Feet running shoes: Injury preventing ideology

Feet running shoes: Injury preventing ideology

Hi, I am Juuso from Aalto Adventures Blog Today we came to meet Feet, a Finnish running shoe company Teukka Niskanen, the innovator of the shoe is with us today You have here the sole components of the shoe And a model of foot bone structure What was the main idea when you developed the shoe? Foot structure is at the same time flexible and supportive, as demanded by the foot’s movement A running shoe should support the ingenious function of a foot when running That’s why structure should be build in the sole components The structure doesn’t work if the components are elsewhere inside or outside of the shoe That’s why we have molded components in the sole of the shoe The components follow the foot’s natural shape Elina will now take the shoes for a test run What should she expect – what kind of shoe is this? Simply put, the sole structure enables Elina’s natural running movement The shoe is different. Everybody will notice that. It is not the very soft and “nice” shoe which feels like running on feathers It is a totally different shoe What comes to my mind when we talk about natural running is bare foot shoes If the idea is to make a shoe that supports natural running, wouldn’t it be best to just run without shoes? Yes, we should run bare foot if our aim is natural movement You can learn to use a bare foot shoe over time by slowly making your body accustomed to it But it is a long process. You may think that this is what you want from a running shoe. And then you try run on a hard surface 10 kilometers with those (bare foot) shoes You can imagine that the consequences will be very bad Our approach is actually very close to the bare foot ideology But for the reason which I described the shoe must have a sole structure I am amazed that the running shoe market still leans on two concepts: Pronation support and cushioning. It’s intriguing. I claim that 95% of all running injuries originate from the (wrong type of) shoes I have studied thousands of feet on treadmill with a camera and seen different running styles I examined if people really suffer because of over pronation I know it is not the case. It is all just marketing.

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