Golf Pain Free – Flex Doctor Review

it’s best little blanket tie I’ve ever
had it’s got this little thing anyways this is not about the blanket let’s do
it alright thanks for tuning in by the way
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subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already okay so what have we
gotten I’ve been debating whether or not to even do this video because it’s a
review of the Flex doctor and my hesitation has been because this is very
similar to a $30 tens unit okay in terms it’s similar in terms of your
perception of it and my perception of it to be honest with you so this is like
nearly $2,000 I think currently on the website it’s 1,800 bucks so check the
link in the video description below for flex doctor do your research okay this
is an expensive unit I wanted I’ve been using it for a little while now and I’ve
I’ve been like forget I’m just gonna send it back to the company not because
I don’t love it but because I can’t do a review because it I can’t show you
really what it does you’ve got to experience it for yourself
and that’s all I really have to say in terms of like you’ve got to do your
research and check it out it is vastly different than the TENS units out there
I’ve tried those they don’t do just they don’t do anything compared to what this
does although it does feel very similar so but I’m gonna show you hopefully show
you what what this thing does for me and then you can apply it to you and see if
it’ll work for you and calling this video golf pain-free because that’s what
it’s been doing for me over the past number of months as you know or may know
may not know this past summer i jacked up my back I was
viewing a product I honestly I blame it on this product I did a review on I’m
not gonna say what it is because just because it hurt me doesn’t mean it’s
gonna hurt you but be careful about swing swing things that you use I think
it jacked up my back and I used it yesterday I can just messin around with
a buddy of mine and my back was on fire yesterday and my flex doctor literally
rescues me every single time so what I’ve discovered I’m gonna show you what
how I use this okay this is a electrical stimulator kind of in a nutshell and it
it feels just like the tens unit it’s electrically stimulating your muscles
it’s increasing blood flow increasing circulation reducing swelling all that
good stuff it also has a secondary pulse that you can’t even barely feel they
both go at the same time you could shut the main pulse off and that secondary
pulse will continue and then you could crank up that until you actually feel
that secondary pulse and what that pulse is is that’s you know scientifically
it’s communicating with your neurological system and it’s telling
your muscles to like lengthen okay not just stretch that’s one thing it’s
actually lengthening your muscles so it’s I don’t know however it works
that’s what you’re paying for here is that technology communicating with your
neurological system to lengthen your muscles which will ultimately strengthen
them make you more flexible and eliminate pain because my back pain
caused from is caused really from flex I’ve discovered that when I use this on
my hip flexors my back opens up and I’m just it relieves the pain so yesterday I
was feeling that pain I put this on not only my back but my hip flexors and it
opens up so I’m gonna show you kind of how I use this sword up you just put
these things and I’m gonna use my hip flexors so bear with me here I’m not
gonna show you but I’m putting this down I’m putting it right here on my hip
flexors okay it’s why I’m in the in the stuff today my short so put it down in
there okay because I find that when I loosen up my hip flexors
my back muscles feel so good so that’s where I start with okay and I do this
before I golf and after okay and so after I’ll put it on my back and
just let it I’ll just sit there for five ten fifteen minutes what’s cool is I
drove up to Pebble Beach you saw that video that Pebble Beach what you didn’t
see is two hours in the car before I got to Pebble Beach literally I drove all
morning sunday got out of the car we played Pebble Beach so I had this on for
like two hours on my back walk down the car hit a few balls I was ready to go
felt great so he’s put that on and I cranked it up till I can feel it felt it
felt it now I know the main pulse is going and you could suspend the main
pulse right there if you want to crank up the secondary pulse only can do that
a lot of feature that’s basically you have main pulse but that go till I feel
it and it’s just feeling right in here and it’s funny the more I stretch the
more I feel down like in my nerves so I’m not the most flexible person in the
world but I want to open up my hip flexors and here’s what I found what I’m
doing this I just get in here and I like I mean I can’t stretch it’s good I’m
here that that sensation is going and then I’ll just go and and right there I
just felt it open up and boom well I’m like like I can almost do the splits and
you know I use this thing just right there till I feel it open it up oh
that’s good then I do that side and I’m just
stretching those hip flexors right in here going down into that for me this is
opening up my back so I’m just getting it look I mean are you serious like this
is bright and early in the morning it’s cold and rainy outside and I’m just
opening that up and then I’ll do other stuff like just really stretch out my
hips right in there and I can feel it opening up every time
I’m not the most look at that I’m not the most flexible guy I’m shorter so my
muscles are shorter and this is just giving me this isn’t I haven’t even been
using this very long I haven’t stretched today haven’t done anything straight out
of the house right to here morning and just really opening up my hips and I
already to be honest with my I feel my back like loose and it was tight because
I used that little swing thing yesterday and my back was on fire put this on
yesterday and I’m doing it today man just really open that up and just
feeling the stretch and the reason I want to show you this is because you
might be having pain in your back and your body this may may be a solution
okay it’s a lot of money I get it but you have to do your research and check
it out but I wanted to do the video on it not because they sent it to me
because honestly I was gonna send it back even though I want to keep it but I
was like dang it I keep telling my wife this thing really works and I I have to
let you know about things that actually work even if they’re super expensive and
they appear as though you can get something like this on Amazon for 30
bucks it’s not the same okay it is not the same at all I’ve tried
those little electrical stimulator things many times this is different this
actually lengthens my muscles the back the back pain I was just having it’s
gone from my hip flexors so I’ve discovered where the tension is coming
from and my lower back from here and that just opened it up after I golf I
put it on my back put on my shoulders put on your arms you put it legs
wherever you have pain this increases blood flow and also communicates with
your neurological system to allow your muscles to what they call lengthen which
is ultimately what you want for strength and flexibility so flex doctor
check them out I’m gonna hit a few drives right now so you could see just
straight no practice swings no warm-up swings I’m gonna go straight from
stretching my back to hitting drives and you’ll see see what happens okay all
right I just I just peeled the thing off I’m putting up swing caddy right there
so with this it comes with when you get it comes with an extra set of these guys
and you just pop these puppies on and you just you know they’re reusable when
they get dirty I just kind of wipe them down with a cloth and they’ve got
stickier so I’m still using the ones I got we’ve got the controller here pretty
simple to use just put it on turn it on let it do its thing and I like to
stretch while I use it uh-huh all right got the SC 300 right here
first swing with this right after using it per swing okay I mean right out of the
gate 103 not a bad not a bad distance there it hit very
good but swing speed starts at 103 first swing I didn’t even hit any warm-up
shots or anything just straight there and we go was that 19 that was all that
one was only 19 I’d dropkick did a bad swing it went farther but I hid behind
the ball so that was only a hundred miles an hour okay that felt good
oh you got 104 276 yard drive so I mean that’s just three swings 103 99 104 I
feel no issues in my back right now I actually feel it like I don’t even feel
on my back which is great that’s what you want right you don’t wanna be like
no like I’m not feeling the back it’s a non-factor right now I kind of gave that a swing 101 okay oh
great – 75-yard Drive only a one on one swing speed fine that one I went after
let’s see what happened 104 again sure that you so I’m not like
just blowing smoke here like I’m really excited about this thing because I know
like any time I’m feeling pain in the back I pull this puppy out put it on and
literally I’m good in a few minutes I’ve I’ve been going to the gym I’ve been
working out I’ve been getting stronger but I still have days where I’m like ah
ooh I’m feeling it maybe I did a workout in the gym and it’s like you know when I
do legs and squats and stuff I’m like ah I put this on my back and for like five
minutes and just let it do its thing and I stretch it a little bit and then I put
on the hip flexors loosen it up stretch it out I’m good to go so all I would
really want to say is encourage you to check it out okay flex doctor link in
the description below and just do your research okay that’s it but I just
wanted to share something with you for those of you who are in constant pain
it’s expensive but you know it’s worth a check out it’s worth investigating all
right flex doctor hope it helps we’re here for you stay safe out there I
know it’s worlds it’s crazy times right now okay but we
want to keep just keep doing stuff creating content so that you get
something right something to do so I’m a little hot so whatever love you guys
stay safe see in the next video

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