Chicom PLA 80’s Roughout Leather boots (Quick review)

Chicom PLA 80’s Roughout Leather boots (Quick review)

Greetings,Comrades! In this video,i’ll be taking a look at the Chinese leather boots Before we get into the review itself,We have to take a look at the history first This boots was used in the late 80’s around Tiananmen Square protest time For the Infantry and Enlisted men The Officer would use a black shoes There’s not a lot of information about this since this shoes is quite rare and expensive I found one on Taobao for 200 USD I got mine for 81 USD which is quite good the shoes of this quality and price i guess and yeah that is pretty much the short history of it,There’s not a lot of thing to say about this This shoes was also use along with the green canvas shoes This shoes is a roughout leather with a steel toe It has 5 eyelids and a brown shoelaces This is what the inside look like It’s all stiched together except for this part,They have to like to in the nail On the bottom is made of rubber This shoes is surpisingly high quality since it’s a repro I could not find any original Which is again like i said,It’s quite rare That is pretty much it

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