Welcome! Crafting Videos! That’s right, Edgar. We’re making a crafting video, but not for you, Edgar. Go away! Go away, Edgar! This is not your video! So cute Hi, Dogy!! So, we got Dogy. We had him for a while, but I never showed him on my channel He’s a hedgehog. So, obviously we have a hedgehog. He’s really fast, as you can tell. But, you know what I say? Not fast enough! Obviously, Dogy needs his Sonic classic shoes. Basically, I didn’t know what to film today. Marzia is like, ‘Why don’t you craft something?’ So, we’re gonna make some shoes for Dogy. So, to make Sonic’s shoes, we have some red felt, some thicker, to make the sole. We get the yellow and we got the whites and if we’re feeling real crazy we’ll make him a hat as well. I’ve literally never crafted anything in my life, so I don’t know why I thought I was qualified to do this. But, here we go! Okay, so we’re gonna grab the sole. This is like a thickerrrr uhhhhhh… plastic-y thing. Marzia went and bought it at the craft store with me. We went to the craft store for this video. Okay, we got one sole done. We are working with extreme precision here, okay? This is not some kind of sad sunday F: DYI do D… M: DIY. F: DIY. M: *laughs* F: You think that’s funny? So, there we go. We got- We got two of the soles done. Maya approves. Do you approve, Maya? *thinking* *going to look for food* I think that’s a yes! F: Okay, so the next step is that we need to make the sh- that, the front bit of the foot. M: Mhm. F: Alright? This bit. You know if this is- I’m making it for myself. It would be this bit. You know what I’m sayin. Do you understand me?! *nod your head* I need to match the- this bit with the sole. Okay, so we’re gonna trace it and we’re using the more fabricated and I’m gonna go a little bit on the outside. Cuz, we need it to be a little bigger. Right, Marzia? Is that correct? M: Mhm. See that was intuition. Years of- W-What would previously take years of knowledge, took me literally just by my intellect to figure out myself. You know people go to school. They go to crafting school. I didn’t even go to crafting school. So, you know that stupid, ‘you laugh, you lose’, video where there’s a hedgehog? There’s someone rubs the belly of their hedgehog. Well, that’s why we have a hedgehog in case anyone is wondering. We looked at it and we were like that’s so cute. We want a hedgehog now. So, there you go. That’s how you get a hedgehog. Okay? Now, we’re gonna… Yeah, no. No, this looks like Sonic shoes if you ask me. Alright, a little secret glue gun. Glue gun. All the pros use them. All the pros. Look at Maya. She uses one. And, while the glue gun is heating up. We’re gonna figure out. Uh, there’s the top. *dies a little* There’s a top bit that goes over, as well. We’re gonna cut that out. It requires extreme precision and conce- *dies a bit more* concentration. This is basically like I’m playing Cuphead right now. That’s how difficult this is. Video game journalist would not be able to do this. *boom roasted* We’re getting there, dude. I’m- I’m like already proud, but I know what you’re thinking: ‘Felix, this isn’t hold. This doesn’t hold at all.’ *clicking sounds and shaky camera movement* Oh! Oh! Oh! Go away! There you go. M: Didn’t catch any of that. F: You gotta, you got to be able to keep up. If you’re going with PewDiePie’s crafting. My new channel. “It’s my new channel.” is also an original joke made by me. No other YouTuber has made this joke about making a crafting channel and then not actually doing it. There we go! So, we’re gonna cut a hole for where the footsies go in, right? M: Mhm. F: Right? M: Mhm. F: Right, that’s why we’re doing this, right? M: Yep. F: So, I’m just gonna… M: Not too big! My said I know my Amazing do I call me to me? Oh yeah, but that’s how many shoes to sunny cab. Where’s ya? How’s this hole? Is that a good hole? That not too small her phrase little feetsies. It’s kind of fun Never crafted in my life before another stroke of genius that I got it’s that You know now we made the soul a little too small so what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna glue it on the inside out which is what I came up with myself Number this is my idea this is it this is how you explain it? Goodnight look at that oh Wait oh oh no. Oh, it’s really. Hot ow are we so as you can see here with my hands. I am adjusting The other shoe, this is the one my step try to help me win And this is the Is the one I’m doing I should have made them for you my instead there would have been way easy Okay, so as you can see it. We’re gluing I’m gluing With great precision we’re hard at work over here Being busy being crafty be cool all right You can see here a clear improvement guess which one is mine You know what? Don’t worry about it Come on nice We’re not done. We have to add the sock Sonic has a little sock on him. How are you? So good at the glue gun cuz like when I press it so much comes out sonic who fan Are you have any sonic fans? Oh you best, okay? quickly quickly quickly quick Look at that sonic shoe, man Yeah melted skin from the speed of these shoe why do I get so much glue? I don’t get it man crafting sucks. Man. This is for doggy. Okay our beloved child He needs this you may wondering what I’m doing. I’m making an egg a ring, okay I’m making a ring because we know sonic loves rings, and we don’t know He actually he loves your jewellery doesn’t he oh my god sonic doggy loves rings as well that looks like a ring This is like an homage to all them like sonic memes or whatever they didn’t turn out that bad right It could have been worse. I think for my very first crafting. This is part 1 out of 500 by the way This is I this came out of clean now that I know where you’re asking are those actually gonna fit his feet probably not no He’s a little grumpy right now. He’s is looking at me like what the hell Sea salt spiked up right now. He’s got one in his head there. We go. Hey look what we got you oh We should probably have measured because these are too small You don’t like the shoes doggy what I tried. This is my first crafting. I haven’t even crafted for Eddie. Please love me small Good no Doggy, do you like the ring okay? So uh? Mines yeah you did this You made another pair because we ran out of battery in the camera. Oh this fits pretty good As you can see this was a great idea Are you serious we did two pairs and none of them faint are okay? Let’s put on his stupid hat then battle while you were busy crafting murder. Yeah, I made this very beautiful Sonic hat which I’m sure he will absolutely Adore so that was one of many series if anything you guys know got to see doggy a little bit Maybe next time we’ll do something for sleeping. This is crack crack Crafting with pills and I will see you in the next episode Goodbye, he wants to sleep here. He was sleeping here before suck you squat BAM ciao Okay since that was a complete failure and the Hat was the best thing right I know what you’re thinking Sleepy needs a hat right, so we’re gonna make a hat for slippy because he’s been asking me for a long time He’s like feet feeler Come on, man, aren’t you making me a hat so I can wear so we’re gonna cut off this little piece This is gonna be the front of the Hat like you know the cap It would be cute of hats where this tiny Alright, this is gonna be the front of the Hat. This is some supreme shit Sleepy as the hype these people don’t know we’re gonna glue that I feel like I know what I’m doing this time You know I mean I know what I’m doing every time. Okay, so now we have a little bit extra Don’t worry extra is okay, because then we can cut it out just like I cut out my Marriage Maya is so jealous that we are filming this. She’s like why are you not filming me? Extreme precision when I do this try and keep up in case if you have a toad or a hedgehog This is a great tutorial that you can do yourself okay, we’re gonna put the glue on the Edge of the thing this is the weirdest bit how did PewDiePie end up here? I am I just want to apologize to the DIY community on YouTube It’s starting to look like a cap we as you can tell we have a little bit extra, but why did we say? Extra is good. What’s wrong with this? What’s wrong with this you and why this I’m gonna grab a white marker to get the supreme logo on it drop very carefully This is really hard I’m actually focused Make pretty pike right again I Have to skip out on a ladder and it’s kind of like a tweet she looks like Super Mario So cute all right here we go I’m so excited Okay Slippy how you doing buddy. I see now immediately that I overestimated your size. Oh my god. Oh My god it actually worked He loves it he’s not pooping or anything He looks extremely angry he’s like what is on my face dude. Oh my god They worked. I’m I’m a crafter. I’m a crafter Confirm that was it. I’m exhausted. I’m so tired. That’s it for me for now squad flame out

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