High Heels, High Hopes

High Heels, High Hopes

Heel dance is part of who I am and I
just love dancing and moving and performing just music has a way of capturing every
emotion in that moment perhaps words can’t so it’s body language we all
have it we all use it I have my intellectual comments it’s not just dance for dance sake I like my dances to be informed I like
my dance is to know why they’re doing something like what the motivation is
behind it Dance’s been a part of me for as long as I remember I was found in my primary school when I
was six and recruited to a local contemporary group which is British
Entertainment I was in musical theatre when I was eight and then we’re really fortunate in England that you can study dance in high school so I did that through high school then I went on to study at college and then my degrees and
dance in theatre performance when I was younger I just I want to be
in the West Dance I want to perform Now as I get older it’s more about passing my
knowledge and still set on to others and seeing them grow and go places I move from cruise ships to Kelowna I see something here can be amazing with a lot of fantastic professional dancers here that just didn’t have an outlet and I want to work with them and
collaborate and create that Army of Sass is a licensing program that runs across
Canada and now in the States Heels dancing is more into with
showgirls and that’s kind of thinking where the
program is now we all get trained we’re all certified in teaching I love working with beginnings as you get to really mold and shape them from the get-go She will teach the move by breaking it down and then do it in slow motion and tell us okay so first put your hands here move your body move this arm move that so they break it down step by step Heel style is definitely accumulation of all the styles of dances Heels dancing has technique
elements that you’ll definitely identify you’ll see it repeated throughout
dances because that is the fundamental foundation but with taking that and
we can change up the dynamic of a movement depending on the music depending on the costuming depending on the themes so I would say it’s kind of a bit more of a jazz hip-hop a sort of
feel to it dancing is acting it’s vulnerable yes it’s personal yes but it’s ultimately acting you’re creating a persona on stage when you’re on the stage it’s a holy feeling when that music plays and lights on you it’s a feeling that comes from
your head to toes it overtakes you and it’s that acting moment that you can
control how much people see and how much you let go you’re sharing with everybody around you
and everybody around you kind of can feel that it’s guiding people through moments and reaffirming those positive attributes dance is just the biggest confidence
booster in myself especially coming off of maternity leave
actually being able to look in the mirror and dislike what I see anymore we stand in front of a mirror We are like Oh twenty things I hate about
myself but what about those ten things we are really amazing so I knew I needed something to get
back to be me Dance’s s been nothing but positive we gain energy from the people around us we gain confidence in the people around
us I just want to show that anyone can get
up there you don’t really have to have a dance background you can just go up and do it and practice and get better at it sometimes you do make mistakes
but that’s okay like they say that if you make a mistake you’re just having a
solo moment once you make the step and go then it’s
kind of addictive you don’t really want to stop so it’s physical workouts and it’s about
the dancing it’s about the moving but it’s also about the friendship
and the positivity and confidence and empowerment Army of Sass and my own company Luki Dance Productions has been a huge part of
community events we do flash mobs we do dance
performances and then we go to charity fundraisers we do free classes Kelowna is such a tight-knit community and I think that cultural diversity is
what really makes a city unique and extraordinary I think that we have a lot
growth still to do but I think we’re on the right track

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