JIMI VAIN “heräsin yöllä Playboi Cartin soittoon” (MY STORY)

JIMI VAIN “heräsin yöllä Playboi Cartin soittoon” (MY STORY)

I`m Jimi I guess I’m some type some type of an artist as a kid I attended an art school where I did ceramics and painting and later taught myself to use photoshop and clothing design, as well as drawing them for implementation My artist name Jimi Vain or Jimmy Vain was basically created my accident I jumped into the instagram scene pretty late then my friend Joona from Seinäjoki told me to create an instagram people would love to see what your doing to which I replied okay, maybe then I created an instagram account and I had to come up with a usename then Instagram Suggested “Jimi Vain” so I decided to go with it and since then I’ve become Jimi Vain My parents have always encouraged me to do what I love and ever since I was a kid I loved to draw, I’ve watched a lot of anime grew up on the wings of dragon ball and began to draw the characters and lots of other things and Thats where my enthusiasm shifted towards arts Every time I drew something My parents kept encouraging me and telling met that I’m moving towards the right direction and now we´re here In upper secondary I wanted to stand out from the crowd It annoyed me that if you bought clothes from the few stores in Seinäjoki the whole school would then be wearing the same clothes In order to stand out I began to draw on my clothes ive also always been restless so during class I would draw on my knee I drew anything I could come up with on my jeans or T-shirts table tops or anything really That was my first interaction with clothes I met a girl, who drew clothes on her notebook for fun during class I liked her So I also began to draw clothes and I sort of stole her dream For my first drop I began to it wasn’t actually a drop but I began to paint I drew Marilyn Monroe on the thigh of my jeans I also painted on a couple jackets for my friends and that was my very first project after that I realised people liked and support the work I was doing so I bought transfer paper from Biltema that I could print on First I drew a Rolling Stones logo that had braces Because at the the time I was also wearing braces I imported to logo to my computer from there I printed and cut the logo out and began to iron them on to shirts I sold 100 pieces out of my bag the first artist who wanted to wear my shirts was cledos He’s a good friend of mine I was a bit shy when I texted him that I had just created my first graphics shirt and if he would be interested to which he responded, yeah of course! Ill wear it to one of my gigs and the he performed in Seinäjoki wearing my design he later encouraged me to create more to which I’ve responded by creating more Its about a year from my first custom shoe design I was still working a 9 to 5 in Seinäjoki During my time of work I wasn’t doing any art related projects I had nothing then I began to wonder during work That fuck, is this what I’m really going to do for the rest of my life? I have no energy to do anything else so I took a little risk and quit my job and began to plan what ill do next and the project that followed after that was the shoes I first had the idea to customise the vans old Skools but the revenge storm did it already so I thought it was foolish to do the same thing So I left that project on hold and it just sat on my table for a year I thought to myself I’m probably never going to complete it just like many other projects of mine they just sit their waiting for the right time so last year I thought to myself Okay! that would look good on nike Jordan ones so I tested it out it looked good so I customised the shoe and posted a picture online and it began to spread a week after I had posted the shoe my friend Baka had sent the picture out to different mood board pages on instagram Hidden NY shared the picture of my shoes from where Playboi Carti probably discovered me and came to me in my DM`s saying he needed a pair of my customised sneakers at that point i realised this was bigger than just a pair of sneakers i posted a picture of the shoes on instagram and at that time there was an option on my instagram to call me nowadays theres no longer that option because people are calling me too much then i woke up in the middle of the night to playboi Carti calling me on facetime i answered the call and we just began to talk he was asking me stuff like who i was and what i do and where all this originated from basic shit to which i replied who i was and what i do and that we should collaborate he then told me he needed a pair of my customised sneakers so i customised a pair for him and now we wait and see what the future hold for carti and i thats when everything basically started when i was able to post about my collaboration with Carti Thats when the finnish media started to notice me before that i was getting follower from the U.S and Japan which lead to people starting to contact me in search of my custom shoes nevertheless everything started from when Carti co signed me and after that i ve just been working on my custom sneakers and now i`m currently working on my first collection friends are the most important in this world eventhough i live in Helsinki my friends from Seinäjoki they’re still very close to me and I keep in contact with them daily and they’ve always told me, that I’ve got a gift and that I should use it I don’t know if I would’ve ever done anything publicly if it weren’t for their support. Same goes for my friends in Helsinki they’ve always got my back on everything I do, and support me and they see the potential behind this. And like I’ve said, Baka has had an impact on people discovering me. Vladis as well. Also other supporters, that are not necessarily my friends For example pages like Hidden NY, who have shared my posts I owe them big time And also why I’ve been able to see potential in this, is due to people who I see as rolemodels who have later on come up to encourage me to keep moving forward. And one example of this is, Daf of Siberia Hills who running that project, who is a big role model of mine, and has had an impact on me pushing forward I’ve been told in school, that you can’t make a living in Finland as an artist I’ve never thought about this as a job, it’s always been something that I do for myself. And now this is how I make my living.

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