How to wear white & make it work for you ǀ Summer wardrobe ǀ Justine Leconte

How to wear white & make it work for you ǀ Summer wardrobe ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. There are people who wear white all Summer…
and people who never do. White feels: clean, pure, fresh, relaxed on
one hand BUT on the other hand it can look too bridal, fear of stains (fair point, point
taken), makes your face look washed out and pale. I agree it’s not the easiest color… However, with this video, my objective is
to encourage you to wear white by showing you how to make it work for you and how to
avoid all the problems I just mentioned! 1. Finding the “right” white
There isn’t only 1 white: there are multiple shades of white from creamy, beige which tends
towards yellow – to glacier white, snow white, which tends towards blue. For white as for any other color, there are
warm whites & cool whites. If you are cool and you wear a warm white,
that’s when you will look washed out, that’s the mistake. If your undertone is cool, you should go for
a cool white, so that your clothes won’t make your face look pale. If you’re warm, go for a warm white. If you are neutral, choose any white you like. If you don’t know what you are, or what
the word “undertone” even means, I recommend that you watch my previous video (linked here
& down below), where I show different techniques to find out your undertone. As soon as you start wearing the right kind
of white for you, you will look healthy. No more issue with looking pale. 2. Next point: avoiding the bridal look
A bride’s outfit is completely matchy-matchy from head to toe, it looks like one big, coordinated
white surface. That’s the thing. To avoid looking like a bride in daily life
situations, simply mix textures and materials. Let’s say you are going for a pair of cool-white
jeans that are made in regular, plain twill weave aka. most jeans. You can combine that with a flowy top in ajouré
or lace, like this. The surface is not smooth and it’s not tight,
so it creates a nice contrast with the bottom which IS smooth and tight. You could also choose a chunky Summer knit
& tuck it into the pants for a more casual look. If you mix textures and fabrics, you will
get a perfectly wearable, all-white Summer look. 3. Another strategy: choose accessories that
have zero bridal connotation Brides don’t usually wear colourful jewellery
or oversized earrings. I should say: in my culture. Let’s say it is a general rule. If you wear little white pearls and delicate
jewelry, people might think “bridal”. If you wear colourful wooden or raffia earrings,
or oversized dangle earrings, people who see you will get a totally different impression. It’s the same effect if you go for Summer
wedges or neon-colored shoes – things a bride is less likely to wear. Do you know what I mean? An outfit is the sum of clothes + shoes +
accessories: if you wear all-white clothes but with colourful accessories, no problem. 4. Mix in another color
If you think “no, all-white is just not for me”, you can of course bring in a color. Pastel colors are typically easy to pair with
cool-white because they contain a lot of white themselves. So you can pretty much choose ANY pastel color. Same thing if you are decorating your interior
and you want to pair several colors: as long as you combine colors that all contain a lot
of white, they will automatically look like they belong together! With warm white it is a bit more difficult:
here you are looking for colors like sand, earth, mustard, copper: essentially yellows,
greens and some browns (yellow-ish ones, not red-ish ones). I think these are the easiest to pair with
a warm white. 5. Next option: add a white-dominant pattern
All the Summer tops that you see, that have thin blue stripes on a dominantly white background…
that’s what they do: they break the uniformity while remaining dominantly white, and therefore
still feeling clean, fresh and Summer-like. Here are examples of white-dominant patterns
that definitely fit the Summer season, in my opinion. All the items I’m showing in this video
will be listed and linked down below, don’t worry. I actually think that most Summer-patterns
on the market work quite well with white, I don’t know what you think. It’s probably not a coincidence. 6. No white after labour day? If you are American, you’ve heard the rule
forbidding to wear white after labour day, it’s a fashion rule from the 19th century. In the US, labour day
is early September. Well, my labour day in France is on May 1st,
so I sure am going to wear white after labor day – and you are welcome to do whatever
YOU like. 19th century rules can’t work for the 21st
century, can they? Thumbs up if you found these tips useful! Thank you so much! Feel free to also add yours in the comments
below. It’s interesting because what I said in
this video is very Western-Europe centered, I am well aware of it. In other cultures, white has a different meaning
and different associations, so I’m very much looking forward to your comments! We are very close to celebrating 600,000 subscribers
on this channel and we have already crossed 50 Mio. video views since it started: thank
you very much to everyone who subscribes, spreads the word and keeps coming back for
more!! See you soon in a new one! Until then, have a fantastic day! Bye!

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  • My problem is white making me look bigger than I am. It's not exactly a slimming color compared to darker colors.

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  • Justine can you tell us how to use the words decollete and decolletage? It gets mispronounced in North America but we also don't know which word to use when.

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  • I think that all white is very difficult to wear; it shows every curve. Labour Day is just the "end" of summer.

  • White is a tough color to wear traveling and easier to get soiled. One does not always have an access to washing out clothing.

  • i used to wear all white, i liked plain but hated black. White is easier than cream – you can't bleach cream!

  • You didn't mention how to avoid stains 🙁 could you make a video about that? I've started to wear white recently and I love how it looks but it's so hard for me to keep white clothes and shoes looking white and not dirty/stained/worn. Either way, I loved the video. Thank you!

  • I think why we all like you so much, Justine, is because you are so polite & respectful – and never condescending. I’m not a fashion girl, and so finding out this stuff is interesting to me, and explains a lot about why some outfits work for me, and others make make look awful. Your manner and style has never made me feel silly for not understanding what some women just seem to know from birth.
    Congratulations on your 600k subs 👍❤️ Well deserved imo

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  • I am scared to color white becoz i am Indian . I mean that our skin changes color throughout different summer we get so much tanned and in winters we become wheatish complexion/fair. plus its high maintainance..we have a lot of dirt/pollution in out atmosphere. You wear white in morning but when you come back in the evening its white is mostly for bollywood celebreties.

  • white goes well with light materials, i would add, linen, silk, viscose, cotton and not so much for wool etc.. for summer i like to combine sailor stripes t shirt and linen white trousers for instance,, light materials and dont forget a straw hat,, better than toxic sunscreen

  • Hello Justine. I stumbled upon your video by chance , and since then I have watched each of your videos, they are that good and informative. I am 24years old , I am at that age where I want to buy anything and everything , and still having never enough. Your videos has brought such clearance to mind , and in my style that I don't think I will buy anything that I won't use for a long term now. Thank you for that. Just a request , I am a huge perfume fanatic, still searching for my exquisite and affordable fragrance (haha!)
    Please do a video on affordable good perfumes !!

    Much love from India ♥️♥️♥️

  • I look great in a true winter white, but no other. I am a cool complexion. I love winter white, but it is hard to describe its undertone. (must be cool)

  • Justineee <3 can you make a video about sleeve lengths? arms are on the most difficult parts of the body to lose weight and there are some sleeves that make them look bigger than they are, any tips? 🙂

  • I love wearing all white, monochromatic (i wore that today : )
    It is super chic! Have a nice summer! Best regards from Sweden!

  • I love white, but my problem with wearing it is that my underwear always shows through! I hate that on me and the only solutions I can think of (an undershirt or thicker more opaque fabric) are just too hot for the summer. Anyone got a better solution? :/

  • Hi Justine! If only I had the choice of all those whites you mention. Being a petite size, I struggle to find clothes that fit me because very few retailers carry them anymore. I'm just happy to find clothes I like that fit! I did find this video useful, however, because of the color advice. Actually, that old rule about no white after Labor Day is archaic and no longer applies. It's hot even here in Illinois, U.S.A until the end of September, and maybe sometimes into October. And let's not talk about the heat inTexas, where I'm from. Congratulations on all your subscriptions!

  • Congratulations for over 602,500 subscribers. Look like you are getting 1000.00 new subscribers every day. Nice to watch fashion educational video. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.

  • I wore a long, cool white pleated skirt (like the ones from the 50’s) matched with a black tank and jean jacket, I have to say it was a head turner. Not only was the look balanced but I also felt so comfortable in it.

    Btw love this explanation 👍🏻👍🏻

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  • Thank you! I wear cool whites in summer. I never thought much about it. You are teaching me some good tips.

  • To me, white is "beautiful cut"…and then add some bold accessory in black and white, or navy…or strong color…

  • I love your channel!
    In India, we wear cotton or linen kurtas( something like a tunic) with cotton leggings or cotton sarees! I personally like chikan' kurtas..which are light and usually in pastel colors.

  • white tops/shirts always make me feel like I'm in my waitress outfit as a student, anyone else? Still love the colour just have wear it different ways 🙂

  • I love this channel. Congratulations, Justine Leconte. All your videos are useful interesting and encouraging. Hi from Spain

  • Justine, can you make a video on how to successfully wear lace. This has been a popular trend in recent years but it is hard to get right especially as it is no longer used as trim only, and you can easily run the risk of looking like a walking doily. It is just too much.

  • Here in India Hindu bride will avoid white at all cost. But we have a place of for the color. It symbolises purity and chasteness.
    Mostly its hot and humid here in Summer so, white might not be very practical color for outdoors.

  • I'm a mom and clutzy. Wearing all white is one of my fashion nightmares. My wedding day I was paranoid about getting my dress dirty! I love the look of a white outfit but I'm to scared to pull it off but a two tone outfit were white is the background I can pull off just not for everyday when I'm cooking and cleaning and being touched by grubby little hands!

  • you just solved my long time problem with white. I love white as a colour but never really looked at the shade and now I realized whenever I wear warm white it makes me so pale like a dead body, but cool white looks super on me! Thanks Justine!

  • Just before 4 days added white tops for my casual days.. but wasn't sure until now how to pair them.. thanks @justine

  • Thank you for talking nicely about white! I have been wearing it all year round long before it became popular again (and even when most of people were wearing blackxblackxblack); and I often got lots of compliments to my all-white coordinated outfits. White freshens up the complexion and also fits especially well slim and very slim ladies.

  • Thank you as always 🙂 I was thinking that it would be amazing if you dedicate one video to a color combinations, I just got mint shorts for my kid and I am not sure how to combine it without using pastels. I think people wpuld love having your opinion and inspo on color combinations. KISSES FROM ITALY

  • I love you, Justine! ❤❤❤ and I love your thoughts too: I, too, believe labor day dependends on the wheather and not on the date. You're my favourite youtuber by far! Caresses from Romania! 😙🇧🇪

  • Hi Justine ! Thanks for the great video. What about the right yellow ? I’m cold tone and I love that color but not easy to find the right yellow 😉 have a wonderful day.

  • The stains thing is a huge issue for me. I WILL stain it if it's light. Also, I can't stand that any of the dress shirts I want to buy are all semi-see through. It has been almost impossible to find a female dress shirt that is thick enough not to show my bra, and also that can fit my extra large bust and still comes in at the waist. The perfect dress shirt has been waiting to be bought for years. Every light coloured piece I have has been stained at some point. Patterns have been my saviour, and for some reason, SOME of the patterned ones are thicker as well. I noticed you didn't deal with the stains issue directly, and I'd love tips for taking care of stains on various light summer fabrics without destroying them. Thank you so much for your video!

  • Hi, Justine! I would really appreciate a video about denim. Where I live it's considered that "it combines with everything", but how could that be if most of it is Blue? It's something that intrigues me a lot.
    Thank you for all your videos, Justine, I love how focused to the point they are.

  • I sewed a '50 white dress and I usually pair it with pearls and white o nude shoes ahaha 😅 I think that there's just a bit of bridal effect🤣 but I don't care I love it to much

  • I made a button front sheath dress in white denim once that I got so many compliments on. It was very plain, just a straight denim dress below knee, with a stand collar and front placket, nearly calf level, with wooden buttons. I used light blue thread for the top stitching. The top stitching wasn't noticeable from a distance but up close it was really lovely.

  • In South Asia, generally, white is for widows and older women. For young women, even blue isn't that often worn. It's all about colours. But my issue with white is that it can sometimes be transparent or just too light and panty lines, bras, all show through. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But whites still amazing to wear 😻

  • I love your content and your helpful, concise tips. I would love to see you do a vlog style video of cutting your hair!

  • Hi Justine ; I have a white dress in lace lined with nude lining and it fits me like a glove . But I have an issue , I just can’t seem to get the right combo to get the uptight look off . I’m a slim petite five foot one ; fair . Can you help ? I thought of a denim or twill jacket to make it a bit edgy but something is missing . I have a picture, can I send it to you

  • I LOVE white!
    I will always wear white pants and tunics in summer😍
    Edit: i am warm toned, but i prefer terracotta to mustard since I also am very ivory pale, and yellow looks awful on me.

  • I think the risk of wearing white in fall is that it's far more likely to get dirty. All the rain, rotting leaves, mud, etc is just waiting to jump up and ruin your garment. Could be one of those things people were told to do but forgot why. I personally wear bright neon colours all year round, but I do like to flirt with danger 😉

  • i love wearing white so much ! it makes me look tanner and healthier, i feel like i can go without make up with it, but i mostly just wear a white top. i love wearing a grey mini skirt with it, and nice fragile sandals. im very pale and cool toned and got ashy brunette hair with blue eyes. but i cant wear white dresses, it makes me feel bridal, even if it is a short dress, even if i pair it with a jacket or summerboots, it makes me look weird lol

  • Congratulations Justine 👏, these numbers are a testament of your hard work and commitment towards your channel and your viewers. I appreciate your content and delivery, your sense of humor gets me every time 😍) and I am so happy to say that obviously I am not the only one 🙌🌷

  • NOT EVERYONE CAN WEAR WHITE (and BLACK), and I am one of them. It drives me nuts that just about every fashion "expert" advises wearing white and black, without realizing that it is not universal. Just look at people on the street — on some of us, you see the white (or black) instead of the face. You can also see this if you take a photo of people wearing white or black — on some people it works, and on others it clearly doesn't. The reason: some of us have coloring that is not very contrasting: hair, eyes, skin are kind of close in value. If you have high contrast (black hair, white skin, for example), you can wear much brighter colors, as well as black and white. My hair is dark brown, not quite black, so black washes me out. My skin tone is very warm, "olive," with warm undertone: white overpowers me. I can get away with warm white and matte black ONLY in medium amounts away from my face. So the ridiculous advice about white shirts and little black dresses does NOT work for me, and for a lot of us.

  • Justine… im from the Caribbean.. white is a staple in our climate. White keeps us cool in the very hot weather. 🤣🤣 and is flattering for most of the complextions of Caribbean ppl.

  • I’m an American… I wear white all year around. That rule is so old, it’s not relevant in today’s world. Great vid!

  • Dear Justine, this video was wonderful, and so helpful! Here in the U.S., I think that the "no white after labor day" rule has loosened up a lot over time, especially with the popularity of white jeans. Firstly, living in Dallas, TX – we have hot weather until the end of September or first week of October. We are lucky if the weather really cools down by the first week of October. So it would be perfectly acceptable here to wear white jeans. Probably white shoes/and or white handbags are the sticking point, as you don't see much of those after September 1, even in Texas. White sneakers are another story, and considered year-round, weather permitting. Also, the "rule" may be more applicable to the Northeastern United States or Midwest, where it really can get chilly after the first week of September, rather than places like California, Texas, and the Southwestern states. However, I have seen that white jeans have become more popular year round in the U.S. in much of the country, although the tones may change a bit seasonally. For fall/winter you may see more "winter whites" – which we describe as more leaning towards the creams, the ivory colors – rather than the cool whites. You will see this especially in sweaters, "winter whites" – and they can look so fresh in wintertime. Also – I do believe that a crisp, white blouse is appropriate year-round here – as it can be worn under a cardigan or jacket when temps are cool. Is the same true in Europe?

  • Happy to hear that the "no white after Labor Day" rule is not a rule. I don't wear white shoes or handbags after September, but white is sort of universal, in my opinion. Love your discussions of fashion items and rules, and mostly appreciate how you educate us all about what makes a good, long-lasting fashion investment. I have found handbags that cost me 1/4 the "name" brands, just based on the tips you give us on what makes a good bag. In this video, learning that varying shades of white –especially with patterns –can allow you to wear your white pieces long after the "official" end of summer, makes the most sense I have seen or heard. Besides, adding a sweater, even a shawl, of a different color, breaks the "all white" color scheme, right?

  • I love wearing all white for extreme sunny weather cause I sweat like there is no tomorrow and used to be an all black outfit guy in the past!!! 😆😆😆 Another funny story, I usually love a crisp white shirt paired with very short white denims and white shoes. I had to process some documents at college, the lady is the office is really nice to me and she made a comment like if I has just came back from playing tennis 😂😂😂. Im thinking of adding a white kimono robe in a very thin fabric to avoid looking like I just whent back from sports 😂

  • Congrats on views and subscribers 🙂 I just bought one of your ear cuffs and am VERY happy! Thank you for that too!

  • My biggest problem with white except stains, is that when you size over Large (or a 40 in france) it's making you look bigger, as well as very clear colors. Would be awesome if you have some tips for this, because I love white and its looking good with my skin

  • I love white soo much but I pair it with vibrant, strong colors: redrose, sun yellow and violet. I just adore them! As I am a "north" type and my skin undertoon is "cool", I look so pale if I wear pastel colors.

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