Finding the right workout footwear | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

Finding the right workout footwear | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

here with all the details is run coordinator at lifetime Megan Stevens welcome to the show okay we’re just gonna call you the expert guys we’re gonna brag on you for just a second you started endurance sports after having three kids yes oh my gosh okay you have done five half ironman marathons that’s mind-blowing one full and the second year doing the Chevron Houston marathon yeah graduation yes thank you total I mean the amount of time but what drove you into that well um I grew up swimming and Jim being a gymnast and when I was 18 I realized that I wanted to give back I loved teaching so I got my group fitness instructor and I’ve been teaching for 20 years okay and then really just after my last ad I wanted a new challenge so I got into the endurance sports what animation realize it has changed my life just the people that I’ve met and the camaraderie and what it have you grown so much as a person so you know and we always talked about her we always hear about the mental side of sports no matter what athlete you are we have to tell you pounding the pavement and running an Ironman a Half Ironman a half a full it’s a mental game with between you and the pavement how do you battle through that I definitely prepare on actually a daily basis so I listen to a lot of podcast I read a lot of books I just try to stay positive and that’s the key it’s just the right like you said the mindset is the key to you know long distance for it yeah I also think that if you if you play sports in Middle School in high school like I did then adult life comes comes along and career and family sort of derails your athletic ability in some way so endurance sports is a great way to go we’re specifically talking about Footwear and because they’re it’s so repetitive and endurance sport it’s critical you have the right Footwear so you can avoid serious injury correct yes especially running so it’s it’s definitely takes a toll on your body so and are we looking at what you’re wearing because you running in chucks are you okay I like how you call them chucks but yeah these these guys have been around since I was growing up why don’t you stand up and show us what you can see what you have if you go to a gym you will see a lot of bodybuilders wearing these for the reason that that you can actually when you’re performing an exercise like a squat so down and up like your heels actually you have to drive through the ground and you really have a great platform so it builds and it makes you do the squat like you’re supposed to and so yeah because running you have all that cushion and squatting right you need that balance you need sort of that flat right pair you know completely flat on the ground to be able to feel your body okay very interesting well that’s surprising to me I would look at that as like a weight training right you’ll see them where the Fivefinger shoes which are barefoot shoes or even performing like weightlifting barefoot right so it definitely you know activates the right muscles and um you know makes your feet really strong and if somebody’s thinking cuz I know this happened to me many many years ago that I was would see the people running in the half and and I thought I’m just gonna go out and run don’t do that and certainly don’t do that with those shoes that you walk around in on the weekends like get yourself fitted for a pair of shoes because the size that you wear today is not the size you’re wearing for running shoes right right and you don’t know if that’s a great point it’s a go to a retail store yeah get somebody to look and see if you need a shoe that that’s nice that you need stabilization because if you pronate or supinate yes there’s so many things so I would highly suggest before you went online and just bought us you to go to a professional and and get a recommendation have them size you up okay so you’ve brought along a couple models today let’s start with Annie Annie come on out and annie is wearing a walking shoe walk yes of course great exercise so these these are Brooks ghosts running shoes you can get them for around one hundred and twenty dollars and very versatile shoe so you can move from the elliptical to with a string training floor to group fitness classes Zumba and and and the reason why there are good walking shoes because they’ve got really good padding and they’re also breathable too right super important yes so and yeah most any running shoe if it has a moderate amount of cushioning can’t could you could use for a walking shoe yes awesome Annie thanks so much all right our next model radhiya this is if someone is doing something a little more aggressive doing speed work yes move on to to higher goals and you want to incorporate speed working into your running so these are Nike Pegasus you can get these for one hundred and twenty dollars amazing shoe it definitely has that pop that that a runner is looking for so you can have a high cadence a high turnover and enhance your speed and these are also a very light shoe right light yes yeah I have a similar pair of Nikes and it’s they’re so lightweight it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing your feet okay Rania thank you so much I love the styling of that shoe ok so annie and radhiya they have some very quick changes in here okay talk to us about this brand is it am I saying Hoka is that right okay yeah Hocus great and this year they came out with so many different models for so many different things but this happens to be you know Houston marathon is just around the corner is great you’ll see Hoka Hoka strong but yes this has a ton of cushioning and durable also protection with cushioning as well yes so definitely protect your joints on you know all the training has to do for full full marathon or a half marathon alright and again the price point on that one is 150 bucks ok thank you so much I’m impressed by these quick changes radhiya are you ready to come on out and your second pair oh yeah this is a cross training shoe and this is this is a good sort of overall shoe if you’re gonna go to the gym and do weights but then run all right so you definitely don’t win you do I do you don’t want to wear a hole cut do crash training because your ankle can you know there’s so much cushioning your ankle kids slip to the side but these yes these are great for for lateral movements as well squat and then these are also kind of what you were saying similar to your shoe that you’re wearing because it’s good for that strength training allows that support and ground yes see also questioning but still able to fill the ground underneath your feet all right radhiya thank you so much and Annie thank you as well and I know we mentioned earlier we touched on like if someone pronates or sue sue Panay the bottom line is our bodies are all different and that’s I think the point you are making that it’s important that when someone’s buying a shoe you know sometimes you buy it off the shelf and it works great right but that’s not the case for everybody and especially yeah and especially if you’re getting into training for an event yeah okay well that’s great advice thank you thank you and you can visit the scene on Houston life section as always on our website if you would like to learn more about finding the perfect fit and good luck this weekend thank you

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