How To Break In a Leather Holster – How To
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  • Great info Steve thanks for posting this video.? I use a Neutral shoe wax like ( Kiwi ) or such,? After I break in all of my leather holsters or belts,? with the wax,? I apply it on with a clean lint free rag, Or a sponge, & let dry. then I buff it off with another lint free rag. the wax protects the leather, great, & I do this every once in awhile to all of my leather goods.? Plus the wax water proofs the leather also.? I hope that this tip helps everyone,? Along with your breaking in video.?

  • just bought a bulldog leather slip holster for my 92 from you guys. I saw a video saying its kind of tight at first. wondering if buying a larger holster than whats needed (like this L but use for a future MP shield or a smaller gun). Curious. you mentioned the leather conditioner (galco). helps the gun draw better. Is this the main/only reason? makes it smooth, or softer quicker? does any leather conditioner work or is there something specific that should be used?

  • Conditioners softens the leather. Personally, I've never used any kind of conditioner, but if I were I'd only use one from a holster manufacturer. If a holster is tight, I like to to take a gallon Ziploc freezer bag (thicker than standard bags), put the gun inside (unzipped to avoid trapping moisture), stuff the gun in the holster and check it every few hours. This slightly stretches the holster. Also: DON’T PUT THE GUN IN THE FREEZER (seriously, some people misunderstand this part)!

  • I have a leather holster that is broke in but it seems to be dragging or sticking now during drawing. It's not hanging on the firearm edges just dragging. Any suggestion?

  • In my experience, it will lessen and disappear as the interior is burnished from drawing the firearm. Lately, I’ve been using a product called Eezox to protect the finish on my firearms, and once it dries on the slide, it seems to reduce friction on my leather holsters. Leather over time will mold to the shape of the firearm, and become smoother inside as the gun is presented and reholstered.

  • Good video, I got what I needed but I have to say windows xp man? Get out of the stone ages my friend!! Anyway, love optics 🙂

  • Nice informative video thanks. I use nothing but a Neutral Shoe Wax like  ( Kiwi) or other brands, On all my leather Holsters & Belts have been for years & it works great. Keeps them like New etc.

  • For good condition of my all leather holsters i use Renapur cream for all leather products like shoes and leather jackets,basic made of natural bee wax and jojoba oil…this cream feed the leather,restore colour and make holster durable and resistant to moisture and cracks in the leather. I recomended to all!

  • I would never recommend that my customers try to manipulate or stretch the retention strap. What needs to be "broken in" is the pouch, not the strap.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with periodic use of neatsfoot oil or conditioners. Over time, leather loses its natural moisture and that needs to be restored periodically to avoid cracking. The only issues that arise are when it's overdone. A very light application of conditioner, saddle soap or neatsfoot oil once a year will prolong the life of your leather and will NOT make it overly soft.

  • Another recommendation , put your leather holster out size on sunshine especial if you live here in south Florida , sunny days of course , couple of hours and do the same thing .

  • Very nice vid Steve. Could you answer this? I picked up a nice De Santis holster used fir $15. It's retention lacks a bit. Could u reshape it to thus current model? If so us the procedure the same? thank you smiles

  • I just recently purchased a holster from OpticsPlanet; a Bianchi Cyclone for my S&W Model 69. It was purchased on advice from other Model 69 gun owners since no one makes a holster specifically for the Model 69. The Cyclone I purchased fits the gun, although very tightly and I had to really push it into the holster with some force to get the thumb breaker snap to close. I watched your video and several others and most are saying to just wrap the gun in plastic wrap or wax paper and insert the gun and leave it set overnight and the holster will relax and fit the gun. The problem with the 69 is that the frame is just a bit longer than your normal L-frame due to the 44 magnum caliber which cause the trigger guard to contact the welt before the gun is completely bottomed in the holster. Also the forming for the cylinder is also off just about the same amount. I really like the holster and I would like it a lot more if the gun fit correctly. Suggestions? Please.

  • Great video some good leather holsters have an adjustable thumb break snap that can adjust to different Gun sizes correct…

  • I wanted to purchase a Galco holster from your firm, but after two days of waiting for someone to call me back, I heard nothing. Went and did a review of your company and found many bad reviews – like you sell products that you don't even have. I eventually went to E Bay to find my holster.

  • I initially use my wife's hair blower from a safe distance to warm the leather and then leave the firearm in the holster for a week or so. Also, wear the holster with your firearm next to your body. Within a few days the leather will stretch and be more than satisfactory.

  • You might want to acquaint yourself with Breaking in New a Leather Holster 101. Soak it in warm water. Place pistol in heavy plastic bag, and you may want to layer in a paper towel to help stretch it out a bit more. Leaving the pistol in holster allow it to slowly dry at room temperature, occasionally twisting the holster with the pistol still in place, about once an hour until dry. Leather is not Kydex and it requires an understanding of the basic nature of leather. Done patiently, holsters fitted in this way will consistently fit better to a specific firearm than a synthetic. Do not dress leather with an oil based compound or it may just never stop stretching. I have had success, with dozens of leather holsters using a warmed beeswax based dressing, such as SnoSeal, in a warm environment, inside and outside holster. It has the added advantage of making the holster leather moisture resistant and will make for smoother and consistent effort to holster and withdraw firearm without softening leather or attracting "dirt".

  • New Galco combat for S&W model 66….2.50” snub. Bottle of Galco holster Ease lube really helped a lot . Apply lube with a clean old tooth brush and holster your gun easily! 😃

  • I have a couple Tagua holsters that are awesome! I usually leave the gun in it or wear it and play with the straps. They click and secure really well. No other fun way to break in a holster is to wear it and use it in your spare time. Me it’s when I’m walking the dog or cooking. Just wear it and work with it.

  • I immediately switch to a different video as soon as somebody starts repeatedly checking there firearm to see if it's loaded, so they don't accidentally hurt somebody … That isn't really there…. 🤣

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