6 thoughts on “Live from Mount Vernon”

  • I didn't catch the live presentation, but I enjoyed the recorded session. Thank you for this information and it validated what I thought that I knew regarding the history of such a fantastic museum. I've been coming to Mt Vernon since 1976, and have watched the house evolve as new information is discovered in terms of wall color, furniture style, family favorite things to do.

  • Thank you for giving us your time and providing us insights into the history of the property. I grew up on a farm in Michigan before being drafted for Vietnam service. A sense of property ownership is important in giving our country a contextual meaning for our lives.

  • Thank you for doing this, it helps while things are shutdown and we cannot really travel the way we normally would. Only thing that would be better is to have " General Washington" himself stop for ( socially distant of course ) and have a conversation on what he thinks of all this.

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