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– Did you hear that? He fell asleep. We are talking fine leather goods. Fine leather goods! Everyone has to have their
own scent, and my scent right now is Ambassador by Old Spice. She can drink it out of this bomb mug! Noodle, what do you think? Noodle loves things that are mass market. He looked at this and
he goes, “hand crafted?” (upbeat music) Hi everyone, thank you so much for watching this weeks episode
of Tools of the Trade My name is Jonathan, this is Noodle, and this is the show where we find out what everyday items
everyday entrepreneurs need to get through their day. And this week we are featuring another one of the icons from the
icons of our tribe series, Nik Verma. Now Nik is amazing because she traveled to India one time, and she fell in love with the handmade leather sandal that’s popular there, called a chappal. What she loved most about it was that it was made by artisans, it was something she felt good wearing, and it wasn’t fast fashion, right? This was something that you buy, you break in and you wear to death, and it lasts you a really long time. And Nik brought this idea over to Vancouver, where she lives, and she opened her own business,
Chappals Chappals. And we are so proud to be able to share the box that she curated with you because, anytime we can encounter an entrepreneur who truly makes stuff with their hands, I’m always the most impressed because I have no technical skill or creativity in that vein at all. Nik, I’m very inspired by you, I love the stuff that you make. I can’t wait to get into this box! Also, Noodle, is just like perfect right now. He’s a perfect, sleepy angel, and we’re going to see how long we can make that last. The first item we have in here is from Le Labo. (laughing) From Le Labo. Ooh, what is that scent? I
wonder what her scent is. (upbeat music) So, Le Labo is a very famous oh my god, why do I keep dropping stuff? This is a perfume, it’s a perfumery. So Le Labo is a very well-known perfumery in New York City. I can imagine that it’s located a bunch of other places as well. Oh, what’s this? A little book? 26 removable sheets, so it looks like in here what we’ve got is we’ve got a perfume, and we’ve got a notebook or a sketchpad of some kind. (upbeat music) Oh, it’s a perfumed notepad. Nik, the taste! Oh my god, I buy my
notepads from Duane Reade. So this notepad is actually scented which is something that I’ve never encountered before. But what I think is great about this is if you want to write like handmade letters or you want to write notes to people, or even, you know, just
give it away as a gift, this is really really, special This is really high
quality, very well made, something that’s not
gonna fall apart on you. And, she put a signature perfume in here as well, which I think is great cause everyone has to have their own scent. And my scent right now is Ambassador, by Old Spice, cause I just ran to CVS to buy some cause I forgot to put it on this morning. It was very jarring, and I went what’s that smell? Noodle, is that you? No, it’s me! And if I had been to Le Labo, I probably never would’ve even had that issue, but I did. So this is a beautiful scented perfume, an actual scented notebook. I always like the idea of having a scent just because you probably meet other business professionals, and it’s something I think that kind of elevates you. “Oh, I smell like Rose 31”, and that’s amazing and they remember that, that’s going to make a
large impact on people. I think this is an incredible edition, you’ve got fine taste,
and I might steal this. Okay, the next item we have is oh, it’s just a pretty mug I love this! (pleasant music) I like this also ’cause you can tell that this is handmade. She talks about this all the time in her icons video if you get a chance to look at it, but she loves handmade goods, she loves supporting artisans, and she loves supporting people who pour themselves
into their craft, and they’re not afraid to put themselves out there to try and sell it. And I can imagine that this
is exactly that product. There’s a thing in the bottom right here, 300 gram bag of Ethiopia East
Guji Sawana coffee beans. (upbeat music) So what we know is that not only do you get the mug, but there’s coffee that’s coming with it. And apparently when we ordered this, it’s so fancy that it took very long to get to us, so instead of having it in this box, we put a nice
little I owe you in here. When you win this box,
whoever chooses to enter, you will get the bag of
coffee that comes with it. How great that she did that combination, a lot of people put coffee
in their boxes and I again, I think more
than anything, what that says is that entrepreneurs, first of all, they’re all human, right? And a lot of humans get
tired every now and then, especially if you’re
running your own business, but again another one of
these aspects that you can tell that this is probably local, this is probably a really
high quality product, and it’s probably something that is not sort of mass produced. And she can drink it out of this bomb mug! Noodle, what do you think? Honestly, Noodle loves
things that are mass market. He looked at this and
he goes, “hand crafted? Give me something from
Marshalls any day of the week.” Noodle, okay, we get it. All right, the next item we have in the Nik Verma box is Oh, this is great! Oh my god, wait I want to
loot everything this woman, oh my god I might take
this box for myself. It’s a reusable string shopping bag. (upbeat music) So this is really cool. I’m not going to take it out, but I don’t know if you can like zoom in on this or anything. String bag that you can bring to you to the market, you can bring it to the farmers market. It’s a 100% certified
organic cotton carrier for vegetables and fruits. I can imagine that you can carry some other things in here if you need to. More than anything, this again, it speaks hugely to Nik’s sort of passion towards against fast fashion, like this is something you use all the time. This is something that’s
not going to make waste, this is something that you’re going to feel good about every time you go to the grocery store and you buy your produce. You never have to waste plastic on those. Right, that’s not something,
or paper, for that matter. I love that this was included in this, I can absolutely see her in her pair of Chapels, just walking in the market, breaking in a nice new pair of leather shoes, bam, got to get my fruit, boom, got to get my vegetables. Bam, and she’s got a bag for it. I think that’s brilliant, I love this. I really do think this is an incredible edition of this. And I can’t believe that I don’t get to steal this. Maybe I’ll put Noodle in it. I wonder what the weight limit is. I wonder how tough these fibers are. Noodle’s 25 very dense pounds. Okay, oh, this is really cool! It’s a one year, eight issue subscription to Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Oh, this is cool! (upbeat music) So this is just a group-on, so when you win this, or you get this, you can go ahead and subscribe. So Nik is an avid traveler, and obviously when she was in India is when she was inspired to start her business, and how great that she’s sort of made this successful, because even if you can’t get out of the country, like maybe not this month, maybe not next month, having this magazine will make you feel a little closer to the
world around you I think. And it’s got beautiful pictures, and who does not love a coffee table magazine? Could you imagine, people come into your home or your business, “Oh I wonder, is she legit? Oh, is that eight issues
of Conde Nast traveler? Oh yeah, she’s legit,
she’s got the group-on.” And you can probably
learn a lot too, right? You probably learn a lot about different cultures, about different things going around in the world, so
maybe you can make a plan and you can go and find the next big international product
to bring domestic. Or, if you’re like Nik, to Canada. Okay, and the final item we have in this bag, but I keep calling it bag, it’s not a bag, I love that
silk bag, cotton bag. Oh my god, I love that cotton bag. Oh these are pens,
Sakura Pigma Micron pens. So these are nice sketching pens. (upbeat music) I can imagine that this is, these are crucial for Nik in her business with sketching out different designs for shoes she wants to make, cause she makes them all by hand, right? That’s one of the best
things about Chapels is that these are handmade shoes. Machines do not get involved in this, you have to know, not only what the shoe is going to look like at the end, but you have to know the designs, you have to know all the steps of: this is where you weave first, this is when you put the sole on it. I’m not even going to pretend like I have any idea how that happens. I think this is an
incredible edition here, whether you are, again, whether you are creative or you’re just
somebody who, you know is working on product development, on packaging design, you know, if you’re starting your business and you’re selling your first product and you have to think of packaging for it, you might need to start somewhere. Right, with your own design if you want to take your own
hand at it, and I think that this is an incredible
edition here, and speaks loudly to how much she cares about the design of her shoes, not only to the materials, but how they’re made, the design of them. It’s every aspect of the
process she has control over. Did you hear that? He fell asleep. Noodle, we are talking fine leather goods. Fine leather goods! His hearing is going, so
he’s not going to wake up, and we’ll just kind of run with that. But that’s everything, that’s
everything in this box! And I know, I’m kind
of grateful they didn’t put eight separate issues
of Conde Nast Traveler magazine in here, but I love that they did put a group-on in. I am so inspired by everything
that I saw in this box. I really can’t get over
how much I love this bag. I think I might have to
go buy one myself, but I think more than anything that this really spoke to her day-to-day right? This is, she’s not only is she, someone who like, has this product and she makes this product, but she lives by these rules, right? This whole idea of, it’s not fast fashion. This is something that is durable, this is something that you’re going to be able to walk in and wear for years, and you’re not going
to have to worry about all the waste of recycling
shoes, getting rid of shoes, getting rid of, you know, garments, whatever it might be. You can tell that she really puts that into every aspect of her life. And she really is thoughtful about how she’s impacting the world with both herself, and her business. And, if you loved this video, please be sure to head to our YouTube channel and like, subscribe, and ring the bell on our page so that you
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to you every single week. So, from myself, from Noodles, and for this unbelievable,
deliriously amazing cotton vegetable bag, thank you so much for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

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