Eat as many horseshoe crabs as you want in Phuket! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.30]

Eat as many horseshoe crabs as you want in Phuket! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.30]

(What are they going to do next?) (10-minute drive to lunch) Where are we? – We are… / – There is a beach right there. – This is Rawai Beach. / – Rawai Beach. There is a fish market here. – It’s like Sorae port in Korea. / – I see. They catch fish and bring them here. Maybe there are seafood that you haven’t seen or eaten before. It’s a fish market. There is something interesting here. – You see many restaurants here. / – Yes. – But we don’t go straight to them. / – Why? There is a step we should take. – A step? / – Don’t go right to the restaurants. We should buy seafood first in the fish market. – Just like Noryangjin Fish Market? / – Like Noryangjin. We choose the seafood… And take them to a restaurant. Look how big the shrimps are. – They are huge. / – They look delicious. – Look at the size. / – They are really big. They are bigger than my hand. They are king tiger shrimp. Are they crayfish? Awesome. They are so delicious. There are so many amazing things to see here. By the way, what are they? I don’t know either. What is it? That’s it! – What is it? / – Introducing it for the first time. – This is it. / – Gosh. This is the horseshoe crab we talked about. – Gosh. / – A horseshoe crab. You’re supposed to eat their roe. – Not the flesh? / – No, the roe. Then males can’t come to this market? (Only female horseshoe crabs can come to market) They look a little scary though. They are something very precious. – Are you allowed to eat them? / – In Japan… We aren’t allowed to eat them. – Why not? / – To protect them. – Because they are rare? / – Yes. – But is it okay here? / – Yes. Since we are here… – Let’s try them. / – Okay. Let’s eat them. – How will they taste? / – They are living fossils. – Living fossils. / – I think this will make me full… – But I still want to taste it. / – It won’t fill you. You won’t feel full after this. – Really? / – We can buy more. (They keep on shopping) (Fluttering) Wonderful. “Leave me alone.” – Yura, come to our side. / – Okay. – What are they? / – There are a lot of unique seafood. – What are they? / – They are rock lobsters. Rock lobster? – Will they be delicious? / – Small ones taste good. – They do? / – Look at that. What’s that? They are lobsters you can find on the rocks. – I prefer bigger ones. / – No. The flesh of bigger ones may be too soft. – Small ones… / – Have firmer flesh? – I’m starving. / – You are? – I’m hungry too. / – Let’s go. I’m hungry. – Let’s go. Okay. / – Let’s go and eat. – Good-bye. / – Let’s go. – We bought a good one. / – Seokcheon. It’s nice to shop since the weather is so nice. – It feels good, right? / – Yes. We can get fresh ingredients here so the food will taste good however we cook. The taste of ingredients. – That matters the most. / – That’s right. – Hi. / – Hi. – Hi. / – Should I put it here? He’s measuring the weight. I guess they measure the weight to put a price on it. All the restaurants here do the same thing. – The dish for 1kg is $3. / – 4kg. – That’s only $13? / – Yes. – I can’t wait. / – Me too. – Menu? / – Menu? But we gave them the seafood. This is their menu. Here it is. “Make to order.” We can choose how they cook the seafood we brought. That sounds great. As for the rock lobster… We’ll fry and have chili sauce. Should we get half and half? Half and half? What about the horseshoe crab? Horseshoe crab. – Horseshoe crab is interesting. / – With salad. – With salad? / – Yes. This one! – Salad. / – With salad? Okay. It’s coming. (Their appetizer is the oysters they got for free) – Oyster. / – We got it for free. They gave them on the house. I was given two oysters. Put some lime juice on it. – And… / – Chili pepper… Garlic. Eating it with that sauce made it the best appetizer. You can never get enough of live oysters. – Is it good? / – Great! (The taste of Phuket’s ocean) It’s really delicious. The oysters were really good. Tabasco goes really well with it. Sikyung is being tortured. This worked up my appetite. – I know, right? / – I can’t stop… – Salivating. / – It’s an explosion. – We can eat anything now. / – Right. We can eat anything now. (Next menu arrives right on time) It’s awesome. That’s the shrimp. – Is that shrimp? / – Is that shrimp? – It’s barbecued shrimp. / – That’s so big. We ordered half of our shrimp barbecued and the other half something else. – Look at the meat. / – My goodness. Check it out. What’s going on? It’s tiger prawn. (In one big mouthful) (It tastes so good it makes him feel great) It cost us only $11 for those. We bought all the prawns for $23… – But we ordered… / – Half and half. Only half of them barbecued. It’s so plump. I’m excited to try the rock lobster and the horseshoe crab. You can’t try them anywhere else. – They’re special. / – Right? I don’t care how they taste. I’ll eat it all up. I hope it’s delicious. – Oh, my. What’s this? / – What’s this? – Oh, right. / – This is it. – This is rock lobster. / – Rock lobster. (This is the dish that Yoon Bak is excited about) – This is… / – It’s rock lobster. – Cooked with garlic sauce. / – The lobster living on rocks. – It looks great. / – Look at this. What’s that? All of our dishes are out. We ordered too much food. – It looks so delicious. / – Seokcheon, that’s too much. No way. I like tasting a bit of every food. We ordered two different dishes for each seafood. With the same ingredient. They cooked the same ingredient in different ways. Seokcheon, you’re perfect for the team leader. That’s right. I’m the best when it comes to Thailand. We have so many, I don’t know where to start. Are you sure you can finish that? – You said you would finish it. / – As I expected… Look at this. The lobster meat came off so easily. – The meat comes off easily. / – That’s amazing. – It looks great. / – The lobster meat was so chewy. – Eating those make me feel good. / – So delicious. – It has a similar texture to meat. / – Exactly. (He tries a bite) (It’s so delicious it gives him the shivers) – Are you alright? / – When you travel in Thailand… You should try that much food at least. Food is so cheap there. – Is that right? / – Yes. It’s good, right? From now on, I will follow you. Good. I will make your dreams about Phuket come true. Dreams… Come true! Phuket. You guys ate a lot of delicious food in Phuket. We have one more dish to come. – Oh, my. / – There’s more? – One more dish… / – That’s the horseshoe crab. That’s the horseshoe crab salad. Awesome. (Main dish of the day) I am curious about how it tastes. – They all moved out of the way. / – This is it. (Horseshoe crab roe salad) It looks awesome. – Indeed. / – It reminds me of “Star Wars.” It feels like you’re eating Darth Vader’s face. My goodness. It is the king of the table. It has more roe than meat. – Is that roe? / – I see. – Is this roe? / – There’s so much roe. It looks like the grain… What was it? Quinoa. They say they’re 400 million years old. That’s their history. (I have to take a picture of this) (He takes a weird pose to take a picture) Look at his pose. There are only a few countries where you can try that, right? That’s right. Can we just eat this as it is? Let’s try it. Just the roe? I am so curious about its taste. What? Is it not good? – Does it taste bad? / – Does it taste like salmon roe? (Silence) That’s the reason why they didn’t go extinct. – Do they taste terrible? / – They must taste bad. It doesn’t taste anything like I expected. It doesn’t taste like crab roe. – It is not my style either. / – I expected… It doesn’t taste like roe… It tastes like millet. You know the grain named millet, right? It tastes like millet. – Millet? / – It has a different texture… – From what we expect. / – When you chew the roe… It flattens. Instead of bursting. It’s very chewy. It’s really not my style. Who would enjoy this? Maybe if we try it with the salad… – It may be good. / – Let’s try it with the salad. Let’s try it with the salad. This is papaya salad, som tam. (He waits to see Yoon Bak’s reaction) (This needs to go here) – He’s taking the dish away. / – Let’s put it aside. – I couldn’t eat it. / – I heard it’s good for stamina. – I heard it’s good for health. / – Where did it go? – We didn’t finish it. / – Where did it go? What are you talking about? – Did you order something? / – No, I mean… Where is my horseshoe crab salad? When we introduce a dish, we should tell the viewers our honest feelings. So they don’t suspect that we’re lying. – I thought I should be honest. / – It’s not my style. It really doesn’t taste good. – Really? / – Just look at it. However, it’s meaningful… – As we can’t try it anywhere else. / – That’s right. – We were curious about its taste. / – It’s a rare food. – It’s interesting. / – In Japan… – It’s banned. / – Right. (They make an eye contact) Shall we try the clams? (Let’s eat other dishes) So good. Travelling is all about eating, right? Absolutely. – We ordered a lot, right? / – Yes. We paid 400 baht for cooking the seafood and the other dishes we ordered, 320 baht. 720 baht total. – That means… / – For this much food? Now that I know how cheap it is… – I feel even happier. / – I know, right? – I’m full. / – I’m full too. Now that we’re full, we should try some activities. – Activities? / – I made a plan. There’s a fun activity people enjoy in Phuket these days. Just follow me.

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  • the dish that they dont like actually it so yummny but i think this restuarant cook bad. most of restuarant near fish market in thailand cannot cook well they just can grilled

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  • I'm indonesian but i really want to go there..bcs thailand has so many kind of unique food street (i watched from utube). Maybe someday..

  • Thailand have alots type of food … 1province but have many menu and Thailand have 77 province u can imagine?? hahaha let's try north's food south's food eastern's food and western's food u will love Thailand more and more and more ❤❤

  • I'm Thai & I wouldn't eat the horseshoe crabs. at all. They have this pungent smell to them & it's very unappetizing. everything else looks amazing tho.

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  • The first group who come to Thailand have done better. People just come to spend money and eat rare food, but you should respect to the ingredients in every meal of the day and we don't like the foreigners to waste grains.

    "Take all you want, eat all you take."

  • I stopped watching because I could not stand that baldy uncle. Everyone has his rights to like and dislike, so unless you support the North Korean regime, don't chide me riding on your moral high horse.

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  • I can't believe that all of the food is just 720 bath อาหารมันดูเต็มโต๊ะแล้วก็เยอะอ่ะ ทำไมถูกจัง อยากไปโดนบ้าง

  • I have watch this episode more than once. Thanks to Hong Seok Cheon and
    Yoo Bak. I am planning a trip with friends to Thailand
    Phuket have everything I am looking forward to delicious food, fun things to do coking class I am in.thanks guys

  • Not everyone in Thailand eat horseshoe crab. they either like it or hate it just like Durian. Many adult men eat it along with alcoholic drinks

  • I love it, Kai Mang Da Salad is very good taste.
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  • Horseshoe crab roe is delicious for some Thai people as well. lol.
    But Thailand also has many kinds of foods, In Northern, Northeastern, central and south of Thailand, their foods are different.
    We're welcome everyone to Thailand. Korb-khun-krab

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  • This restaurant is awesome. I just moved to Phuket for 3 month and I visit this place like every week. I’m so in love with their cooking skill. By the way, freshness of seafood is the key. Ahhhh!!!!!! mouth watering now

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  • Don't be fooled, 720 baht it is just for cooking. They've bought about 5-7 kg of seafood (cooking cost is 100-150 baht per kilo). The seafood costed them about 7000-15000 baht .

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  • waahhhhh if that horseshoe crab you cook with sweet spicy sambal then you eat it with rice. you will never eating other dish. so waste. 😂😭😭😭😭

  • ของโปรดเราเลยยำไข่แมงดา เรากินทุกเม็ด555

  • That's horsecrab is hard to cook. Not every restaurant can bring the taste out. Additionally, it is an acquired taste. I think it depends on the person, similar to durian.

  • Next time try Hor Mok Yang Sai Kai Mang Da (Grill streamed fish with curry paste mix with horseshoe crab egg) really tasty I promise. You can find it in most of the flea market everywhere

  • Guys please reconsider eating horseshoe crab as they are very rare and it had survived mora than millions years of evolution. Scientists farm their blood for the good of humanity so it's already bad enough to do that to them. I am not here to bash other people's culture but it is important to also understand eating rare species can caused them to face extinctions. :,(

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  • In sea around Thai and Malaysia, we have tons of horseshoe crabs. So there are no actual illegal act to deter people to eat it. It is not an issue for us here

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