good morning and a bright out here
you know I got my coffee Oh it’s let’s see what do I have today to
tell you ah I forgot to tell you about my do tea
inspection I had on flip-flops they didn’t give me a ticket for having on
flip-flops oh my god we I think here he told you to part
oversized web canceled but we still then headed over to you
la and we’re now picked up he is the editing mirror maybe even put a picture
in or something I can do it right here that’s what we got for today we have a bunch of empty stuff empty
incheon stands and a box of parts on here go with the CN they’re brand new
and nice and pretty and they’re not scratched or anything at all and i told
him this is what a lip pot looks like before forklift drivers and truck
drivers get ahold of these pretty stands there’s not even a scratch on the wheels
where they’ve been moved it’s not the truck drivers are actually all we do
here unchanged through the four cold so beyond that we shouldn’t scratch him not
on these soft material thorough yeah oh well yo you see the grass over there
there was a fella mowing the grass over there
he took his little leaf blower he was balling the sidewalk prescient and
special you see I gave him the lungs bone grafts on my truck and you know
what he did he came over and blew off the side of the chest so you did real
good in your especially today girl he’d sit then and hit on me the whole time it
was funny the DLT guy he was down there look at that be like when she wasn’t
looking he was going does she even know what she’s doing feller and he’d smile
and he did a little grin right in the heat-ray tributed and the fell serious
in her and when she tied her hair he’d look at me and go bleep give it to her
give it to her don’t give me a ticket I’ve got a sticker
he gets 0-2 on that sticker – tooth give me some credit where credit is due
you wouldn’t even know how to close the hood if I hadn’t been he told me he told
me to go to her my message to the d-o-t wavelength I was like wait yeah if we
get a tablespoon moment it don’t even actually look like it’s at the minimum
but if he gets a tablespoon whoa it starts going crazy bad antifreeze
someone however needs to replace my license plate bolt mr. pre-trip but the
license plate bump don’t work it did work before we pulled in there must have
died just as we pulled in actually we have extra headlight bulbs in here my balls
but we didn’t for a minute somebody cut his finger up because we’ve never
replaced him we couldn’t figure out what trying to get what is that white smeary
thing on my mirror up there that was kind of gross it’s a bird we got the
truth oh my god wait a minute we should have led with this we were
talking about deity inspections he has got deity inspected in the
absolute vast his truck you ever could yes so we ended up shutting down the
night before because we live next door she’ll tell you all that in a little bit
we gotta go right now the best grossest very nasty truck Oh doesn’t matter I am I
I’m a wild child sweet yo I just ate at the picture well it
sounded Ontario Ontario Canada Mexico California Ontario California right so
story he wouldn’t let me tell you earlier we were hauling genomes right
then one night yes he was back in the day we was hauling general Freight
and we were in the middle of a huge snowstorm and they were soaked and all
the accompanying things that go on one snowstorm all over totally covered in
the truck somebody was it was sick how do you
remember why he was sick but he was imputed him the window he literally
rolled down the truck window and puked on this Yahoo’s gross so you’d have a layer of salt and grime
and dirt nastiness and you know whatever on the truck or thing to have a layer of
his pew earlier we sprayed down the side now we stopped at a truck stop I don’t
remember if the road was closed there always thought because it was really bad
and he continued to peek down the side of the truck okay yeah where else are
you gonna pee it you have to walk in the truck stop or if it’s really urgent when
you’re in a regular Trekkies peep out the window so he picked all of inside
the truck but in warships we were still in Iceland so the next day huh pick up
here’s Mao Zedong the next day I can’t the truck goes by it and they all right
cut cut loose all over the same side of the truck over there
now we’re heading to California right so we’re slowly getting into better weather
so as I’m – it may have been me or you but I was sitting in the front seat
we’re taking them along you were driving when that happened and in RV is in front
of us and all of a sudden going down the route someone decides to jump their
tanks where do you think it ended up spraying all over and as soon as we got
into California the EMT pulls us in for our level 1 inspection with the most
horriblest truck they probably ever seen or didn’t want to see with you know just
the normal salt mud dirt wet slushy grind I was driving at that point in
thrown up town Dookie and everything associated with it
and probably human Dookie yeah I think the thing but we passed on that me too I
was right Larry about that one I was like oh my
god and it was a debating skill on 10 and we got a flying colors person I
think it might be in the back did there there was a the truck was all messed up
but hanging over the axle was a scarf I did stuff and I really think with me
really yeah okay I didn’t know that part came right under there I think that
sealed our failures get house before it’s me we’re gonna pass this inspection
because I’m done and he came right back out and he was fighting good job
icecap the skunk one time you did then i scalped it didn’t hit it it’s not still
running around its got battle scars there anyway we’re gonna take this make
this a slow run and we’re gonna we’re gonna do a rolling restart we don’t need
it that’s gonna be too cold to ride and since we got reloaded we gotta go to
Walmart so some dog food god forbid baby hungry yeah we know
who’s the boss down the road Edward nigma see we made it into the day by cue you’re very deserving we’re in
Tucson back at the casino that we was at two weeks ago I’m so tempted to go back
to Mount Lemmon again but we’re not gonna do it apparently we are doing
rolling restarts me now I’m gonna make a steak we’re gonna watch Sabrina I’m
gonna make a steak he has a thing for vampire girls I don’t know what you
haven’t watched it yet Daniel told me I should watch it he says good maybe
there’s some skin in it I like skin anyway we’ll see you guys later over
closer to Dallas right you shaking them you’re gonna make them see something out
stop it you know I got the cerebral palsy or something see how she judges me because I’m
handicapped I will judge you all I want Victor nothing for you step on it we’ll
see you guys tomorrow well the next day night

15 thoughts on “D.O.T. IN A PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS”

  • I have gotten 2 inspection 2 weeks in roll past them, and they didn't have any sticker. I use to haul cattle we don't dump πŸ€£πŸ˜‰

  • Goodmorning y'all ✌️…y'all are greatπŸ˜‚…thanks for the video…..I'm sitn here drinking coffee and watching y'all's video. Great way to start the day 10-4πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

  • I've told others that I've heard a DOT officer say, the first thing he does on an inspection is open the drivers door and see what kind of clutter in on the floor around the drivers feet and that they have a pair of closed toe shoes or boots on.

  • Hey there Miss PPP – – – Way to go on your DOT inspection and the flip flops too!!!!
    Mom is feeling good this morning and I found out this morning too, those stitches the ER doctor put in her head are the kind of stitches that desolve themselves over a period of time, so that might be the reason why the ER doctor told me not to wash her hair for 6 days.
    I'm sending you a reminder too…. Lol…. to do a video on the man's dot inspection on the dirtiest nasty truck too, before he so quickly ended the video… Lol… like he didn't want anyone to know about that inspection… Lol… also tell him to make sure that the license plate light is fixed and not mess around about it either (rolling on the floor laughing my butt off)
    Happy trucking trails and stay safe

  • Good Morning U 2🌞
    I can't even imagine your big pretty truck covered in all that nasty stuff.πŸ™„πŸ™„
    When I first started driving the small company owner wanted all his trucks in the heated garage at night during the Winter months. I hit a skunk one day, thought I would be nice and leave it out that one night. Got bitched at by the "HEAD MECHANIC " so without saying a word I went unhooked, put it in the garage and took off for home. The next morning when I came to work it was sitting outside. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
    Served them right, right?
    Stay Safe πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Congrats on your inspection. However, you were no doubt using your feminine wiles on the inspector. And, he knew if he angered you, you might release the savage dingoes to tear him apart before his comrades hiding in the chicken coop could save him.

  • That load is going to area $51; lmao πŸ˜† my wife wanted me to go start the lawnmower so she could think it’s summer here with two feet of snow on the lawn

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