Customized Employment Integrations – Farm Assistant

Customized Employment Integrations – Farm Assistant

Me, I am paraplegic. I can barely use my legs, I can stand on them, but I have no balance, so I wallk with Canadian crutches. That is the way I move everywhere on the
farm and especially with my quad. When I
made my DVS at the Agricultural College of
Nicolet, the director gave me a leaflet to the SEMO. and it is how we managed to get in touch with SPHERE-Québec and were able to begin adapting my work
environment. Nicolas is a young man who has been
raised on a farm and always has worked on a farm. After his accident, he continued to have
activities on the farm. What stood out were two things: very big
motivation and the capacity for finding means to
compensate for his lack of mobility, mobility. Nicolas’ project, as such, allows him to work on a bovine husbandry farm, in spite of his limitations. The big steps of action in this case
were in the first place to receive a call. Do you think it would
be possible for SPHERE-Québec to bring help in this case? Obviously, we said yes. Contacts with
SPHERE-Québec are mainly for estimating what we need in terms of help from the
rehabilitation center and the occupational therapists, in order to build a case, get quotes and
present them to SPHERE-Québec. It is simple,
effective, and the focus is on the people’s needs.
It’s very easy to work with SPHERE-Québec because we are well supervised from the
start. They guide us well with the needs of our employee. In other words, we prioritize what has to
be done in order to improve his efficiency. At
the paperwork level, we don’t have many forms, we review
together what must be done, we sign, and the supervision is very good. For the greater part, the agricultural
machinery was adapted for Nicholas’ work. Nicholas gained a lot of efficiency and time, which is good. Among the things that SPHERE-Québec allowed to be adapted, there are the barriers to go to pastures, the
remote control for the spreading of pig manure, there is my lift which helps me get on or get off my tractor. It is one screw without break with an electric engine at
the top used for rising and coming down. Then I press on a button on the edge of
the cabin inside the tractor. And those are all
things that help me do my work, like a pro! Well, I cannot do everything
here in the first place and instead of coming down to do manual
work and then later work on the machinery, he stays on the machinery and I do the
rest. We fully complete each other and are very effective together. A project like this one allows the
employers to see that it is possible to integrate a person with
disabilities, and then this person becomes productive
and competitive. In the Ranch Macandi project, we paid to adapt equipment, we also contributed on the wage level. There was also a partner in this case called Emploi-Québec, who contributed to the purchase of a
cage for keeping back the animals. In essence, we team up to better help the
person. What we can learn from this project or
what it tells us, what it sets as an example is that nothing is impossible. There are lots of possibilities that we would not have thought of in order to give access to employment to people who have limitations. Everything is possible, there is nothing impossible in life!

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