that and it and I love that I love the judge that the judging
boys are great and the skaters are great and it’s an impossible job and CJ is
wonderful but there’s no way CJ beat Patrick today there’s just no way and
and you know and I was really bummed Carl couldn’t ride that he got smoked
yesterday because he was just on fire and hopefully you guys will see it on
Thrasher cuz he was ripping they all did a wonderful job man and everyone’s
trying to do their best and you know what welcome back to the first stop of
the shit show like here we are again but that you’ve been on most of these so how
has it changed I mean we know that the DIY influences here in terms of a park
that has all kinds of different elements and vans is going to have legacy parks
than the next four stop so they’re leaving the
there and I feel like the level of skating is gonna increase exponentially
but how has it changed since you’ve seen this series well the kids are all
getting much better at you know and and they’re going there they’re getting more
seasons you know that there’s startup strategy that they have strategy they’re
learning how to compete absolutely makes for a much more interesting event and as
far as you know the cool thing about the park series and the you know in this
connection to the DIY and all that kind of crap yeah you know like whatever like
you know it comes out of people building things willy-nilly on their own and and
then you also it’s like what became what became of the baby you end up with this
on a competitive level and what’s cool about you know corporate death burger is
that they’re building them and leaving them yeah you know and in previous years
they were only able to build one or two and now they’re building two or three
and hopefully you know next year we’ll be able to build more and leave more but
it is great to see the quality gets it come so far because a lot of the TOI
parks they were awesome in terms of their time and space but but they were a
little bit janky and kinked and whatnot and that reads better skaters well yeah
they’re being built by by gentlemen that are in the beginning learning and then
you know perfecting their craft and they’re getting much better you know
along like yeah you know this is built by you know big skate park builder
people and stuff so it’s it’s a facsimile of of something else and you
know and and whatever it’s all relative it’s all cool it’s all kind of connected
if you want to like search back into it you know I do a little show we did a
piece on it you can check it out just like whatever but you know at the
end of the day it’s a great it’s a great afternoon you get to come out you get to
watch watch the boys and the girls roll around
get evil man you know some people did some shit today it was it was heavy-duty
and we’re about we’re about to see Jake Wooten fucking go for broke
that’s it stick around for best trick thank you Jeff for your wrap-up and your
honesty and it’s been an honor to be here with everyone and back to you guys
we are wrapping up the vans Park series in Shanghai thanks for watching stick
around for best trick not dug a hole or poured some cement up
against a pillar at Burnside then that entire skatepark building revolution
probably would have looked a lot different or not gone on at all well it’s not necessarily that you need
like the city to be on board or like anything like official it’s like a DIY
could be anything from slappy curb with some mud slapped up to it to in
full-blown skate park under a bridge like we’re inside really cool to see you know where the
the heart and the soul and the inspiration for vans Park series comes
from from those DIY skate parks are concrete-pouring forefathers that really
had to take it upon themselves to make something cool to skate and now
thankfully those parks are dotting the globe and in forming a new way for the
world to skate and we’re really inspired by that and you were just inspired by
Jeff cross oh absolutely I could watch time out across I think
that show should be an hour long I think the guy should just talk and hash it out
that was incredible I got to watch that all day and I could have watched this
all day as well Roman pay bitch put on an absolute clinic he won the contest
made it look pretty easy he’s on the deck with Chris pastors I don’t know I’m
gonna call him after this and talk to him they’re super excited for sure
amazing and you’ve been on the Vans Park series tour with us for years what is
your favorite thing about traveling with the Vans Park series tour I think it’s
all the places that we get to come to and skate with all of our friends and
the parks that they build for us it’s insane we’re like we’re like VIP status
everywhere it’s the best how much do you guys feed off each other with your
energy in your runs well a lot some people don’t like the park first and
then they see other people’s runs and then they kind of steal that little line
into their line and everyone else helps out everyone else we’re sure a whole lot
one’s energy off the hype that’s right once again round of applause for Roman
pay bitch CJ Collins and Luis Francisco yeah boys
well thank you Roman payments for what you just did and everyone watching
you’re welcome for what Roman just did that was insane Tony I know this is it’s
gonna feel like a long way till Brazil you’re just gonna have to sit tight and
wait till the next event are you excited to see what we’re gonna bring to the
world oh yeah and there might be some new faces in there or some legendary
faces so I feel like the standings might get shaken up a little bit but this is
incredible to watch and what a great way to break in a new generation with
someone like Roman leading the charge absolutely and unpredictable yet epic
finish for the 2019 fans Park series first stop here from Shanghai China
we’re not done here yet we got the Thrasher Magazine best trick coming up
if you’re watching around the world go to vans Park series calm or Thrasher
Magazine calm to watch the Vans park series best trick contest this is going
to be insane these skaters are just going for basically cash contracts this
is gonna be a skid say pretty late so fasten your seat belts when you watch
this and for those of you we want to thank you all for watching stop number
one here on the 2018 Vans Park series we’ll be coming back at
you in about 30 days from now live from San Paulo Brazil at that incredible
purpose-built skatepark cannot wait on behalf of myself Tony Hawk Jeff Grasso
Chris pastors but soy and all the legends and all the fans here in
Shanghai we’d like to thank you guys for watching tune in to the Thresher
magazine best trick that’s it from us here in the booth we’re gonna go down
and get the front-row seat for the best trick contest thank you guys for
watching stay keep tuning you’re not going anywhere stay tuned we’ll see you
soon what is up everyone welcome back to vans
part series stop number one here in Shanghai and we are doing a complete
reset for our Thrasher best trick contest it’s on that massive obstacle
behind me that volcano looking thing you got the bank you got the hips
you got the ledge it’s going to be going off we got my man Kyle Burrard about the
handoff 2500 bucks cash for tricks and we got legends calling the action here
in Tim O’Connor and Christian Hosoi so we are gonna get right into it thrash
your best trick let’s do this thirty minutes officially right now game
on cash for tricks the rash of we’re streaming barons Park
series calm these guys if you do something amazing will call your name
come on over here Kyle burrows got the cash Tim O’Connor on the mic along with
the legend Cristiano SOI you already knew that all that counts that area
counts of course of course CJ Collins getting into the mix you know
he’s got something for that don’t be shy this open to everybody that’s skated in
the other girls at yeah let’s chuck a female in there on whoa Jake Wooten I
know the girls want some cash Josh Borden is going for that alley-oop a
clip and look at that Z kori Juno if he doesn’t win any cash he’s definitely
winning the worst-dressed award that helped him is five matters I’ve stood up
there on top of there Tim and it is bananas looking down Oh what is he doing
I leaned up the tail the nose blood where is everybody okay I don’t even
think they’ve done it with no hands coming in from the top yet have they
the nose one yeah I think I’m in with hands in the
contest and it’s not happened yet Christian Hosoi but I feel like what you
could do a best trick money’s on the line
anything could happen Josh Borden definitely eats me look at this dude oh
my god Tristan already in the mix what’s he got the first trick here
Keegan pomegranate in the mix trying to cap up to noseblunt I think we got cash
burning a hole in juice Quarian we’ve got our shot alley of 50 come on watch
out how you come in cash Jay Gruen as I said Debbie looks like he cow tips on a
daily basis where is everybody there’s a cash on the line
Chuck your lives in there entertain us Oh Louise Francisco get in the mix we’ll
get money for doubles even doubles routines let’s see what everyone’s got
two dudes one board will it go down there Tristan, I don’t know that’s that’s a
big money trick right there bitching spinner gone with a cap off the nose
blog whoa Jenna quit look out he will spin you to smithereens I think everybody’s holding out waiting
to see what everyone’s got Kevin Kowalski warming up the legs Court do
you know what’s he got down and by the way fellas we’re we’re talking about
giving out some big bucks to like best trick of the day so reminiscent of
vanities right there little G turn 50 bucks Louise come on over get 50 bucks
us we’re hanging out us cash in China there you go yeah Louise Keegan go over
that big old noseblunt little beginner human go for a girl a maneuver yeah
Corey Gordon she just crawled out of bed came down for a snack and an amazing
trick oh you big vanilla man you should almost give him some cash just for
bailing from that high did you see I guess that I want to look at I was
looking at your food I mean the bales are almost as good as the banks all right chemical Wolski getting in the
mix here going for the finger putting the tail yeah we got money for that
Keegan Australia in the house my man you could turn that money into B bucks
for fortnight oh why was there like shrapnel coming out of his pocket right
there some pay the rent was falling apart is losing RMB Kaido nailed a Cuban
dose of coins some coins from falling out of your pocket yeah
Tristan bored and getting up in the mix on Oh yo come over here Cory we got money for
you bud got money for you they’ll let us know when it’s time yeah
it’s time this is a webcast man bandwidth costs money bandwidth cost
money today Corey Juno might win it all he’s going to do the opposite of strip
poker every time I glanced at Ricky gets an item of clothing it’s gonna be
wearing a fur coat by the end of the session fully decked out pimp gear those
shoes with goldfish in the bottom all that Roman man is just look at what the
contest good lord won the hearts of Shanghai China he’s
not through making my wooden in the house get over here you big Blancas loop
we got money for you to borrow in there get bored in a little something break
them off the top rope CJ Collins break them off CJ come over here potty burial
all the way from the quarter pipe to Bobbie burial to back team Karen go over
the front blood warden go home with a big spin yeah nigga moaning Oh Roman holy the
early bird but bit worried I don’t even know what’s going on I don’t even think
he knows what’s going on yeah hon yeah Cory today well we’re almost 10 minutes
down and we just oh we got the timer up there you can see it the artists get
warmed up Oh Jake about the green out the back on
that one will parse it out Cory just did that Cory come back over
you got money for you Josh board oh yeah Cory Tristen ready going for that come
on pop it all the way in dang crushing it yeah Cory let’s make a little baby blue we robbed a baby dad you know we got
that one right there yeah Roman Holmes what you got for let’s get in there your
legend that’s amazing but do we give money cuz people did that in the runs if
you did it if somebody did in the run no money that’s the rule
that’s the unwritten rule that I just wrote the backside blood blood all the
way in that wall right into the tranny Tristan come up here buddy get some blue
jumbled up right there yeah you doubled up you double down yeah Tristan this dude just 120 G’s looking for more
he’s not through making money no doubt Cora Juno’s outfit still AM first like
if you pay him or get the duck what’s that Holly up the cryptograph what happens if we were run out of money
then Tony breaks out his wallet it’s got spinner personally yes just kidding oh my god you were going full lunatic
he’s got two different sized trucks right now bro his truck big in the front
small in the back something like that going on Vincent Mathur oh honey
dan that is hair fall right there what will he do what will he think of
next our only on the topper of WrestleMania
WrestleMania backbone let’s attempt oh my god oh oh come come baby come that
pain you shrink-wrap skeleton come over here get mone cantaloup yeah that was
ridiculous off the top rope Kevin Kowalski backbone that’s off the top all
the way into the quarter pipe Kevin yeah Kevin around its gonna buy another gold chain
to begin to lay the tricks tristant warming up with a little wall
ride hey guys I’m looking at the cache and it’s getting down but uh we’d love
to see some big mangers come in and just give out Oh big chunks of this thing
yeah CJ we’re only halfway through it we wrap way through the cash half way
through the cash half way through time oh that is ridiculous right there yeah
Roman core you spaz I seem so scary to me I’d be a full football gear trying
anything on there we want to see that current cables from
plot begin to keep offers can we get that one guy from Kern trying to show if
a jump in dude right into a coffin off the top rope yeah that is ridiculous
what a lunatic Romans gonna make this kickflip wall
right oh yeah oh you’re out of your gourd out of your
gourd doesn’t know any better oh my god is gonna throw spit at cj fingers little too late do it boarded
you would just get it do it so scary yeah gory I guess while we’re doing this
we can give them big shout out to Jake Phelps without it that I sure rest in
peace I know he’d be here front row heckling all of you guys to make every
single trick and I guarantee you’d probably make it just because he’d be
yelling in your faces without a doubt we miss you Jake and stoked you lit a fire just as we bring up his name they
started landing tricks popping it all the way in and here we go Kevin yeah get over here you know we got Luke for
you Jane that was intense I know that was yeah Jess what are we talking what
are we talking 500 on the top rope got some blue boom all right 12 minutes on
the clock we’re gonna make them earn the cash
right now okay there’s more I still think there’s more there’s have money
more more tricks where the girls have where the girls out where are the girls
show these dudes what that was fun looking we’re gonna be governing now –
what do you think it we’re gonna extend that cash money roll Tristan ready rolling up in the scene he’s landing and repeated suicide
attempts just can’t help the land on the go I keep landing it oh my I thought
that was gonna be a situation yeah Canyon Canyon good at skating also
looks like that’s good in school for some reason I don’t know why just clean
showers brushing twice the bed yes lobby Oh what do you think it watching ankles down there Louie Goldie
boy got a flat oh my god good thing you got brand new feet and everything how
did you after a certain age you’re not walking away from that it just base
jumped yeah Cory get it board if you got it
Junior’s sure let’s get serious don’t make us shoot a hunky skater the skater
calendar yeah porridge you know what muff is he dead like January we only got 400 bucks left so we’re
getting stingy right now stretching out we got 9 minutes and 20
seconds left in this yes EJ yeah Louise going with a gap up the sugarcane she’s my man getting all up on that top
rope yeah
Keegan sick one going for that front goes Ryan Tinkham to fakie yeah Kevin
get it dude anything on that is terrifying yeah Cory you already did a harder trick
before that down just give him the rest if he makes something like 5:04 the yeah J God that someone’s gonna
earn cash as we said we’re getting skin G now he’s gonna go to 400 left boarded
might make some money if he makes this last trick right here we got Tony Allen
in the house what’s going on Tony how you feeling about this I called it
earlier I said Tony Alva saying these kids are out of their minds I don’t know
but I have to agree with them Tim yeah this is ridiculous this is insane yes CJ we have Tristan remember this streaming
live on the Internet and Pressburg they’re all watching you everybody
unprecedented numbers seven billion people are tuned in right now I’m not sure that’s factual but you
never know potential oh we had too much time
we have enough time but these guys could make it it’s crunch time somebody do some pressing that Aiden
yeah Kevin yeah Jake front ends at the alley you I
like the twirling bird then the whist little Tweety the money trail yeah CJ
Cory’s got shirt like Madonna Beyonce’s switching gear and the three tricks yeah
Wow morning almost pulling them to d7 d Cory went from under dress to way
overdressed now hot as hell or no make that big spin
Vinny once we just found more cash we got six hundred board bucks and the
mix would have got back to a thousand bucks hanging out of Smith fellas we’re
dead let’s go D all of a sudden more money – shut up I don’t even know what trick right there CJ front fire bow on
the top for a power to him your money yes CJ morning we got money burning a
hole in our pocket for you you gotta make it Tristan Rennie where you at bro he’s
right there go who’s just flying into the scene yeah call right get that will give you a
nice wad of cash with that one what do you think that somewhere in the back
knows one yeah Curran always switch staple gun hey Chyna how you liking this how are
you liking this come on these guys some sunscreens are gonna go for it right now
we got how much three minutes on the clock
right yeah Christian I don’t think they understood us at all I think they
understand vibe what Christian Hosoi and there is no language we gotta just hype
it up Tim this is what it’s about yeah you got so I think current watched it please to
five oh yeah pivot come on it gets turn to the boiler room and Tory
you got that yeah boarded you got it hey also let’s give a big shout out to
Steve and Doran I know he’s out there watching a live webcast everyone out
there we love all you but we especially love Steve Van Doren thank you for
everything thank you for all you do and this whole contest is basically for you
we love you Steve no you run all the way in the back here we go we don’t want to
go well I want to go home with the money money 50 seconds dang let’s send everybody
home with this there it is back to the top come on boarding that you got this
the bandwidth countdown up there 30 seconds come on guys 10 seconds cash for
tricks Thrasher seconds away crisp Astra’s Thank You guys wow what an epic
contest that was and what an epic best trick $2,500 later stop number one of
vans Park series from here in Shanghai is in the books
Congrats to our winners Sakura you Kazim yosuzume and the one and only Roman Pabich amazing skateboarding thank you to my legendary co-host thank
you to our skateboarders thank you to vans and we will see you guys for stop
number 2 in Sao Paulo Brazil June 23rd until then thank you so much we love you
we’ll see you for stop number 2

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