How to waterproof Timberland Work boots with Crep Protect the proper way

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Channel hi there and welcome to the video today
we’re going to show you how to use crepe protect to put a coating of
waterproofing on your timberland boots so what we have here is
a brand new pair of Timberland basic 8-inch boots and we are gonna go ahead
and test the small amount on a piece of the other here that may not be seen so
we want to make sure it doesn’t stain and so we’ll do that first then we’re
gonna apply this evenly to all the entire boot and then I’ll let it dry for
20 minutes then we’ll apply a second coat for 20 and let that dry and then
we’ll test the waterproofing and see if it actually works so just hit a little
spray there so we’ll let that dry and see if it this colors the leather okay
it appears that it has not stained the leather so we’re gonna go ahead and hit
the whole boot with it so we’re just doing the evening coat you don’t want to
put too much on one area so it’s watches up there so I just want to go ahead and all right we’re gonna let him drive for
another 20 minutes and then we’re gonna dunk them in some water there we go
drips right off rolls right off so there you are create the protection for your
Timberland work boots thank you so much for watching please smash that like
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