Horseshoe Highlights – Episode 4

Horseshoe Highlights – Episode 4

At our July 9th council meeting one of
the big debates of the evening was whether or not to initiate discussions
with st. Lawrence College on the potential for a downtown campus at the
Frontenac parking lot next to the Leon’s Center. Council has already made a
downtown campus a priority that would see the college’s tourism and
hospitality program relocated to the downtown helping to make both the
college and the city a leader in tourism and the tourism industry but up until now
there have been no discussion about the location, so councilors had a number of
questions about the use of the city-owned property and what other
elements could be included in a redevelopment, such as a parking garage
residential commercial or hotel space in the end council voted to approve the
initiation of those discussions, which will lead to a more detailed proposal
that will come back for public input and discussion sometime next year. Last night council also passed a new bylaw to
govern the use of election signs in the City of Kingston now this new sign bylaw
will effectively ban election signs on all public property including at street
intersections and along roadways now there was discussion last night about
whether these changes would be too drastic or whether a ban of election
signs on public property could unfairly advantage incumbents or if it could have
unintended effects in the next municipal election, particularly if there’s a move
to a ranked balloting system. But in the end, council voted to approve those
changes, meaning that starting at the federal election this fall, election
signs will only be permitted on private property. Finally last night council
received a briefing on the updated plans for the expansion of the Wolfe Island
ferry terminal. Now this expansion will allow for second ferry to be able to
dock in Kingston but will involve a number of changes to the existing
shoreline such as the removal of the existing gas station and Tim Horton’s and
some other changes to traffic flow in and off the ferry. Council also heard how
the new design will be more pedestrian friendly, giving both ferry users and
members of the public more access to the dock and to the waterfront. There will
also be some dredging involved in the channel, which will be important not only for ferry boats but also for cruise ships if
they’re going to come in and dock at the Queen’s Street dock next door.
Work on the expansion of the new Wolfe Island ferry terminal is expected to
begin early in 2020

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