How to make a slipper at home: Easy DIY | Pantoufles facile fait à main

here the most important thing is to determine your size I advice to take a mesure of your foot with a tape or simply put your foot on the sole and going from the front to the back add two size to avoid the slipper for being to tight and then cut the excess if you cut the excess according to the lines on the sole, they slipper would be just too tight After you’re happy with your rubber sole, In this case I’m not cutting any excess because I’m making a size 43 and the size max on the sole is 45 It is just perfect for me, so I’m not resizing the sole I was saying, after have your size and are happy with your sole, Put it on the felt and then draw a line around it leaving a half centimeter edge cut out the shape don’t forget to protect the table you’re working on Do the same thing with the same shape until to have four of them

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