JC at Grace, umamin na sa kanilang nararamdaman para sa isa’t-isa | Sandugo (With Eng Subs)

– Grace.
– JC. How are you doing?
Are you okay? I’m fine. I’m waiting to start work at
Silver Moon Hotel. At least now, I can be
away from Leo. Grace, I always find myself
worrying about you. I can’t stop
thinking about you. What if something
bad happens to you and I’m not there? How would I prevent that? Grace… I want to protect you. I want to take care of you. I love you, Grace. I’m sorry. I love you too. I’ve loved you
ever since we were kids. But I’ve never tried to confess
my feelings to you, because even back then,
JC and Melissa have always been
the main couple. And JC and Grace… …are just best friends. Nothing more than that. That’s why… …I grew tired
of waiting for you. And I moved on. Cords, will you shut up?
You’re so noisy! What do you mean? I can hear your thoughts
from here! I’m just worried
about Leo and my family. I don’t know
what Ulysses will do once he finds out that
Leo and JC are brothers. He still doesn’t know yet? Oh, things are getting
really exciting! Hugo! I’m just kidding, of course. Come on. I don’t know how I can fix
the situation between my husband and my son. What if Ulysses finds out that JC got into the syndicate
because of Leo, even though he’s the son
of a policeman? He’ll surely blame Leo
for all those police raids. And when Leo came? I did love him. Things just didn’t
turn out okay. Sorry, JC. I’m still not ready
for another relationship. Don’t worry. I understand. Breakups are always… …painful. Hey. It’s your fault
for confessing too late. Your timing has always been bad. I know that. This isn’t the right time
to confess. Maybe you’re just shocked. I am too. And I understand that it’s hard
to stop loving someone.

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