Breckenridge Mountain Tour – Horseshoe Bowl (Expert)

Breckenridge Mountain Tour – Horseshoe Bowl (Expert)

See links in description below for ski & snowboard lesson and Breckenridge Real Estate information. Get to Horseshoe Bowl from T-Bar or Imperial Chair. Watch out for rocks along the fence. To T-Bar this way. To Colorado Chair that way. Packing out more than I pack in! Contact Ted by following links in the description below.

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  • Thank you for sharing these videos, theyre a great way to prepare for the runs! I'm thinking of attempting horseshoe bowl this Thursday, any recommendations on how to prepare for this one or any other runs that could help?? Thanks!

  • No trees? Over here in the east we have both trees and snow. Sure, it's a lot harder to avoid trees, and our weather is much colder, but if you like just meandering around on some treeless area, that's great too! I was out west one time and the guy at the top of the lift tried to give me a hot chocolate!! I was so mad!! When we get off lifts here in the east, they pour some icewater down your back and sock you in the gut- just to make sure you're ready for anything. Then they pants you and push you down the nearest double diamond, which is generally about 4 feet wide with exposed granite cliffs.

    I'm way more at home in the east…

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