Can A T-Shirt Be Stylish? | 7 Tips To Dress Up Men’s Tee Shirts

Can A T-Shirt Be Stylish? | 7 Tips To Dress Up Men’s Tee Shirts

The t-shirt, a classic part of a man’s core
wardrobe. In today’s video, I’m going to talk about
how you can wear a t-shirt with style. Tip number one. Nail the fit. Now, with a lot of other pieces of clothing
you can get it adjusted to fit you properly; jackets, dress shirts, but with t-shirts you
got to find the brand that fits you properly. So, when you put on a t-shirt, these are the
key points you want to look at. Look at the shoulder points. Right in here you want to make sure that it
aligns exactly with your shoulders. If it goes down too low or if it’s too tight,
you’re going to want to find another brand. Then, look in the chest area and just understand
that a medium in one brand is not going to fit the same as a medium in another. You want to find a company that’s using a
model, who has a similar build to you. Then, look in the torso. If you’ve got a great body that you’ve taken
care of, you want to make sure that it has the right type of taper. If you have a little bit of weight in the
midsection, you want to have something has a looser fit. Then, the length of a t-shirt, you could possibly
get that adjusted, but it is something I will try to find a brand that has a length, so
when you raise your hands up it actually still covers your midsection. Unless you’re going to wear it untucked, then
you can go a little bit shorter. Now, the length of the sleeves, you want to
pay attention find what’s right for you. If you have a more muscular build, you can
go with something shorter. If you have a very thin build, you want to
make sure it doesn’t flare out and that perhaps it’s bit longer. Tip number two. Pay attention to the style. Look for a V. Now, you can wear a crew neck t-shirts and
those are classic, they’re good to go, but I think so many men could look better with
a V-neck. Now, I’m not talking about a scoop neck, you
don’t want something going down here and showing a whole bunch of cleavage. What you want is a classic V that’s just going
to give a nice line here. It’s going to help build up the chest, give
a very masculine look. All right. Bonus tip for dressing up with t-shirt is
to have a nice watch. Why? Because think about it, guys, when you’ve
got this entire area of your arm right here that you can, yes, bring in jewelry and that’s
what watches are, they’re a modern piece of jewelry. Guys, Original Grain. I’ve talked about them before. Over a year I’ve had this company as a sponsor
of mine. I’m proud to have them as a paid sponsor because
this is a great conversation piece. Original Grain, check these guys out. They take wood, they take steel and they bring
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which ones you like down in the comments and guys I will link to them down in the description
and, yeah, go check them out. Great company. Tip number three. Go dark. So, why not go light and the white t-shirt
is classic, so is the light gray. But, both of those remind us of undershirts,
instead look to go perhaps a black, go with charcoal gray, go with navy. You can even expand out to maroons. You can look at a dark olive green. You can go with a true blue. And, what we have is something that’s going
to give you a more monochromatic look because I’m going to transition now into point number
four. Wear them with a dark-colored pair of jeans. The great thing with a dark-colored pair of
jeans the dark-colored shirt that I just talked about is it gives you a monochromatic look. All of sudden we’re able to look at you up
and down makes you more lean. It actually so if you got a little bit of
weight in the midsection, you’re a bit of a shorter guy, then this is going to make
you look taller. It’s going to make you look more trim and
it’s just a great overall look. You can even tuck in the shirt and it’s going
to look fine. Tip number five. Go with the right fabric. So, there’s a lot of fabric options out there. If you’re going to go with cotton, understand
that you’ve going to have wrinkles. You’re going to want to go with a heavier
weight cotton. You can also look at merino wool. So, merino wool is great because it’s not
going to have as much many wrinkles, but it’s also something that you’ve got to understand
it’s going to be oftentimes be more expensive, it’s going to be odor resistant, but it’s
a great option as well. Now, synthetic materials, synthetic fabrics
in general oftentimes are perceived as being lower quality, but synthetic materials can
be great for resistance of in a sense wrinkles. But the issue with synthetics if they’re too
they can look really too sporty and it may not be the type of look you’re going for. Tip number six for upgrading a t-shirt is
to bring in a vest. Now, I’ve talked about vest on and off here
at Real Men Real Style. Some guys have mixed feelings, it’s not something
they’re used to. But, understand that if you have a good build,
if you’ve got larger arms, if you’ve got a build good upper body, you’re going to be
very active. I’ve seen photographers, I’ve seen dancers
bring in vest to their wardrobe with a t-shirt. This is going to be a great look especially
if you’re going to be active, you’re going to be moving around. And, guys, but pay attention to the cut of
the vest. The overall look, it’s going to cover up most
of the t-shirt so, you know, t-shirt is not going to be seen, so we’re going to see the
vest. You want something that’s been maybe adjusted
to fit you, but that right there can really level up the t-shirt. To wrap this up, gentlemen, I want to say
try throwing on a jacket. Now, the key here is to go with a jacket color
that’s similar to the shirt. If you go with that a little bit more of a
monochromatic look, something that’s similar is going to look better than a high contrast. So, don’t try wearing a white shirt with a
black jacket, instead maybe a blue shirt with a blue jacket. That look right there along with a, you know,
the whole monochromatic feel with the darker colored jeans or darker colored trousers is
going to give you I think a pretty darn good look. All right, gentlemen, so that’s it. Let me know what you think in the comments
quick video, I think that you can have a lot of fun dressing up with t-shirt. It’s not going to be for everyone. Somewhere that they’re going to watch this
video and say sacrilege, not something I would ever recommend. However, I think in certain industries, you
can really pull it off and I would love to hear from you guys. Have you ever rocked this look? And, check out Original Grain, a great sponsor. I’ve been proud to have them and like I said
I’ve got a lot of extra samples I want to send some of them your way, so let me know
which one was your favorite of the collections down in the description. Be specific, that way I can send it your way. Take care, guys. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Video Summary:
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    1:49 – BONUS: Wear A Nice Watch
    2:47 – Go For Dark Colors
    3:13 – Wear With Dark Colored Jeans
    3:38 – Choose The Right Fabric
    4:17 – Bring In A Vest
    4:55 – Wear A Jacket

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