Dirt On My Boots 1 (Starring Curtis Snow & Figg Panamera)

Dirt On My Boots 1 (Starring Curtis Snow & Figg Panamera)

my name is Locks I Got that name by breaking in houses breaking in cars small timesheet. You know I appreciate it three toss-up great Game so far only leaving the bike shop No, I only with you with Grace Hey pick up another phone So easy regular cars just taking the minutes Noblemen – no, never got you takes. No, you’ll never break it Break it easily because house a binman land up in pretty sheet. They’re Gonna give a little demo It’s time from home cooking house burgers robbing in the street. Well, Jeff Carter nigga back out I Never was a shooter cuz I had to shoot nobody always stole everything out warning got away clean smooth Getaway the time started getting hard She the harder it gets on the streets the dirty old boots, Gonna get oh You ain’t gonna keep your hands clean down here if you run around in these streets You don’t get some dirt on your boots I’ve been watching you dusty. You got a good movement cuz he hated the wrong guys In his life. I can’t blame shit on him. You know I mean I had permission on my own I hear we’re Gonna get down on my boobs. Don’t look at look at your toes of my boots Look at your boots whenever you like just how old I was clean He’s niggas out here playing both sides, motherfuck He’s playing dirty ponies panther got you can’t trust nobody anyway, so it’s my time to like all gasp snowflakes get on in the game No, yeah, oh girl. You messed up But you still got a chance You got a big chance in there you go take the hit I hear what you’re saying this Made me want um notice Everything you do you got to pay forward even if you’ve got dirt on your boots? You got to clean it up Knock us out again It’s good people around here, man that got good advice Sometimes we don’t hear it. That’s she going one here not the other man on to my next leap onto my next play Got to restore his bathwater A Night good good good good good She’s already – are my mind last oh what which may Seem like seem like you boys stay cooking up on the Show with the Drove $10 a group $10 grub up to my tent on the ground. Maybe trying to blue break a blueprint and standard pressure Until I they fight another for real man You boys must be kind of heavy you guys gonna be able to set him up under $10 of crack man My fault you for the line you know idea. Yeah, keep it a little blooper So the pack Gonna be there’s enough pressure I’m then you know these right now pressure Okay, yeah, man my sloppy when I’m couple hundred with the unaided foot Whitman up So you boys got the bags coming in thanks whole bag still Other British seat a lot of pressure that Gucci shit I’m gonna come fuck with you young niggas man falling it off for a sheep Once you step in that quicksand It’s just about over for you I Hope I can get this dirt off my boots before it’s too late So their boys are there banging on some buck one thing about your boy man I’m always super all the dump there. You are no man people 5.7 know me know me like the real name Sit down right there I’ll shoot the trailer fire appears. We won’t send this year fellow featherweight, and they’re busy For the safety hat wait a bit special safety work They’re here because we wanted to pick up me and we ready to fly Oh, gosh, put it right there, and this should be automatic food, okay? My mom and then been doing over there man. She asked about you last week Big time over how to ski me home. Hey Morning could be plays dust Mite don’t work. Oh I gotta make a chop right what? I got beat Shit, no, holy shit what? These young dudes right here Some of the most notorious dudes in the city. Don’t let them baby faces fool You man them boys calling cold shots out here when they put the order in for the pack the Pack come in They got niggas driving up and down the coast going and get that product Hi, I’m ann take that back to the fall about 20 fucking minute ago. I think my case on the Toilet ago better fuzzy this I was cracking right here. Could a fault that’s our fish are on the song Go – come on man check now. – hey fuck you Like places some point when I got you When I call you and as you bribe me the first I need to call your man do I love my drew so I don’t be taking that nothing about it Y’all even jungling just keeps trying to Shine total people Who though I know it, but is he got me paranoid right now, man, you like to say no Tonight, hey look you still got that yeah But I got room because everything else on featherhead sit down right wheel and all the hurt all right? I just got the nigga for the chopped ahead. No. I left it at the spot Cuz she’ll only keep them in battle or rabid over hash with night sweats. Well right back shine this little Springy she we can go get it We got their own tape right now you need that, but that says I’m trying. They totally got dead and this we got along but this hottest fuck out here, but we got to get back to them thanks, but Breaking me houses and breaking in cars ain’t been paying off late. So lately I’ve been on some rabbits eat easiest people to Rob is your own people I Know that shit ain’t right Damn, I know if you niggas who got something man, niggas. Ain’t aw. Come on then they ain’t gonna be one no problem, man Sometime a nigga do more problems Some time in the game letting it go Right now Mr.. Landon this Elana, man. You know it’s number finesse going on man Who’s trying to shoot this right under this corner? I Hid my brush. No he saw me he Put me up on Lix. I put him up on lips We gonna eat together out here Fight yo, man. Take care this shit man Just nigga double-Cross me now by the show they would appreciate The homie made back hot I’ve been hearing about some shit that been going on out here in the streets night One thing about broke he won’t do no plan when you push the button it’s Handy I Told snowman you go see me back hot Manson cooking up Following my neighborhood manpower go howl at broke man. So you get this shit straight Therefore, they went down my dad riddick whopping something on tonight on a real-deal till truck. I never country you’re like a Little mean worried about you already got the hot water on standby. Go saying they ready for the pool She broke a and then bust bank Murder Gang Bro was in there talking to me back hot in the club. He ain’t even knowing them niggas is in their platano me The whole time he up in there chillin and chopping up gang the boy alert See one thing about this sheet Can’t pick the switch home and cut it off when you want to ain’t no party beep own all Gasp and no brains So we got hank and everybody goes Just walk to the store Manny’s name is triple Breath. We came here. : that suits me melody. She vinick Get the Rock Atlanta’s like hitting the motherfucker We are lucky soundless Seas around an awesome motherfucker Behold Their birth We from the walk to see the house. We see what the fucking selfish even in breath She don’t know so I can’t see what? Will get you motherfucker? Say what you mean they just left brad your foot though. You told me it was he’ll Come on. Fuck my steer being apartment. Huh, man fuck it. Hey, ma’am. I’m Snow never leave the fucking house without his pistol And we ain’t got no car This she spells disaster It’s only a few times that could happen if we stay lurking out here. I’m just hoping for the best. I got some money We’re gonna get to the motherfucking money bro. No matter what the fuck going on out here We’re gonna get to the money birth to see we doing too much Hey, bro, were you ever I got some wheels for a good? sleep Now I’m good think I’m good. I got to swing up and bring Food to the gas tanks. Yeah, they cut my nail credit all right I Don’t know where the fuck. I meant and this motherfucking hood flip across on banana my king this makeup sweater carmela wear it man Just cause now I’m in the brush Hey Hey, brother. You ain’t gonna believe this shit man his bitch ass nigga Just bust out of somewhere their breath, then I rob the nigga for the little shit, bro and with a chopper Man, bring that motherfucker here, bro Bitch ass nigga man plan when we oughta come on Help me up, nigga Good see this nigga man, and you got my shit the first nigga. Hey, I ain’t cheap brother I got something for this bitch nigga. I just robbed this fucking before this motherfucker anyway. I’m gonna get that boy Corn over there. We need the other pitch to work okay? No more sleeping like this shit for hope the little niggas ain’t ran off with the bag all that pack better be over there because these little niggas be grinding, but Got the little thing over here I’m sure you don’t want to use this here boy. It’s a nasty machine. I know I got my baby I mean, you know it’s Gonna know a spaghetti like this big boys Well done his beautify your straight this bitch people need the two hours thing. I’m gonna show you how this thing work Hey, you many niggas took a whip and everything man, but I might appeal this nigga for God I Got all the money. They are blown. Yeah. I robbed that Fuckin who knows. I’m gonna do shit to meet You fucking mine all Gasp no brakes nigga They don’t count money nigga. I’m doing good. Dope nigga I’m smoking these Kelly green nigga shipping on this motherfucker, sir Rahman fucking the baddest bitch shit foot what we ballin out here means think I’m tripping over to you to talk about a Man they get with the program niggas get out the fucking way, but either you on the team or you off the team I? Told you we count money neither doing the best go Then I’m smoking on Caddy queen sippin on some rock missus fucking the bags bitch’s blushing in the gas out here by my respect Ain’t Gonna be None Rash Yeah, I hating thinking at me when your mind, right? These fucking man For my shit. It’s like this motherfucker. Oh, you didn’t say Look man. Look man. I’m going crazy Man crazy I’m gonna call watch it and whatever bitch, bitch. Oh Somehow we Finna fuck this it up, man, then flip back Of the pack I love hanging up in the charmin whenever I’m Gonna be streets of diggings and Homie what they do, man, you know why Danube in? what the fuck you mean he’ll help a man get in get in For our landing why? Don’t you tell me a lot of cam and get to the hotel Come on. Drop me off big gray get the fuck out Come on, man. Take me fuck you me fuck You got that right now, you know one thing about the table in the Table in the motherfucking game Miss Marshall I Had to hit that button ago. I don’t mean to just lay low for a minute man Now it’s good. It’s good up in the check on baby Mama in for a second man. Drop a few dollars off you know deeply, she Just stay put and I’ll be over there in a minute man All right, that’s good Man, I’ve been either fuckin up in these streets, man. I Ain’t been coming home. I’ve been doing my own thing out here running around these punk bitches man sheep in A Man pay no bills around this motherfucker, man. Let me go drop some dough off at the house man No, she probably want to slap my face, but damn See I got a few dollars to play with right now. So maybe she gonna yummy Have a little bit better understanding by my situation man Damn, man. This street. She costing me my family man I mean, I know I could be a better man. I know I could take care of the household take care that responsibilities man With the street ship you calling me though. She understand she gotta let me run these streets for a minute too long shit, man Fucking dirt on my boots on the K-cup Okay You try your part you hang in here you run the streets. You don’t twice. She’s drugged Don’t touch my child like what’s really going on. I’m hearing that you’re talking to these girls these holes. There’s my God Like for real no no no no, I’m fabulous, and I’m just through you keep talking about you Gonna change But you’re still running these streets though Look I kind of cleaned out to the tent. I’m trying to pay the bills I’m trying to be responsible to this household man damn wires, trigger you all right, baby You coming up in here flashing on me, and you ain’t even been here Don’t think you got to come up in here and just think you bout to run stuff You’ve been running the streets and you’ve been with Nepal’s and doing all this drugs, and I’m telling you No, I don’t care you can take your money. Keep it whatever go back. Where you came from? Then rip us how you feeling? Come on, man Act like you are like really Gonna know what’s going on with him You not been here you haven’t been because I’ve been giving it together. I work at a job I got a job you. Take it with you. I’m telling you Stay down we Shipping kind of may need oh man my bro snowman like shit. Don’t go right. He just going on You see you got some money. No matter. Where you at Run upon your ass And that the black sold the fuck up The guy got the block like bees in his bitch nigga standing and further running Jackman Yo, man, I got attachment Black I got a name down by Lon straight up Yeah, man. I believe I got us one some old up top new york you’re not talking about the money to sweat well I got to get home for this year. Yeah, I got you can’t stand a New York boy I got to get help right now gonna hand this over get on the game He dissident to this shit man like addicted to this ravi sheet man. I’m his life I’ll be trying to tell him on you gotta be smooth with damn bro. You probably shit man with no, mass or nothing Bro, sick though man anything though he need man. I’ma be tia tomorrow, but God damn Gotta tell this boy fucking You know keep it over So you mean to tell me breaking the nigga shit right now? You robbing your own patents man that scandalous man. I got dirt on my booty dirt on your boots I Must have to show you a better way man, cuz I see When I was on my pocket if I had to seem like you spend the go in that direction man I get into a few little problems man. I got to get active in these streets now You act like you want to be active man. This ain’t no place to be This ain’t no shit you want to just be jumping in for fun man Cuz if I can’t get out this shit, man, alright do it in the blink of an eye Okay, yo artists your heart here. That’s gonna line You won’t see just like me when I’m boys get to shooting at your ass and get looking for you, man You ducking and dodging you understand until then man? Just enjoy what you got going on man. Be careful little bro I mean if you’re gonna do it you got to be all gasp no brakes everything’s on guys no brakes and motherfuckers playing for keeps and When I told you about busing place man bustle place make it you won’t I’m a wanted man out here menu riding a stolen van right now. I mean, I took this from a nigga tonight. I Got problems with niggas out here man, and me and Curtis know you already know man that boys nest when snow get the movers she get to hide me man and Some of the shit that we’ve been doing is like it then backfiring cuz everybody finding out. I’m busting my own I ain’t trying to hear nothing you talking about you doing it hard Once you start fucking around in the underworld it’s hard to get out this shit man You get used to this lifestyle you get used to take your sitting and doing dirt But getting dirt on my boots. It ain’t been done that I was trippin on until lately I Start having to realize. It’s a few things. I might have to change me and blip Right now it’s looking good doing this shit, so fucking I’m gonna just ride with the dirt on my boots game Hey, buddy. It’s going down. I got some shit tonight right now. Sorry and play is no on to the Lord randle shit But I know you’re gonna be here for something and they’ve got holes Little Hallway scene like we go flash now that might work at Madison Yep Are Gonna be sort of comment? oh Yeah, yeah the old Old bags whatever they got mutual yeah I’m out of it Ya know every nigga from love got make some how bout on a mission The word been getting out about us two strippers. I’ve been leading out with a gang of money at the end of the night I Mean some of these ladies got pimps managers and assistants, but some of these ladies doing it all to the face It ain’t wise to be letting people know how much money sometimes you just Chuckling ain’t no, jive and fuck dude. I play meat you know oh Shit, man you know that money like oh my God Andy saw this nigga pairing me to make the transaction week spending $30,000 with this bath in cold cash and got down There only getting $1,000 out of the shit the make up the make the move I mean type of shit that is But nigga say I agreed to but I can’t see myself. You know clear today. I get a thousand. I heard a $30,000 play every three weeks man and a mother I’m over here what I’m pregnant for when I look in the spout Man, I hear from you take something you fucking budget. Don’t own no man, because that my people I know it Mikey Then I’m suing them hanky. No. Love it ring. I’m getting a little man a thousand a sheep She’s Paddy what I fucking broke up. Y’all go straight You know, but I said before to be my folks member sein O same team that’s their lord Yeah, that’s how we need you know remedy and we got remedy long Samantha, she We Gotta put this in motion Get everything ready, you know for the coat No matter who it is fucking it’s all about us. He’s gonna run fucking we ball for real Yeah, hell, man you already motherfucking know let’s go get this special thing. I’m to my Push up on me tonight weirdo preciate Bro, we gotta get these niggas wrong gotta push up on me. Maybe I got somebody got that somebody got down We shoot some I got rid of dial this shit back window No, planet both we under pushing off that thing with Norma how bro yeah, we gotta push up that nigga Mama How I was taking his abilities are the feminine English to me cool addition to me in about push-up Why? Like to us well good and cook it on your member. Id no. I’m sorry man. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, bro Planned out, I know the move on me see but we need to beat go nice That’s that’s I’m gonna. Call them up right now. No bullshit Yeah, yeah, I know he got it for a fat But this is my last, huh fuck would you know I know we got? Beat up. What’s up? Come on boom right now. Oh, you’re zoe boom Okay I’ll be on it Okay, I’d be that my fealty me to girl All right okay, perfect well, we got the easiest people to Rob is the people that’s closest to the Easiest way to give heat is by somebody who’s know your blueprint that know your formula that know the lay of the land Yeah, they brought us up with you Johnny oh You know what okay? Okay? Okay? You get the man here time strike is Canada okay, okay, okay? Yeah I hate coming down on your art Yeah, man, shit. You know stephen. Look man. You know my folks done been playing man They been got them they bit like 10 weeks, man You know I got the man got many more or what I thought be getting out to see I mean you sure all you do Is you start doing? Damn, but see I figured you should told me so sometimes if I’m got them you know looking the deal looking shit Yeah, man, did us Real boy real home No more fucking money by the way bit boy. What the fuck you mean like I’m up for this a big man You maybe get Mondo. I’ll show you come Be ten weeks man every man in 2008 shit man no one Rotoma yeah, yeah man. I look at that thousand shit My gosh number two columns up right now. There’s a plan really you know I Got a text about one of my bros man. I had to get over there to see what happy man Some of the worst news I could have ever heard He was a good dude. He got good peoples His Family Gonna be straight Anything I could do and all the bros. We’re gonna come together for the homies Mm. A Salute to a real jeep don’t but never forgot Please man let me show you how to get this money in Atlanta Five in the morning got you cleaning up dirt on my boots. No white flag nigga. No truth style, 40-count little Cleaning up dirt on my boots no white flag nigga. No truth photocatalytic I’ll at least come the nigga that this in a robin, and I’m sippin on some rock, but there’s no greg glue I caught him sleeping at the cornice no he had this partner winning out of thicker rope bottom Yeah, I knew it, but he got the pass if we’re gonna try enter them. You know the man on the control on you know What a mountain oh, I’m drinking bet. They’re pissing on beach like our kelly It’s nothing to a boss and I can talk about that feel emotionally. Where are you pushing? Here my throat curse try a pony they don’t want to know men about numerical plan when the I really shadow mother fucking games I really get on this light see this is we gotta get there take foot, so Fuck the names. No word by building is we have to go But if you leave a shrink we already took care that and she hot round that lead I should have all the hot boys already told that shit up. Oh, so this we’re Gonna Go to Miami this wedding bitches When I got the fuck this nigga brother niggas got too much shit up in there But it’s gonna be my last one, and I’m gonna cool all the way up. I swear. I’m cool. All the way up We headed to Miami everything gonna be on me after this tonight With a vote Lebron fall back. They won’t let that shit go good promise. We Go to the house in the morning We can so much money right now Love we have down you know Come on. Yeah, what the fuck you check on. My some bitches texted me for and I never gave the number, too I mean, I’ve never gained This 5:00 in the morning. I don’t even know this girl man. Look we give you the pistol man Give me the pistol in this little liquid from the gu right here this gonna be the last little lick and we don’t know where the Miami in the morning Is this thing loaded oh? Come here, baby Quit trippin man. We are in the moment. You fool. No way to Miami This nigga think he is like I’m gonna stand this shit like he Lying to me somebody’s Gonna move me and shit this nigga is not trying to meet me in like other bitches, Texas fucking fine But he’s leading me. I was talking about he loves me. I think it doesn’t love me. I put this nigga on $100,000 lake and a bitch only got $10,000 from that shit like I Understand this shit like I don’t know how to fuck you. Think you gonna play me and get his other bitch my money like Fuck ass like we’re not gonna play these games. What 40k bitch like no, you’re not gonna. Just give another bitch my money It is high is that someone precincts? Okay, I have some information for you about a string of robberies that have been taking place recently and one of us enough to go down right now don’t you Say they love you and know what it dumb I Thought I could get away with it and keep getting away with you ain’t nobody gonna catch me ain’t nobody Gonna tell on me He’ll none But I was wrong see Then you become arrogant you become blind And when you become blind you take a stumble, and when you stumble you could take a major fall I Took a fall y’all I landed smack on my face. I should have listened to the old man He told me even if I got dirt on my boots, I could clean this I mean try to clean it up I Just kept going I just pulled up right here to jail. I’m gonna take the money and I can all put mine on the book So he’ll be straight you know like I say the movie and go around like it like I thought it on me, but It came out it with 30 dance You know, but the lawyer they asked for 50 so she I still gotta come up with 20 more banging some come away But don’t worry about it. I make sure I get it yeah, I mean by any means necessary Like I say I’m here now They put the mine on the book hang on laughs cuz I don’t want nobody to tell me they’re gonna do something and they don’t Do it especially when I? Motherfucking cheering I’m a gonna be dependent on this shit. Yeah, I mean like I said be my brother got a message Bobby the one I got you cleaning up dirt on my boots. No white flag nigga. No truth Cleaning up dirt on my boots. Oh, no white flag nigga. No truth 40-count Let loose Holy cow, let loose come the nigga that this in if you’re driving, and I’m sippin on some rock, but there’s no greg cool I caught him slipping that the conus know he had a spine no window, not a figueroa got two Bodies on the table. I ain’t do it for the label, but respect I’ll make a nigga come through that’s what happened to a nigga when I’m capping at a nigga that street life making nigga About it come on. Don’t Act like you all like really want to know what’s going on with him Uniquely yours okay get it together Okay, fuck it. It was down on the David Braden allah They knew Marquis. De Jean and Briars I’m have a way with you ever so often you get nothing missed out on everything shout up to Christie That’s not bitch cuz she tells me everything And I was not that was not the only into you so I was We were so I was you Five I got you Cleaning up dirt on my boots. No white flag nigga. No truth. Kyle style 40-count let loose 5:00 in the morning got you Cleaning up dirt on my boots. Oh, no white flag nigga. No truth down style 40 count let loose For the car let loose come the nigga that this init.d Robin, and I’m sippin on some rock But there’s no greg booze I caught him slipping at the Kona Story had his partner window, not a thicker rope got two bodies on the table I ain’t do it for the label, but respect I make a nigga come through that’s what happened to a nigga when I’m capping at a nigga that street life making nigga tall Same reason I did like the patrol no witness that a homie gone walk No murder weapon found an apartment no investigation with this information, it’s a cold case cuz they lie No County jail a 9/10 bear when you can catch the news that five five in the morning got you Cleaning up dirt on my boots no white flag nigga. No truth down style 40 count let lou Bob I got you Cleaning up dirt on my boots no white flag nigga. No truth down style 40 count The water Rolly cutter 30 because niggas don’t know me know got a laser in the sculpt on the phone got a kick game Nigga like Shinobi. I’ll make a dash for the dog get the cash out at home Make it last if you all about Mom If you’re gonna hit a lick then you better do it quick cause I’m one of them niggas wait robbery Five in the morning got you Cleaning up dirt on my boots. Oh, no white flag nigga. No truth On my boots no white flag nigga no truth Cameras rolled I’m about to play with them hoes and I’m at the boo in this lock With my nigga toe cause I’m ready to bogart I’m having a drink in this time got some dances on me romance the homie She’s lookin good as she find what a pussy popping that paper dropping. I spit the best of my lines count up the money I’m strange Chopping the brick in the shade Hoppin the whip and I break these niggas is full of that Hey, the diamonds is on me. The comments is on me, and I dangled this shit like it’s bait then wait for the niggas They cover my jewelry then cock it my comfort they face Five in the morning got you Cleaning up dirt on my boots. Oh, no white flag nigga. No truth down style 40 count Cleaning up dirt on my boots. No white black nigga. No truth down style 40-count let loose 5 in the morning got you Cleaning up dirt on my boots. No white flag nigga. No truth down style 40-count let Loose cleaning up dirt on my boots no white flag, nigga no Attorneys be Chillin Maybach murder Gang murder gamer game you need a healthy you are Fresh off a Chick cuba libre know my name I landed no money and six I got me a bed head with a bitch in a friend I got all the bitches up there first time to jail trippingly swing on my name. I landed on writing your stash She’s got me your bands that can what up bitch and her friend? I got bitches on tray. Oh, God. I love bitches Don’t dare tell hold up in a zoo fast swinging my chain my time holla not shining me Baepsae I let my nerd oh boy in the game giggles a whip is the biggie for me I don’t see this kid I coming to learn oh Jesus oh boy am I jealous stress up a jet Cuban league swing on my name? I landed no money and six I got me a big hand with a bitch in a friend I got all the bitches up there first. I legit pooping on my name Whether your best buddy can I spin as I get my bag Vanessa me, nigga put them in the Arizona nice Wedding shoes niggas don’t worry. My niggas is hungry for honey Then they go be worth the money keep playing and stand see your woman All she wants to catch your turn. Give me some All I will is to catch you gotta take a deep pan Till Lo y’all a little while all right attitude Oh, I got the picture on my dick would stick on the way to the west side with apple Hey, you want a cookie did you know that I can? You travel in because you know that I pop you know that a Cuban leg swing on my neck I landed no money and six I got me a bitch Can’t with a bitch in a friend. I got all the bitches up there first I legit Cuban they swing on my name. I landed on my knees maybe Beside me – really wrong In three grounds my role is to know me oh we So where do we straight fish, but a flame? Everybody and we put upon a thief. You’re the niggers You’re Gonna shit A Real quick clean don’t we go get wet like a crane Thank you, Niggas Galway. Sorry yeah, we put on

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