Custom Air Force 1 Dragon Ball Z

Custom Air Force 1 Dragon Ball Z

Hi everyone
Hope you’re fine Today
Custom on … An Air Force One So this one
Its the basic for custom sneakers Its the best
Basic model for custom It’s white, smooth, great surfaces To do something really nice So Today
The theme is… Dragon Ball Z Im so happy Really, I love manga So im really excited I look forward to work on it
To see how it will be So we’re not going to wait any longer Let’s Go ! And Voila ! Custom is done
It was a hard work Here’s the result Really, its was a lot of work I will put some pics of it so you will see the details I really enjoy working on it Loved it I love manga so Dragon Ball Z , club Dorothée
(old popular French tv show that puts first on screen Japanese animation) Its the basic
Its where all begun So it was really cool to work on it Here’s the result with a beautiful black matte I’m really satisfied about the rendering If you enjoy this vid Dont forget to thumbs up Subscribe, share, comment
Its always a pleasure If you need custom info If you want to order a custom shoes Contact me on Instagram Just send me a dm And we will talk about it And so Voila ! Thanks for watching Ciao Bye bye!

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