KOR/ENG/JAP SUB_[원튜브 WONTUBE] Nike AIR JORDAN1 ’85  Unboxing review (나이키 에어조던1 ’85 언박싱 리뷰)

KOR/ENG/JAP SUB_[원튜브 WONTUBE] Nike AIR JORDAN1 ’85 Unboxing review (나이키 에어조던1 ’85 언박싱 리뷰)

AIR JORDAN 1 ’85 Hello, we are Wontube. Do you know where I am today? Jordan Hongik University is the largest retailer in Korea. Why are you here? I signed up for the Raffle yesterday. Jordan 1 High 85 I finally won. It wasn’t easy to apply. Upload the Instagram raffle dress code to the fullest. I applied for it. I’m wearing the same clothes. 4544 out of 23,000 people around the world. Valentine’s Day Chocolate!! This time, it’s been a week.
Because of the corona. Yes, sir. Quickly, without any further delay.
Let’s go over the unboxing review. Yeah, like I said, at Jordan Hongik University. I received it quickly. Even the shopping bag is pretty. This is how the jumpman’s logo is on it. The box is inverted, just like the reverse banned. This is the original bred box. It You can see black and red in reverse. rubber band bar Let’s take a look at the box details. The sides are all covered by Nike Swoosh. There’s a Nike Swoosh on the top. Details under the box. AIR JORDAN 1 HI 85 Product code and barcode now size of each country You can check the QR code there. Now, let’s see the release. You’re different from being fooled. Jordan Winglogo. We can get a glimpse of the details up to the jumpman 23. Each one of them is different It’s in the dust bag of the Shoe. The part you need to check is the numbering. It is 4544 out of 23,000 and 23,000 people around the world. Dust bag is made of this suede material. Here’s what Nike Swoosh looks like. I’ll take it out carefully. It’s wrapped in white paper like this again. The extra straps are black. The maniacs all have their own OG card. The prototype sample has just been released. Why is Naming 85? Air Jordan 1 was first launched in 1985. It’s for the 35th anniversary. It’s 35 years old. I think it’s amazing that we’re still crazy. OG card. Jordan’s signature pose. There’s a dunk jumpman logo on it. This is Jordan dunking on top of Chicago. Next to him is Jordan Winglogo. If you look inside of me, you’ll be able to tell me It gives you a full explanation. There’s a nike swoosh in the back. There’s black in the area where it should be red. There’s a red color on the part that should be black. And the leather itself is this smooth, civil leather. Another detail is that the wing logo is embossed. Normally, Jordan’s wing logo is intaglio, It’s painted. It’s expressed in this bulging embossment. When you look back like this, I can’t feel much different from Bred banned. The leather itself is a smooth skin. I think it’s really classy. I’ll look inside. There’s a lettering in ankle. What’s so interesting about this is that it’s the inside insole. It’s got a big sticker on it. It’s the first prototype. It’s called details for expression. It’s really detailed. Let me compare it to the Brad band I’m wearing. Yeah, well, if you look at me like this, you can see why it’s called the Reverse Banned. The fact that this part is inverted between red and black. If you look back, it’s the same. By the way, this 85 product was in 1985. Maybe it’s because it’s a model that retro, the image of Jordan I was released. You can see the top is a little higher. Now the back of your ankle is a little bit higher. And you can see that, the tongue is a little bit higher. Jordon I, a maniac, would never miss a shoe. You may not be very close. 23,000 people. Very few. As the clerk told me at the store, Told me that it’s very, very small in Korea. It’s a really valuable Air Jordan1 ’85. I’m so happy to be able to introduce. Jordan I, as a maniac, would be very impressive. Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Jordan I. Air Jordan 1 ’85 I’ll be back with a more interesting review next time. Wontube.

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