Brown Leather Jacket Style Ideas | Neutral Outfit Inspo

Brown Leather Jacket Style Ideas | Neutral Outfit Inspo

(gentle music) – Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. So one of the things that
is sitting on my wardrobe and is in fact a staple item of mine is a brown leather jacket that I’ve gotten from Mango and it’s one of my favorite
jackets at the moment and I just thought to share with you guys how I would style the brown leather jacket across all seasons. Like something that you could wear for spring, summer, autumn and probably for winter depending on where you live so, yes. Hope you guys enjoy this video and let me know in the comments down below which is your favorite
look or outfit piece. Without further ado let’s
get on to the video. My first outfit to style with is a yellowy
mustard knit sweater from Mango, paired with my
Everlane straight-crop pants. The use of the leather
jacket adds some dimension to the yellow knit sweater hence I added a touch
more brown using my belt and my glove boots. During colder weather, a leather
jacket is wonderful to use as it gives structure to an entire look. In most cases the leather
jacket gives off an edgy vibe particularly if you wear darker colors. For my case however, I chose this color since I find this particular
shade gives a more relaxed vibe and compliments a lot of the
neutrals I have in my wardrobe. Another thing to note on
this style is how I try to incorporate different
textures using leather and knits. Using textures in an
outfit is one of the ways to elevate any simple styling so as you can see here, I have made use of the ribbed
texture of the knit sweater and the boots together
with the leather material of the jacket and the belt. So another colder season
outfit would be having this Everlane Cashmere Lantern sweater. Over time, I realized that I’m
not a huge fan of this design just ’cause of the draping on the sleeves look a
little bit cluttered on me. Though I know it is trying to resemble a bell sleeve
kind of cut, the way these set on my arms is not flattering and it ends up looking
wrinkly even if I steam it. That said, the quality of the cashmere remains
the same good quality I know for Everlane’s and the color is just
a pretty shade of pink. Pairing it with the leather
jacket makes it better as I think it adds another
touch of brown color to compliment the boots and at the same time
makes the entire outfit more put together. For my next outfit, I have this very cute
striped shirt from Mango where if you look closely, it has a printed coffee
cups design all over it and just so you guys know, I love coffee that much that I cannot absolutely get on to my day without having a single cup. So you can imagine I was pretty stoked when I saw this for sale. I’ve used up my Everlane
crop pants for my bottoms as well as my Everlane day
loafers in this dusty rose color. This look can be easily worn
for any transitional outfit from autumn or spring season. Again, this would depend
largely on where you live. You might want to add more layers if you plan to use this
for autumn or winter. A leather jacket can most definitely be used up with dresses too. Like using this white polka-dot dress with all its ruffled neckline that I got from Veronika Maine. I feel the jacket adds a bit of an edge to the feminine vibe of this look. Playing contrast between
feminine versus edgy like wearing a dress with something as structured like a leather
jacket, breaks the monotony of a dainty outfit. Now, for footwear I have
used my Everlane day heels to keep the main focus on the entire look. So going now towards warmer seasons, I decided to do another
casual combination using one of my favorite colored
shirts, the Everlane shirt in Fatigue, which is
this khaki green color. This shade of green I
feel is so underrated and I think the there are so many ways that this color can be paired around with. My shorts on this example is
another Everlane favorite. As I have mentioned in my previous videos, the
patch-pocket shorts have the best cut for my bottom-heavy body and the patch pocket on the
front, flatters the design really well. And you guessed it, my shoes to go with the
outfit is my Everlane day heel to accompany an illusion of
height for my petite frame. Adding the leather jacket
just creates another layer which I feel gives my brown leather belt, a
boost in the overall look. My last styling video is of this cobalt-blue shirt from H and M. I remembered I got this shirt because this shade of blue stood out to me which I think is a great
addition to have in my basics. To keep up with the leather theme I have paired it with
these faux-leather shorts that I’ve gotten on the
sales rack of Bardot. Something I always like to
do is pairing the contrast between a bold primary color with that of leather which is what I exactly did on this outfit. Also, the leather on the leather scheme I have made here is a nod to both doing a monochromatic styling while the entire outfit gives an example of what we call color blocking. By the way, let me know
in the comments section if you guys would like me to
do a video on color blocking. ‘Cause I feel that it needs a whole separate
video of its own. And of course, since I’m wearing shorts trying to maximize leg length is a must so I have worn non other than my go-to set of heels which is the Everlane day heel. (gentle music) And again, we have now come
back to the end of the video. I hope you guys enjoyed the styling looks that I’ve shown you
and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and follow me as well
on my social media pages and yes, till next time. See you again, bye.

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  • I also want to know any good recommendations for a uniquely colored leather jacket that you guys may know of😀

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