Crossamphibian Swift 2: A step towards more sustainable footwear | Inside Salomon

Crossamphibian Swift 2: A step towards more sustainable footwear | Inside Salomon

So we did the Crossamphibian shoes, We wanted to explore new sustainabiility fields and finding new materials to make shoes. It is a super important step because of course we have a sustainability program in the company which is called Play Minded Program, and this is the first time that this is visible on our products. The Crossamphibian Swift 2 is the first shoe in Salomon history with an upper designed with sustainability in mind. It’s a very important first step which we will follow up with other sandals as well as other categories. We used recycled plastic bottles for the textile parts here on the front, back and side parts on the inside here. The corn fiber was used for the synthetic parts right here. And finally the insole is made using coffee ground. This shoe, the Crossamphibian Swift 2; is the perfect outdoor shoe for any summer adventure. It can be worn with socks or without socks, it has a unique feature that is the collapsible hill, that is really nice for chilling inside or outside the tent, to go travelling And it has a water-ready feature, which is good because it evacuates the water, the sole that is designed to be really grippy on wet surfaces So this shoe is really the go to shoe for any summer activity The challenge is to change, we need to change at a company level and also look for new ways of innovations, and also being able to look for new materials, for example. This is just a start because we have a full program regarding sustainability at Salomon, and we have targets towards 2025. One of those is to have all of our new products with their social and environmental performances visible by the consumers. The other one is to have all our new
products designed with one or several circular economic principles in mind. In the future you will see more sustainable shoes at Salomon and of course, the Crossamphibian Swift is just a beginning.

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