Competition – Test & Review Adidas F10 Adizero MiCoach (Messi Boots) – ITA/ENG Competition – Test & Review Adidas F10 Adizero MiCoach (Messi Boots) – ITA/ENG

Hi guys, today i will test and will review the Adidas F50 Adizero Micoach color blue, orange and white. I hope you enjoy this video. Let’s go very comfortable boots make up of plastic (TPU) on the laces and natural or synthetic leather on the front of the upper, very thin. I used these shoes for many games with my team and after 90 minutes I did not feel any pain. Fit very large, recommended for who have big feet same as my. The leather of the upper improve the quality of the boot, which in itself is good. I used this boots all season and now, the signs of wear are almost nonexistent. As a design / aesthetic these shoes feature bright ad cheerful colors, like orange and blue, positioned on the upper and sole, accompanied by an elegant white Although I prefer modern boots but this boots deserve a lot. The wight Is 164 grams for synthetic leather and 198 grams for nature leather This boots is very light, just as I like it, recommend for the attackers and for who play on the wing In boots with natural leather, they are “buffers/bearings” that help to give a better feel of the ball. So, this helps a lot in the shootings, in the pass and in the contrast to an opponent. The triangular studs/cleats are hard and strong, two of which are curved inwards for best direction changes. This guarantee good traction with the ground. I was really surprised for these boots; I recommend it to everyone, absolutely deserve their price, at the moment is 100 euro (with sensor micoach). My VOTE is 8/10 because not having the shoes in natural skin, the touch of the ball is not the best because not presenting buffers/bearings mentioned earlier.

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