Capsule Wardrobe For Men – 37 Items You Need To Create Stylish Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter Outfits

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In today’s video we discuss capsule wardrobe for men, what it is, we touch the history,
what it’s benefits are and whether it’s right for you or not. Of course I also discuss
my capsule wardrobe for fall-winter and spring-summer so you have a good starting point. Capsule
wardrobe is a term you hear all over the place but first let’s establish what the term
actually means? Basically, it’s a small collection of outfits with a sole purpose
or maximizing the use of each item meaning everything works well with one another so you get a maximum
number of outfits with minimal wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe includes only the everyday
essentials you have in your wardrobe and the idea is that you have something that you could
wear for three months exclusively. It follows the quality over quantity approach
and it’s supposed to reduce the dissatisfaction with your wardrobe even though you have a
lot of items. Overall the capsule wardrobe is a minimalist approach to clothing and it
does not include accessories. Personally, I love clothes but I had to resort to a capsule
wardrobe when I was traveling for 105 days around the world. Because of that I had to
carefully think what items am I going to wear, what climate zones will I be in and then I
could only choose what I had without buying anything more because we travel all the time
and having heavy luggage and overweight luggage is not fun to travel with. Chances are you’ve
created your own capsule wardrobe whenever you travel for an extended period of time. So the capsule wardrobes been around since
1970s and the phrase was actually coined by a boutique in London. In the 1980s Donna Karan
released a capsule collection that was geared towards women and the idea was to have items
that all work with one another. So why could a capsule wardrobe make sense
for you? First of all, if you’re going to go on a long trip or any trip at all, it’s
really good to have items that you can combine with one another because it gives you more
options and you don’t have to haul heavy stuff with you. It’s also great for people
who have a large closet and many items of clothing yet they can’t see to the trees
for the forest and they don’t know what to wear. It could also be good for you if
you wear the same things over and over again or if you have 3 or 4 different versions of
very similar items such as the blazer yet you’re never entirely happy with each or anyone
of those items. So what are the big benefits of a capsule
wardrobe. First of all, it’s a very conscious process which forces you to think and therefore
generally reach better results. Each item in your collection has a specific purpose and you
have to check beforehand if you can wear it with one another or if it goes with existing
items that you already have on your wardrobe. As a result you take your clothes shopping
a lot more seriously. And as a result, you’ll likely be a lot happier with your choices
because everything works with one another you bring down the cost per wear enormously.
On the flip side that means you can now invest in higher quality garments that cost more
because you buy fewer of them. It also means you stop settling for garments that are just
okay and you go for really really good. On top of that you learn how to utilize accessories
to really change your look because at the end of the day, a pocket square, a bowtie
or a tie are a lot less expensive yet the look can be the same as if buying an entirely new
suit. If you live in a big city where large closets and apartments are very expensive
or you if you just don’t have enough closet space, the capsule wardrobe is a godsend because
it significantly reduces the amount of space you need for your clothes. Also you can have
a hundred bow ties or ties that take up as much space as a single suit so having a large
number of accessories won’t hinder you from having a really versatile wardrobe once you
have that capsule collected. So how do you create a capsule wardrobe. First
of all, choose a 3 month period because that’s a good time frame. It’s not too long, it’s
not too short that will help you to choose the right pieces. Initially, you look what
you already have in your wardrobe that you will like to wear and that you think you can
combine with other pieces. Ideally, you do all this two weeks before you actually need
it. Which means two weeks before the season starts two weeks before your trip or whatever
that event is. Of course, if you go on a hiking trip, you need a very different outfits than
if you’re going to go on Vienna and you visit operas all day long. Rather than just
going out and buying everything new, I suggest to focus on what you already have because
you know what it looks like, know what it feels like, know what its shortcomings are
and its benefits. Then fill in the gaps from there. Store all the other clothing away or donate
to people in need. Force yourself to not wear anything outside of your capsule wardrobe.
It makes you creative and as I said before accessories are not part of that so that’s
where you really start creating your unique looks always having that same jacket. So what does my personal capsule wardrobe
look like? Basically I decided I need about thirty seven items. Now when I say a three-piece
suit, that’s already 3 items. For the fall-winter season, I would choose 2-3 piece suits, one
in gray flannel and one in a small houndstooth maybe in brown or gray and white. I would also
go with a navy solid 2-piece suit, a brown needle head suit or maybe brown striped suit,
choose one of them. And then maybe a mid gray suit or something with a pattern such as a
nice classic glen check or prince of wales check. On top of that I would add 2 sport
coats. Definitely a tweed coat maybe in a herringbone pattern, even brown and then maybe
a navy blue flannel blazer double breasted with patch pockets and differing maybe blonde
horn buttons just so I have a different look from just my regular navy jacket for my suit. I had three vests, one maybe a burgundy doeskin,
another one a bottle green velvet or different fabric, maybe tweed. And then sweater vest
also in a color that works well such as camel or gray maybe or blue. Because it’s cold
outside I would add a peacoat which is a shorter coat and you can learn more about the garment
here. As well as a Paletot which is a stylish overcoat maybe in a gray color with a black
velvet collar, that way it’s formal. I can wear it with a tuxedo but I can also wear
it in any kind of suit and during midday. Obviously a tuxedo is a very special item
and you have to decide if you need it or not depending on the events that you’re going
to attend in the next three months. In terms of shirts, I suggest you go with 8 basic ones
which includes a white shirt with a french cuff and a regular collar or something that
suits your face A light blue shirt maybe with barrel cuffs. An oxford shirt definitely with
barrel cuffs and a crew shirt which you can wear with tweeds or casual outfits. Also you
may want to invest in twill shirt in a pastel color such as pink or purple, green or yellow
simply because it adds a different note to your outfit. For pants, I’ll go with corduroys, maybe
olive green or brown, definitely add a pair of gray flannel. If I have already gray flannel
suit, I’d skip that maybe go with a doeskin or a pair of chinos. For sweaters, I’d go with a v neck sweater
because I wear a lot of ties. If you don’t you could get a round crew neck. Color wise
I’d stick with burgundy or bottle green. You can also go with blues or grays or whatever
you prefer but I would also suggest you go with a cardigan because you can button it
up. Its just a slightly different garment. Its very comfortable and always make sure
to go with a different color than what you chose for your sweater. For shoes, I’d go with 3 pairs. A black
classic cap toe oxford. Then a mid-brown derby shoe and a burgundy loafer. To learn more
about the specifics of these 3 shoes please check out our in depth video here. Because it’s winter I also want 2 pairs
of boots and ideally you want to have a chelsea boot and a chukka boot. And to learn more
about those, please check out our boot video here. Now if you live or travel to a warmer
climate, your capsule wardrobe will look entirely different. First of all, because it’s warmer
I’d skip any type of 3 piece suits and only go with 2 pieces. My picks would be a fresco
suit maybe in a mid gray or something in blue. Then a tropical worsted one that’s in a
different color maybe slightly lighter and a seersucker suit. To learn more about seersucker,
please check out this guide here. Because it’s a warmer climate you can be
more daring and you can have more sport coats. I suggest to go with a blue and white checked
cotton sport coat maybe a brown linen sport coat something in green. Also something of
a mix maybe with a silk blend just to get a different texture and you can get a coarser
weave such as a Panama weave because it just provides a different look to your outfits.
Ideally you also want to have at least one checked item in there, such as a glen check
or an overcheck one is small one is bigger so you don’t just end up with solids. For more casual outings, I’d thrown in a
Harrington jacket and you can learn more about that in out full fledge guide here. Again,
I would 8 dress shirts however slightly differently, I would have open weave shirts that are really
breathable in white, in light blue. Only stick with very pastel colors because it works really
well summer. Instead of using all cotton you can experiment with linen cotton blends or
even some silk blends. They are more coarse. They have modeled look. They wrinkle in a
different way and they are just more casual and seasonally appropriate. For pants, I suggest you go with nantucket
red pair of cotton trousers because it’s very contrasty. It has a preppy feel. I’d
go with maybe a beige seersucker pants if you already have a blue seersucker suit. I’d
add a navy pair of slacks in solid color. just for very office appropriate wear and
in a tropical worsted because its the perfect material for hot summers. And then I would
add a mid blue pair of linen pants which is also very versatile and brighter in it’s
color. Of course you always want to thrown in a khaki pair of chinos because it goes
with anything. You could dress it up or down, super versatile, you can learn all about it
in this video here. If you wear shorts, go maybe with something
like madras shorts which would be my personal pick. Then I would go with a needle head and
maybe something else in linen. For my dress shoes I would get 3 pairs probably
a plain derby in a mid brown or a full brogue in an oxford brown or the other way around
as well as a tan light loafer or a penny loafer or tassel loafer because those three colors
are more seasonally appropriate rather than a black oxford that wouldn’t go so well
with the other items in your spring summer capsule wardrobe. Last but not the least, I would add a pair
of boat shoes because you can wear it barefoot. It’s comfortable, it has a much more casual
look and for the same reason maybe add a pair of driving mocs which you can wear driving
or at a resort. To learn more about boat shoes check out this video. To learn more about
driving mocs, have a look here. Now all these suggestions were just highly
personalized to my tastes and they may not work for you. I you want to learn more about
it, please go to our full fledged guide where we have 2 additional wardrobes laid out for
you that you can take as a foundation and then change things as you see fit. If you enjoyed this video, please give us
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