well across to homeboy Justin and somebody else a flock more because there's nothing for me to really do right now with my life so in the meantime while we're figuring all this out we're gonna build a shoe wall let's do that so this has been a project that I've wanted to do for the last probably three years of my life but because of school and being busy I've never had the time and now I have the time and it got a little bit of money laying around and I want to do this and Target close and close for another hour and a half so i'ma go this is the mission get in and get out with three cubicle shelves I'm Lauren distracted by all of the Legos just a night thing bro this used to be me I'll tell look at exactly why I love target at late night ain't nobody that's the idea like that's the idea but we need a cheaper option that's up there were three there's only two here what is we going to I'm gonna think about it okay so here's the thing I could get this shelving unit and then just kind of have a little design on top which might work okay yeah tell me why I came here Versailles right how'd I get lipo but see they're the LED ones and they look like that is involved so you know it saves on energy I need to save money it makes sense to me and then I got something a white contact paper to put on the bottom of the shelf so that way the show so I'm get dirty with my thinking what okay okay you know I think I gotta carry them things all the way up them stairs I can't see them stairs Oh y'all know you don't have to be there heavy lower today okay now that's done we go my symbol leaf move those somewhere else and then put all of them shoes that uh over here and give them a new hall wait a minute my era that's kind of hard for her yeah we're gonna be working a lot so before we do this I'm gonna get these light bulbs switched out so that way I can already start saving my energy like right now this electric bill too much you know go take it down like Eva said it's a Marlo with that we you're gonna guess I got to blue goo we gonna take it down okay let's focus now let's focus okay now see this is why I'm changing them five watts 250 lumens which is nice – nice dark amber color which I love because at nighttime I'm trying to just relax and sometimes I want mood lighting you know when I happy below four okay I want to kind of make it more chill more intimate okay more cozy Amy we all say that money let you build going down all right so that's the before he another before and after oh that's bright whoo but it's pretty though yes yes that's we'll be looking for alright so this is the before we got for the giant self here put some shoes for a whole pile of shoes all right part two is done and then we don't lift it on top of this thing so that way it is all the way up to the ceiling this is like taking me about 30 minutes per piece to put together so well ciao all right update it is 118 in the morning as that clock will say but we have the final piece this one doesn't have the stackable holes so what I might have to do is drill two little holes to go right there and there that'll go right there and there so I can put that on that on to that i'ma get my drill bit I wasn't think we're gonna need some power tools but we gonna need a little bit of first off let's just shout out to ISA raise an insecure because this show I can watch it over and over forever and it's still funny it's still good drilled some holes so I can put that so we don't fall over we got some anchors solder the whole thing ain't gonna fall down just kids there's the earthquake cause y'all know Kansas gets earthquakes alright because my mom might raise no dumb-dumb I put that second piece on top of there and then figured out where the studs were just by the hole knock knock technique I'm tired this is taking longer than I was expecting but at the same time I have a person who I started from when I start a project like this I want to finish it before I go to sleep because I want to wake up and have this to do so we're almost there though okay so I went to put the top piece on and it was the the holes that I drilled in for the dowels are too small and so we need to go from a 3/16 to 1/4 inch bit redraw those holes and hopefully this will be done and then I can drill it into the wall and balance it out ah so much but I love these colleges because I can do them yes we did at all it's ridiculous I like how it looks I look better with shoes it comes out of good maybe three inches by the time it reaches the top so we're gonna screw it so that way it hangs like this and it's nice and close to the wall yo you can not tell me I have half a mind to paint like that top section the matte light gray just to blend into the wall but I also don't necessarily mine that's a different color but I screwed it in you can see the two anchors and those two corners to the wall and bounce now the test would roll or will it stay Radio well that's it yo I didn't it took me what two and a half hours to put all this together boy shoe that's what that engineering degree gets you right I mean I only did it a year and a half of the engineering program but I know some basic putting together furniture stuff this is dope oh my gosh my shoe wall is finally actually a thing I left the corner cuz I don't know cuz there's an outlet and then I put it so that way the switch is actually hiding in there so as a hint switch – no that's not like up here it's oh yeah oh my shoes in here and I'm gonna figure out how to organize it so it all makes sense and then I will show you all the final product like how do I organize my shoes now cuz now this is the hardest part I'm thinking by color and by like occasion like dress shoe casual shoe athletic shoe high atop is that me says no I think I'm gonna do rainbow order yeah we gonna see okay this is gonna be hard we don't we gonna break it out we don't make it work we don't make it work I feel like I can do this so we will see yo when I say this is making my heart happy like oh just a place for all the shoes to just chill they can just chill and I can just look at them all at one time and figure out which ones oh yes I have 9 pairs different black shoes we're not talking about that anyway but the fact I'm just have everything at one dose my heart happy Chad my heart yeah happy one pair of time one attempt nice okay I'm just laying down right now because I'm thoroughly exhausted absolutely and in love with my shoe wall it's so tall a little bit ridiculous honestly but I'm happy with it um yeah let me fix this one thing now the only thing is that like I mean I now you'd a step stool to get to my tallest shoes I just like that everything is there and I can see everything and it makes sense that it's in my bedroom because it's the last thing that I put on when I get dressed that's the first thing I take off when I come inside so just make sense to put it right here so I'm gonna close out this fog yeah I'm happy with my shoe shelf that's something that likes to for about three years now or longer I kind of wanna figure out how to get little lights you know to kind of shine on the shoes like I'm a spotlight it up you know and get them boxes to that recycling bin tomorrow the little black metal things needs to get on out and have someone a pickup truck let me know if I should do more vlogs of me just doing stuff and if you guys liked this video give it a like but let me know what you guys think how do I close these things oh yeah if you have questions ask me those maybe something in the comment section hit me up on social media Instagram snapchat still there the most part oh and subscribe for randomness related to my life I'll do like an update and actual update video of things you know I graduated college I have my masters now so I'll do a video on update you guys on how that last like semester of school was in another video but now I'm gonna sleep watch the last one if you would like to do that isn't that playlist down there of stuff and hit the subscribe back on it you haven't already and until next time I will see you guys later peace and keep it locked alright

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  • Gm Justin Hru n Really nice job on your Shoe wall👍n Also Congrats on your Degree n u need to show how your Hair's looking under your Hat🤣

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