Converse One Star Pro Ox Rub Off Leather SKU:8812274

Hey! How’s going guys? My name is Joe and this is the One Star Pro Ox Rub Off Leather, this is from Converse Now these shoes are gonna be perfect for hitting the skatepark, and just chill with your homies It’s made with a durable suede leather combination here on the upper Got that clean toe up front, and they’ve added that extra bit of rubber up front, you’ll get a lot longer skate life The shoe itself is very flexible, you’ve got great board fill out of this guy Got the super sticky rubber on the outsole with the classic Converse diamond tread Then here on the interior, check this out, still that traditional cushioning we’ve got a Lunarlon cushioning, it’s very lightweight, very shock-absorbing it’s perfect for those heavy landings To built and take a beating, keep on going To give this one a try! It’s from Converse Let’s get two together! Very balanced shoes as you can see, very balanced It’s from Converse

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