HUGE H&M HAUL & TRY-ON! *let’s distract ourselves*

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  • I’m locked down in London and am binge watching your videos during all this global craziness! You’re a fantastic inspiration, always elegant… I’m hooked!! Take care everyone and stay safe x

  • I love H&M and thank you so much as it was a fabulous video all of the items that she put out or so adorable I really want to check out the shoes so I am on my way to look at that website now

  • I like your videos when your energy is not so OTT. Like this one. Thanks for sharing so many cute things from H&M, I have that first greige blouse in my cart and I’m definitely getting it now! Take care.

  • Thank you for this video! I also love h&m and more importantly I was looking for pants like these. Thanks!

  • I remember 10 years ago everyone was sooo concerned about “job security” with YouTube. Now here we are, everyone is losing their jobs but YouTubers are thriving in this situation.

  • OMG loved everything! I don’t usually buy what you show ( oh I did buy those awesome leggings but waiting for winter) but I do see and alter stuff and use your ideas. I’m stuck at home now in New Zealand … can’t tell you what a joy it is to sit down to lunch and your videos! Thank you 👌🏼👌🏼🌹🌹🌹🌹 you look a lot like our Prime Minister!😁 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🌹🌹🌹

  • I really love seeing your cat!! Please feature it more in every video! I look forward to every one of your videos. At this time in our country and world we need fun happy things. Love the ankle bracelets and the pink camisole. Will definitely look for them!

  • Love the video, I’m still on a spending freeze, while the world is sheltering in place. I would love to see a clean out my closet video from you. Have you thought of doing one? Maybe do a PR unboxing, like the make up youtubers do.

  • I’m at home trying to distract myself from the stress over this COVIC19 ,watching YouTube video it’s definitely help ,especially YOUR videos Shea,love you stay safe 😘

  • I’ve already spent all my money online shopping haha! I’m such a stress shopper and being home all fay just means more time to shop!

  • Thank you for acknowledging the situation before starting! It definitely makes us all feel less alone in this.

  • I appreciate that you are still doing videos!! We may not get to wearcany spring clothes this year but its a welcome distraction to watch them!

  • Omg…….your cat is adorable…..Please show him/her more

    I love your videos. Your style tips are really helpful

  • I don't know how you do it, but you stye the clothes better than the websites. They should hair you as their stylist

  • Loved this vdeo! I didn't understand your humor at first, but I've really been enjoying all of your recent videos. Thanks for making content for us!!

  • thanks for posting this 🙂 My 6 year old daughter and I love watching your videos together – she loves fashion too – and thanks for praying for us all x thank you – please keep posting!!!

  • You should do some at-home fashion styles since a lot of us are working at home now or maybe some "transition from working from home pros/cons" and how that has also affected you since you switched from being employed to self-employed. 🙂

  • Every it er m you chose is very Spring
    like . Each item is so Beautiful as you did your try on haul. . Great choices. Great picks. Enjoy all your pieces in good health. Things in my area Silver Spring Maryland is very dismal. Every thing and places is at a standstill. All malls are closed. All restaurants and bars are closed.Many many stores are all closed. Only to mention a few. Tjmax. Marshalls. Home goods. Macys. Penny's. All closed indefinitely. No 9ne goes out. It's worse than the worse Snow storm. No a car in sight. Not even a bird or squirrel around. Stay well. Stay healthy. Blessings. Thanks for this video.

  • Shea, thank you for always showing us how each piece you ordered wears. I truly appreciate that! Everything you ordered was gorg! Can’t wait to order a few things! You rock! 💗🤗

  • I was so stressed about the virus, just really freaking out and worried. So many people are. Tuesday morning I heard a loud rumbling noise, then the whole house started shaking violently and rumbling …… OMG !!!!! We were having an EARTHQUAKE !!! 😨😨 😭Just what we needed! It did a lot of damage to some places. I was physically ill and on the verge of tears all day. Staying in and freaking out. I hope all is well with you and yours. God bless.

  • I so needed this with all that's going on right now. I'm still working currently but everything I see or hear is COVID19. Thank you so much. Prayers for you and your family.
    (I finally ordered the coveted Amazon cami, I decided I could use pick me up. I love your Amazon page) 💜AH

  • You did great with your haul Shea! Loved everything but I usual do because I absolutely love your style and the videos that you make for us are priceless with awesome tips on how to wear things and how not too.Lol I tell everyone I know that’s into fashion all about your YT channel. Oh and congratulations on your one million plus subscribers! 👏🥳😍 That’s wonderful and you definitely earned it! Love ya Shea!❤️😉

  • Again with the promotion of fast fashion. Happily shell out thousands on bags and shoes but when it comes to clothes you're more than okay with letting barely paid factory workers make your clothes? I'm unsubscribing. If you can afford high end bags, you can afford to buy clothes that cost more than £5.

  • Why don’t you read BOOKS? Our best friends! A good easy amazing start is “
    Quantum healing” by Dr. Deepak Chopra never disappoints!

  • Hello ma
    I love your videos so much ❤️
    I just want to ask you if you can give me some guidelines on how to find to know my size if I want to shop online please 🙏☺️

  • I must confess: most of the items you showed today I would not take a second look at – but even the things I find “ugh” you framing faltaron on YOU!!! You’re doll😊 May our lord bless you and yours during this crisis.

  • Hi Shea, it would be really helpful if you could tell us or write in the Dow bar what sizes were your items, I have a similar type as you and would help me a lot ❤️

  • Please keep doing what you do! We are already aware of what's happening and doing our part; I come here to distract myself not to hear about the virus etc… love your videos!!!

  • I loved all pieces and you look great in evrything, but I have a feeling you will be returning the beige sneakers and the white cropped top.

  • Love your videos. Please keep rolling them out. A great distraction from reality. Hello from Texas. Praying for everyone in the world. God help us all. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Enjoy your channel, thanks for sharing.. 👚love the pj,🛍 epridrills sandals, white tennis shoes, .continue to pray 4 our nation 🌏

  • Love all you videos, this is my favorite. You were so genuine and laid back. Almost as if you were in my living room. Thanks so much!

  • Wow I had a job interview a week ago and I was looking for a white too exactly like the one you showed with the black tie on it to go with black slacks and a black blazer lol. I swear I looked on h&ms website and typed in different words like “bow” trying to find a top like that and I couldn’t. People always somehow find the nicest stuff at H&M and I never get that lucky 😂

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