Erica Campbell To Le’Andria Johnson: “Are You Still Mad At The Church?” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

Erica Campbell To Le’Andria Johnson: “Are You Still Mad At The Church?” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

– You give it your all. When you your shoes off,
you want to– ow, you– in their faces, you let them
know better days are coming. And then sometimes you wonder,
when are my better days coming? I know what that feels like. I’m sang “Can’t Give Up Now”
while feeling like giving up, you know, going back to the
hotel room, crying, going, can I just go home. Are you still mad at the church? Are you mad at the church? Or are you mad at the people? The people in the church. We’re going to create
boundaries, remember? God, church, religion, gospel
music, they’re all different. They’re all different. And they’re people. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes you
can’t say everything. You’ve got to take it to God. Lord, I’m leaving this to you. Deal with it. Because your words
ain’t going to change some crazy folks no way. But that requires
a relationship. And like I said to you, much
of what you said was valid. But the venom, and
the disrespect, and the rage with which you
said it, it could not be heard. Right. What’s that look? Use your voice. I didn’t expect
to see you here. Lean not on your
own understanding. Because the sick
mind that got you here is not the
same mind that is going to get you out of here. Trust. I tell you trust
me with your heart. Have I betrayed your heart? Have I hurt your heart? Have I taken good
care of your heart? Yes. So has she. She came for you. So I’m gonna put
my hand up here. Look at her and confess
what you need to confess, what you need her to know. Hi, my name is Leandria. Tell her. [CRYING] I’m Leandria. And I’m an alcoholic. And you’re also called,
and you’re also loved. And you’re also anointed,
and you’re also forgiven. And you also get grace,
mercy every morning, the same grace and
mercy that I get. And it’s something that
just needs to be fixed. That’s it. Well, let me just say this. Remember what I asked
you earlier today? Did you think you needed
to go to recovery? So let me just say,
I got you a bed, 30-day inpatient
recovery, so that you can be away, get it clean. So here’s the commitment
I’m asking you for. They’ll hold the bed
for you until Friday. But today and tomorrow, you
got to go to a meeting, an AA meeting, just like
your younger brother did when he realized
that he had a problem. I need a commitment from you
that you’ll go to a meeting today, you’ll go to
a meeting tomorrow. In fact, I’ll take you
to the meeting today. But I want you to
use your voice. Let me know if you’re
ready, if that’s what you’re committed to. And everything else is handled. You’ll do it? I’ll do it.

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  • How is she going to seek real help from Aylana and with Erica with her when they both are Satan's helpers in the flesh? I can see why LeAndrea is holding back, she's scared. I hope she recieces some real help.

  • You can’t tell ppl how to express their self.theur living with the pain

  • You can’t tell ppl how to express their self.theur living with the pain

  • There is no such thing as church hurt, but there are carnal and immature believers. To get over their immaturity and carnality is to stay in prayer and the word. Many times our brothers and sisters don't know what spirit that's driving them to hurt their own. So it all will work for your good, my good, our good no matter if it's good or bad all will work. Blessings!!

  • Y'all need to read Jeremiah 5 and see why these things are happening wake up wake up y'all need to read Jeremiah 5 and see why these things are happening wake up wake up God is not happy with these people and y'all keep running back y'all don't want to lose yall good name God church is not made with hands stop looking outside yourself for God in his word in his letter that where he at he sent to you the Bible and the holy spirit

  • When God gave Yahweh his only begotten son he destroyed the temple. Any church built is made by man not by God. You pray & you worship where ever you are! Which is why he destroyed it. God isn't in these judgemental , money hungry churches.

  • Ms. Le'Andria wish you nothing but the best. Miss hearing you sing. You have a beautiful and anointed voice.

  • I pray this beautiful woman turns her life around. But she can't totally rely on so called encouraging words from Erica and Vanzant. They both are apart of that Oprah….Tyler Perry….Lady Gaga Gay agenda in the Churches. Don't anybody see how much hoodwinking is going on here?!?!

  • This my one of my babies. She shows that we all go through the same hurt. And I love that she stays transparent about her struggles I love her sooo much

  • I just pray even though Leandria who is my superwoman even though she didn’t sign her name on the devil contract she still signed her name to go into get help for being an alcoholic see you have to becareful of every one in the industry they even have a way of using us gospel people because they know we all are anointed by God Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and this is just my opinion my mama use to say fake it til u make it never let anyone change who you are and to me the industry got rid of all the ppl in leandria’s circle and put her with the top people changed the way she dresses it’s all good because one thing I love about my girl leandria ain’t stupid and she still singing with that monitor on her legs and if I was her I would just sit back and take a look at what’s really going on I would ask those old musicians who really love her who she let go do they wanna get help to do we all can say WE Made it see we turn our backs on the ones that love us for money and imma leave this right here BUT GOD!!!!!

  • Church can Burry u but GOD can resurrect u no matter what girl get up on feet wipe off yo dust and shame the devil.
    Satan use people to your down fall and GOD use people to bring u up Le'Andria u will be ok only death can take u forever but shame of the devil and suffering last but for short time.

  • I luv how you all was there by her side when she needed it I'm glad you all was strong and patient with her 🙏#godisgoodallthetime #Amen

  • I hope she knows how many people she’s ministered too and made their lives so much better! Unselfishly sharing her beautiful gift! I pray that she’s healed and delivered from everything that ails her. I watched her on Sunday’s Best tonight as a guest singer and lost it! OMGoodness, she’s so awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Iyanla and Oprah are new agers and iyanla is a yoruban priestess. Why would anyone who claims to be a believer in Jesus follow them? You guys are being set up for the appearance of Anti Christ. I also notice on this network and comment section Jesus is rarely mentioned. Carl lentz from hillsong was on here and it was a total disaster.

    JESUS is the only way to the father. Only by Jesus blood are you saved. do not follow these new age decievers!

  • Le'Andria I love you? Although you have me crying and hollerin' EVERYTIME I listen to you. I'm a sho' NUFF recoverying sister! You can do this, one day at a time, one "NO" at a time. One prayer at a time. One "LORD, DELIVER ME" at a time, sister!

  • She's looking at them as if she can't trust them. Ijs…. I'm asking the Most High to protect her and deliver from the adversary so HE can use her for his glory!

  • What's extremely great about this, what Le'Andria went through is more for the sake of others than for herself. God always allows His children to go through something in order to reveal His glory to the unbelieving, faint at heart, depressed, people with addictions, mean spirited, unfaithful, etc. All throughout the scriptures is countless examples of God allowing His chosen people to be tested and to experience Him in new ways through the most trying times. Everyone from Abraham to Paul have all had to go through and trust God in the midst of it, believing that He is the Great I Am! Also, God allowed her to be disappointed by the "church" because our faith is in Christ alone, not in our fellow man! He said plain as day, "You Shall Have No Gods before Me", so even her best of friends wouldn't be able to deliver her. Even though, it's painful to experience it, but He puts us all in position where everything or anyone we hold on to instead of Him lets us down and we have to go to Him alone! that's where He needs us to be! 100% committed and surrendered to Him!

  • both of my aunties on this show i love yallll …..Thanks auntie Erica For supporting leandria… Thanks Auntie Leandria for doing what you gotta do

  • Erica Campbell, God bless you for preaching truth in love to this precious woman who is hurting and in need of exactly what you gave her.


  • I was hurt in ways that left me speechless by my Church family and still the church to my family the worst part was watching my family stay after they saw my Pain they also knew I did nothing wrong I was under attack i left the church family that i loved so much that was painful but then I was reminded that my season was up I trust in the lord im still loved by God and i will live for him with or without those that arent tied to my destiny lord I Thank u i almost let go BUT GOD A NEW SEASON Same God

  • Yo these ladies is buggin. Leandria was and is right! Talking about how she said it? They sound like jobs friends. What she said was true and probably snatched some people from the fire. Talking about take it to God in prayer? Thats exactly Christianity. Jesus told it how it is and even called hypocrites "vipers" and "children of the devil"(synagogue leaders btw). This video is sad because people want to humanize her and her personal errs…diluting the fire and truth she spoke. We're supposed to be getting back to HIS commandments during this GRACE period. So when Christ cracks that sky on a cloud..let the unjust be unjust…the unbeliever an unbeliever…the viper be a viper. Christ has sent the message..repent or die! Change your ways church peoples. He doesnt dwell in your temple. Only within HIS people. All praise to The Holy One of Israel. Stop playing with 🔥.

  • You can go to rehab time after time but if the main problem is not fixed you are going to slip back into was making you feel better she said what she said I believe she genuinely felt a release after expressing her truth and I also believe this was the record label making her do this to make her look good again

  • European concept of God, white images of Jesus everywhere you look and King James Bible SHOULD upset your spirit.

  • You know what? I love le'andria Johnson for sharing her life coz these are issues people hide and when we look at them we think they are God… Everyone has issues just like her but the most important thing is to continue walking with God as He sanctifies us day by day.. 💖💖💖

  • People in the church have to stop looking for a voice that can sing, a preacher that can preach, or a pastor who can teach. There should not be entertainment in the church but a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus not people. Jesus is the healer, deliverer and Savior, not man!! I truly pray that Leandria will surrender her all to Jesus, because that is the only way she will be set free!

  • Watching this makes me forget that she cursed the church out. You can just see the hurt in her eyes. I hope and pray that those chains be broken off of her in Jesus' Name!!!! We love you LeAndria. 💯💯💯

  • Admit your identity, but don't lean on it. See YOU beyond it.
    See YOU in the light of God's word.
    See YOU as God does.

    And the church should be a place for the brokens, not for the cornerstones.
    The church is not the structure.
    The church is not religion.
    The church is not God.
    The church is US.
    Inside and outside the walls and structures, we should remain open.
    Genuine care, openness and receptiveness encourages approachability.

  • 0:54 and 3:30….why they use the same clip as b4 to make you think Erica looking at Iyanla like that on the AA meeting part. That's so dishonest. Why do they feel the need to edit the film?

  • People should understand that alcoholism and addiction runs in family.
    I'm glad she's brave enough to admit her problem(s) and I'm glad Erica didn't judge her. That was the most christian thing to do; love and not judge.

  • Le'andria Johnson is a Beautiful Woman with a tremendous gift from God! I pray for her wellness! I know the hurt and pain one can derive from a messy Church experience. 😥😭 I thank GOD for healing!!!

  • This is sooooo beautiful. Erica's words were definitely from the Holy Spirit: "And you're also called and chosen!"

    I will always love Leandria. She has blessed, touched and inspired so many xxxx

  • Uhm….Iyanla's Loud uproar is not necessary and to tell her that she was disrespectful for saying what she felt in a loud voice and calling her a sick mind was very disrespectful…Iyanla is not lead by God and God tells us to go to your sister/brother in person…not on TV in front of an audience if they have a Problem with one another…come on now! Despite her flaws Le'Andria is very Anointed and knows what it is and you can see she is reluctant to accepting Iyanla offer…not because of church hurt but because she knows Iyanla is part of the same INDUSTRY…"NOT CHURCH" THAT HURT HER Before!!!!

  • She can’t even speak. It’s unbelievable really how she sings with such expression but can’t even speak. I love her.

  • Goggle (youtube) will bring the past up real quick. After watching Le'Andria on the show "Sunday's Best" last week, this video popped up. Lol

  • baby girl you ready I'm 22 years sober and clean you can by the grace of God go when I open that door of change I didn't look and I haven't I pray for the mental change that you will go threw Love you You do know God love you❤

  • Erica only saying what she saying because 1st she a pastor wife and 2 she don't know were this woman is coming from. She speaks grace too her but I even know that's not everyone story. Look at erica sister she going thur's called my testimony. Let her tell it!!

  • I like what Erica said after she confessed – that's real love. And that's what real Christians do. They don't judge. Love and Compassion will cause you not to judge, because you remember what Mercy has done for you in your lowly state. Chiiiiilllleeee!! If the people in church would just do the same. Confess and get the help you need. That's why you are in church, to let God cleanse you.

  • People Are The Church…FOOLISH ONES. WHY Did Leandria Get With These satanic saints…just to have them belittle- humiliate and judge her? Why bring up her brother? Let Us Pray!

  • All I wanna say is I don't know her situation and as long as she has a right relationship with God I don't need to it's between her and God…who r we to judge none of us our perfect at least I know I'm not…the bible says he who is without sin cast the first stone!! Let's love n support instead of condemn n judge that's God's job n it's a hard one at that I definitely don't want that responsibility!! I love iyanla for her truth n always loved erica too but le'andria know I'll 4eva be a fan hang on in there better days are coming!! Love you sis 🙌👏❤

  • LeAndria you make-up is on hit. Erica you are such a beautiful women of God. You told LeAndia God will set her free and gave her hope.

  • Leandria, You are not an alcoholic…You are a woman of God who is in a war with demons who entice you to drink

  • This is what christians are to do and how they are to represent the King. Its all about love. Trust. Faith. Honesty. Leaning on Him who is able to keep you. Love this. I pray you all be blessed.

  • I love this…the church can be so cruel, judgemental and condemning…that is until their ish is exposed…we all have sinned and fallen short and if you honest with yoself you still falling short that's why daily repentance is a must!!! You wanna judge? Read your bible…who was David? Who was Peter? Who was Paul before he was Saul…look at Noah, Moses…get it? If God don't condemn why do we wit our saved self..I'm not saying anyone here is doing this I'm just talking in general because I too have been deeply cut by the church. Time to Galatians 6:1



  • I was at a church convention in Maryland, A Womens Experience. Heard Erica Campbell preach and sing. She also prayed for me. She's a true BLESSING💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • Black woman are cursed till we die single broken lonely jealous messy insecure desperate have very low self esteem very nasty attitudes

  • Awesome clip!!!! Lean not to your own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path. Le Andria is fighting her calling. She was raised in the church parent's are preacher's. Sometimes for some people that's a lot to handle. Trying to have your own identity.
    Thanks Erica for being there as her support. She will come out of this victorious. Because she's been appointed by God to do his work.

  • I love Le’andria! She’s real and she stands for a lot of people who have been hurt by the church. The church can run people away from God, this is why it is so important to know God for ourselves. When we know God, regardless of what the church does, we stay connected and committed.

  • I promise somebody needs to say this to Monique. The poison and venom with which she speaks her valid words cannot be heard.

  • No matter wat u tell her inyanla mama…she's a captive of God's vessel…that lady voice hmm.sis I'm sorry that u confided in drugs,alcohol ,whatever. ..u are a child of god,can prophecy through ur gift…David was all…a man loving women like crazy but God loved him,even killed his right man becos he wanted his wife..woo…God is the judge…I love you le Andrea Johnson..I'm Linda Johnson…God's grace

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