How to Tie the Basic Huarache Running Sandal Tying Pattern

How to Tie the Basic Huarache Running Sandal Tying Pattern

Many of the huarache tying styles start with what I like to call the basic
huarache tying pattern. And I just want to show that to you really quickly. It’s simple… the lace goes up through the toe hole, for me it’s a little tricky to do while I’m
reaching around the camera, and again we’ve got that figure eight knot on the end that’s going to hold it in place. Make sure, by the way, where you have that knot that it’s pointing
forward. You don’t want the knot bunched up, and you don’t want it underneath your
toes, so you can kinda twist it, you’ll see you want it pointing forward. From there you’re going to take the lace and you’re going to go through the outside ankle hole. From the top to the bottom is the way we
typically do it. Now, I’m not going to worry about getting the tension right right now, I’m just
gonna show you the gist of the pattern. Then what you’re going to do is make a loop
around this toe strap that’s going to come from the front towards the back, like this. And what
you’re doing is heading towards the inside ankle hole. Where we go through there again from top to bottom. And for most of the tying styles you actually make another loop similar
to this one you come from around the back underneath the heel strap and you’re
ready to go. And again this is the basic pattern that
is the foundation for most of the other tying styles or many of the other tying styles that you’ll see. Enjoy! And feel the world

4 thoughts on “How to Tie the Basic Huarache Running Sandal Tying Pattern”

  • I had to thread mine the opposite way (toe hole to inside arch, inside arch to outside ankle) because for whatever reason the soles would rotate under my feet and not line up. My high arches may have been a factor in this. No amount of tensioning would cure the problem, but threading a backwards basic pattern worked perfectly!

  • I need to know how to tie the knot, I can't find a video that shows that part. Please, you can't tie the shoe without the knot!

  • well firstly no tow hole and 'kit' is not suitable and no instruction video so I can't even get to first base —- then on top of that I second comments below – once toe threaded it needst to be tied off — but WHERE! grrr – very frustrating when a good idea does not go to plan!

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