Cat Boots Unboxing! SUPER CUTE! + OOTD | T.U.K. Footwear

Cat Boots Unboxing! SUPER CUTE! + OOTD | T.U.K. Footwear

*Singing terribly* Show me the meaning of being lonely. *Singing is sped up* Is this the feeling I need to walk with. Tell me why *Singing speed goes back to normal* I can’t be there where you *Singing speed is slowed down* arr—rrre. There’s something missing in my heart. And it’s cat shoes. *Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely by Backstreet Boys song plays* Lyrics: Show me the meaning of being lonely. Hey, guys! So, how you guys doing? I am finally back after a little hiatus
here. I don’t mean to be gone for so long but I go on trips sometimes. And then, all
my energy goes to that. And then, I have to recover. And then, I’m just like–AAHH! So, I don’t know how I… *elongates vowel* came across this brand. I just heard of them. Sorry. My–I think these lashes might be a little bit too
long for my glasses. Maybe they are falling off. I don’t know. I somehow came
across this brand I think it might have been Kat Von D (vaccinate your kids) or a Graveyard Girl or somebody introduced to me– introduced this brand to me, I mean. So, somehow I found them.
And then, I found out that they have vegan shoes too, in which I thought was
cool. And I’m like–they have cat shoes. Must order cat shoes. So, then my life
will be complete once I make a cat outfit. I don’t know. Maybe I should buy a cat
outfit now? I think I know where to get the last piece of cat– *Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely by Backstreet Boys song plays* Lyrics: There’s something missing in my heart. outfit. Anyway, I might do it. I don’t
know. Maybe I won’t. Anyways, I have this box here that has been sitting here for a like month. Maybe more. I don’t know. It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to film this video and I just never got around to it until now. So, I’m gonna reach over and it does come with its own like–Oh! It’s on the box
and stuff. I don’t really want to show you the box because it has my address on
it. So, I’m just gonna open the box off camera here. And then, show you the actual shoe box. Oh, yeah! And pros of working in retail
before is that they give you free box cutters and you can take them home. And
they have been super useful. So, I’m super happy that at least something good came
out of me working in retail. So, box has been opened and I’m just gonna set my box cutter down and I still haven’t seen the actual box. I’m gonna open it right
now. It’s like a red stripey print kind of design. Red and black, anyway. And it
has TUK right there. And I got my size in size 9 because then I can wear a little
bit of bigger socks or um… *Cricket chirps* What is the word for these things? Orthotics! If I get orthotics, I can stick them probably in these shoes too. So, this is cool. And oh, my gosh! Ooh! I like that this can be recycled. It’s like a little sheet that they have right here. Ooh! It smells. It smells like brand new car or
something I can’t get enough that smell. I don’t
know why I like it so much, but here’s a little silica gel thing. Goodbye. Oh! And it says vegan right here. Right on the tag. Oh, my gosh! These are so cute! So, here’s
one of the shoes. *Singing* AAAAAWWWWW! *Singing higher* HAAAAAA! I did not hold my breath well to keep going on that. But
anyways. So… Oh, my gosh! These are so much cuter in real life. I hope these are not
too big. They seem pretty wide actually. Which I don’t mind. It’s nice to have
like a wider shoe, cause then you can actually move your feet around. For being
faux leather I feel like this looks really really nice and high quality. It
doesn’t feel cheap anyway. It has a little zipper here. Oh, my gosh! That’s so easy to zip up and down so far. So, that’s nice. And I love this little detailing in the bottom of the little bones and the skull. That’s really cool. But I just love
this little tail right here that they like–sewed in, because it’s not like you
want tails when you’re walking around… on your feet, anyway. That would be kind of awkward. Look at how cute that is! I love it! It’s little whiskers, little eyes, little
nose, little ears And I love this little white detail over here. And the other shoe is the exact same pretty much. It has like–the face and stuff. And I just
really adore the face. And this is my first unboxing video I feel like I’ve
ever done, regarding shoes or clothes or something I think.
And I guess I’ll have to try these on. I’m not sure if I want to try these on
today because then I have to put on socks. And then, I don’t really have the
means of filming something really cool with an outfit right now with this
because I need somebody else’s help. I feel like these should fit, okay. Maybe I should try them on now with no socks. And then, there’s this little things that all
shoes come with and has cardboard in which I’m gonna recycle. More paper. The laces are–I feel
like–the right kind of shoelace. You know. Sometimes, some shoes come with like–these really cheap shoelace or something. And it’s like–impossible to tie them. This
one doesn’t feel like that anyway. *Somber music plays* I just realized one of these untied. *Other person* Yeah. Well, let’s get a recording you tying your shoes. That’s… That’s so hot. Me: Oh, yeah! These shoelaces need to be longer! I’m wondering how hard it is gonna be
for me to put this on. Oh, my gosh! That was actually pretty easy. I don’t know if I can show you guys but here it fits on my foot. I was scared it was gonna be too big for a
second there but I think this is definitely my size. Sorry. I did not
breathe enough to talk for that full sentence there. I have to show you guys
the full outfit with these, because– I don’t know. I feel like the video would
not be complete without like–a full outfit of the day look. It’s gonna walk
to you. Then, lick you–I don’t know. Whatever cats do. I guess sniff you and
scratch you and bite you and play with you though and be all cuddly with you. Yes! I’m so excited I can actually use these now. Anyway! Cue the outfit of the
day part. Bye! *Techno music gets louder*

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  • Hello Friend how are you? I greet you from Argentina and believe that I like the video of your boots very much, they look very beautiful and you look great! They are also very well combined with the clothes you wear! Friend, I wanted to ask you a question, can those boots be worn without socks? Are you comfortable using them like that? you use them in the video without socks? bone your bare feet? It would be super cool if you made a video tutorial of your boots and shows how you put them on and talk about them, it would be very useful. I hope you like my suggestion and that you take it for good! Greetings and congratulations for everything you do! it's very cool!

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