Bordeaux is quite an old city it’s on
the coast in the South of France lots of history beautiful architecture
lot of culture Bordeaux is a medium-sized city with a strong
skateboarding community the big skate scene just like sit down and the dogs
like two hours and you’ll see like the thousand skaters pushing in front of you
it’s it’s crazy now and it’s just growing and growing I got very smooth sidewalks like the old
downtown is full of marble I think skateboarding is big in bodø because the
city’s really good for skateboarding I find that more and more people are
being interested in skateboarding whether they skate or now they see like
the fact of moving 3d is out you know and a lot of people they start getting
that your skateboarding depends on where you come from we don’t have like school
yards with picnic tables we don’t have that big handrails of like very few you
know so I mean you’re gonna scale what you have you’re going to escape what the
city offers you to me skateboarding really is about being yourself and being
creative in the weather eventually you can find your own identity it’s very
important to be able to create your own tricks to be able to do what feels good
everybody are there as their own tricks everybody skate away they feel like
skating I say wait he’s only two super Kenisha we’ve had problems with the city for
almost two decades skateboarding was just forbidden we’d get tickets kids
would get chased by the police with skateboarding becoming so popular in
Bordeaux the city just didn’t know how to react and how to handle it they
started developing a repressive policy against skateboarding it’s interesting
to see cities for decades spending money trying to prevent skateboarding with
defensive architecture such as skate Stoppers and knobs and it doesn’t make
sense progressive cities modern cities should
stop using defensive aggressive architecture in order to integrate
everyone and just find solutions a city Bordeaux is very condensed
narrow streets skateboarding is loud so you get some people who complain about
the noise in there like you guys have a skatepark why don’t you go to the
skatepark you go to the skatepark skateboarding is forbidden in the
streets that’s it you know but it’s never gonna work like that you know they
think by building skate parks they’re gonna stop Street skating but it’s not
the case when you build a skatepark you actually create more Street skaters
if you’re 12 year old and you go like you have a skate park build next to your
house you’re gonna start skateboarding and 2 years data you open like any skate
magazine or you watching like most skate videos you happens in the streets this
is the essence of skateboarding so all these this all idea of like pushing
skaters in like specific terrains and forbidding skateboarding in the streets
it’s not going to work I was living in America for a few years and when I came
back the situation was terrible I know our important skateboarding is in in the
life of so many people here and there is probably something we can do about it
I believe now in 2019 with the popularity of skateboarding cities and
politicians they’re going to have to stand against all for skateboarding I think it was important to just like hear
everybody listen to everyone sit down and have a big discussion about it and I
think it was healthy to do so you know I think the trick really was to put
ourselves in their shoes and understand their point of view all right we know
like skateboarding is loud skateboarding is a loud opportunity we like to skate
like anywhere whenever however you know but there are solutions compromising and
learning or to live together is key you know in a modern city you can’t just go
with your own ID and be like oh I want to do this fuck everything you know like
do you live with other people otherwise like you don’t live in a city you know I
mean so skateboarding needs to be embraced on some of these plazas because
it’s gonna happen regardless and I believe it’s positive for the city to
have public spaces where kids and people can play and interact with each other
you know I mean your city center is about living
right so if people can drive a car if people can like party in the city like
we can definitely scape people I guess we just we don’t want to be stuck to a
specific terrain we want you know open public space shared public space where
everyone is free to express himself and be creative in skateboarding to me the
star is the city when you shoot a skateboarding trick the environment is
extremely important you know we have skate tourism in Bordeaux we have people
come from Japan from Australia from America to skate the streets of Bordeaux
because they’ve they’ve watched videos of it you know so it’s also an
economical aspect for a city will be stronger if we actually work together
and the city needs to evolve with new practices new cultural urban activities
such as skateboarding because if you know how to integrate them in the city
they can be extremely beneficial like for example in Bordeaux they want less
cars in the city skateboarding is awesome for that you
know it’s perfect you can push from a place to another and then jump in the
bus with your skateboard they want more culture there one more spot for the
youth skateboarding is an extremely accessible tool and sport and cultural
way also for kids to meet up but to create social interactions with
skateboarding you can really give life to a lot of dormant places of the city a
lot of places are actually like pretty much abandoned you know in all cities
and with skateboarding you have an amazing tool to give life to these
places again we created a little little crew with
like skate shops froze local associations we look on Museum a bunch
of cultural actors of the city we propose the idea of some of the fully
forbidden plazas in the city that are really good to skate and that we were
still skate and I have some time frames where we allowed to skate in a way that
like this public space can be shared and that worked you know people respected
the time frame she was more mellow to skate all the places and I could see all
the skaters coming back meeting up during this like Sohni afternoons and the average citizen is more okay with
what’s legal than what’s illegal you know and if you change the policy of the
city the average citizen is going to change the way it looks at skating here
we are in front of the modern L Museum of Bordeaux we’re going to visit the
alcove Sanford architecture there’s been a big help for the skate community in
Bordeaux by setting up exhibitions about the positive aspects of skateboarding in
the city after the exhibition when made a new public skate is a way to see the
city our job is to help skaters and to convince politicians and professional to
work with this this idea here are some images from the exhibition and skating
anywhere two years ago there was a big help for the skate community to call
exhibition with some a lot of photos from local skaters was shot by David
Mann ode of some politicians visiting the the exhibition was a great way for
us to change some people’s minds on what skateboarding is about you know and why
it’s important we even build some scalable sculptures that we skated
inside the museum it was a really great time for us people really talk together
skaters with the association against to the skate for Ozzy is probably one of
our best exhibition skateboarding out creativity and freedom of expression all
connected all related about a year ago I had a call from the cultural department
of the city the mayor asked us to start working on imagining the city of the
future for skateboarding to me the city of the future integrates an art form
like skateboard in the city planning I think as fathers
it’s very important that we can help cities do so in an authentic way my idea
was to create a scalable route with different scalable sculptures there was
a lot of work a lot of meetings we had to meet with a lot of different
departments of the city it was amazing for me to have the city give me full
control on this project and a budget to create these sculptures this is where
they vote and decide all the laws and in big decisions for the city of Bordeaux
they spoke about skateboarding here I contacted my friend Nicholas Marino’s he
was a cool artist and designer who comes from the skateboarding world I wanted to
work with someone like Nicholas because for me it’s very important that
skateboarding stays in the hands of skateboarders you know anything really
skateboard with a dude needs to be run by skaters anything whether you work
with the city and you’re trying to communicate about skating whether you’re
like making a skatepark a skate spa making a skate video the skate follow
anything scary dated if we want to keep the culture authentic needs to be run by
skaters I discovered the Leo when I was doing a skateboard magazine called chair
magazine I did an interview about 4 euro and it was a really interesting kid I
try to skate every week mostly thanks to Leo’s that text me the piece on message
go skate tonight go skate this afternoon it’s an eco skate when never had the
opportunity to make a art project with the city it was a really
without it just to work together and they seem just natural under the Caracas
is five rectangle put together the color always stay together so it’s a perfect
way to to dress any kind of obstacle with colors the strobe Israeli identity
that people can recognize immediately when they’re in the street these are the
3d renderings Nico did for the different locations we’re gonna put some scalable
sculptures all these sculptures are gonna create a route you can go from
ABCDEF you know like cruise from one to the other and the message is that you
know skateboarding takes place all around the city in different locations
this goes here yes goes here the idea of the subject is to a like a ledge classic
ledge with three chairs on top of the ledge and the idea is to to express the
fact that you we can all like share the same object or live in the same space
cohabitate like all all the people people we don’t skate they can sit on
the chairs and hang out and like you know weed or whatever and we can skate
on the same object and it’s fine it’s gonna be okay so sab is a X Pro Skater very
influential skater in bodø a very influential person in my life
SAV is a creative genius and it built pretty much the entire skatepark a
Darwin having him build the sculptures made complete sense to me you know the
idea is to give like multi-use objects it’s free for everyone to use play sit
down on anything really like we are excited to see what’s gonna happen with
the sculptures other than skateboarding you know this is the double of Muir Bank
and as you can see when you take out the plastic this is like unbreakable mirror
that’s gonna be scalable racquetball baby I’m very excited to see how the
sculptures are going to be used you know whether it’s someone like sitting on the
sculptures playing on the sculptures biking skateboarding whatever happens
I’m happy with you in order to communicate on the play
project the city actually opened us the doors of the classical National Opera in
Bordeaux which is a classified 17th century building the border is quite
light in terms of color and when you put some touch of colors like this it’s
super nice it was an amazing experience here to be
able to bring a couple sculptures inside the Opera and skate them in this
beautiful environment one of the first politician who helped out in Bordeaux as
a heads of the sport and youth department posted on Fuji fuckin khaki
uniforms have a question why Englishman Leo I said festerin the trick on you
dalla community they cater the pollution dm7 Joseph cosey the organisation you
skate no Lavina it will see Touche my associate associate I’ll take the Remus
only if the Sparta generally the quality also a polymer in the present octo
collision can lock plaster Regina a c-dac Bordeaux they used to spend
money on skate Stoppers now we’re pushing so they can spend money on
integrating and making skateboarding more Leger in the city you know I’m
hoping this project is gonna inspire other cities and other skaters to do the
same with skating becoming so mainstream and so popular it’s important the
skaters say something about how they perceive skateboarding and how they can
help the community you know one very important aspect of skateboarding this
community that’s the way you can communicate that’s the way you can be
strong just by joining forces and being together you know and if you learn how
to be friends with everyone in the community and to work together that’s
how you can make things happen you you

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