Horseshoe Highlights – Episode 12

Horseshoe Highlights – Episode 12

At our December 3rd council meeting
the big debate of the evening was whether or not the city should adopt red
light cameras as a tool to reduce t-bone collisions at major intersections caused
by vehicles running red lights. Now council heard both from city staff and
police who talked about the effectiveness of red light cameras in
other communities, but there are also many questions and concerns raised
around the council table about other road safety measures that could be
prioritized instead. Council also noted the recent announcement of the
provincial government that would open up the door for photo radar in school zones
but in the end, after months discussion and debate, council voted to move ahead
with red light cameras. The plan will call for cameras to be installed at ten
intersections in Kingston starting in 2022. Last night council also voted to
defer a staff recommendation that would impose a new licensing system on
short-term rental accommodations like Airbnb in the city. Now the proposal from
staff was similar to a program that has been recently adopted by the City of
Toronto; however, there were a number of questions and concerns raised by
councillors with everything with respect to data collection and privacy to
understanding the rationale behind certain rules like only being able to
rent out your principal residence and only for a certain number of days per
year. The recommendation will now come back to a subcommittee of Council with
more information that will allow for further discussion debate and input from
the public. Finally, last night Council approved funding that will facilitate a
study of the family physician shortage in the city of Kingston the study will
look to gather data from both doctors and patients in order to get an estimate
of the number of Kingstonians that are currently without a family doctor and
how that number may change over the next few years particularly as some family
doctors may choose to retire. Council heard about how this data can then be
used as a first step to exploring incentives or strategies to help attract
further family physicians to the city in the future.

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One thought on “Horseshoe Highlights – Episode 12”

  • I appreciate this update. While I'm not a fan of RL cams…I do think it's a cost effective way of enforcement. As far as Fam Docs? I went for almost 20 years w/o one, having just got into to a Dr.'s practice this spring. Any efforts this city can do on this issue are welcome. I don't get how a Dr could go thru living in a crowded, expensive city when this gem of a community exists. They oughta be hammering on OUR doorstep to set up shop! LOL. How can I see that report when it's done? Finally, Mayor P has a real good relationship w/ a camera; great job.

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