DIY) Squishy Slippers  Make squishy slippers out of memory foam

DIY) Squishy Slippers Make squishy slippers out of memory foam

With this really dirty and yucky I need to do something with this I don’t need all of this so I’m going to cut this in a smaller pieces Today I’m going to transform this old dirty memory foam and two nice slippers I’ll make them all colorful and pretty because I’ll be making slippers. I’m going to cut this part straight Oh my gosh, this is so gross Using an exacto knife cut the foam in half But one more time so I get two pieces for both feet Yep the more I look at it, the grosser it gets I don’t even think this is good for your health I’m going to use this part to make the base for the slippers first measure Your shoe size using a ruler next draw the shape of the slippers Once drawing part is finished. It’s time to cut the shape out again use the exacto knife to cut the edges out When you’re done with one foot use that to draw the other foot make sure to flip it so that you have the mirror image And the second piece out and trim the edges Here the bass part is now finished now. I need to make part. That’s going to cover at the top of the feet slice two more memory foam pieces And then using a broiler cut to pieces to long rectangular prism shape This is too thick so what I’m going to do is I’m going to slice a little more to make it thinner Take the measurement off the top of the feet being cut the foam out accordingly and trim Trimming requires a lot of patience Finally done now. I need to attach these to the base. I’m using super glue And here they are the squishing slippers are finished I’m going to stop the video here, Tory from Tory world is going to take these slippers and paint them really nicely I’m so excited to see the final result You have to check out her video to see how she’s transforming these slippers That’s it for today, I promise I’ll come back with more DIY stuff next time until then bye everyone

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