BOOTS ON THE GROUND Trailer (2018) Horror Movie

BOOTS ON THE GROUND Trailer (2018) Horror Movie

Let’s go. Let’s go – left Sir which way we’ll go, right Whaley British engineering that’s why leftovers from the first desk and war go Go to war they said Fuck they said, they’re funny so here You want some of their so hi? I’m at the end of the corridor – anybody hear me take any money woman, sir the persona identify yourself Otis is so post you are going to leave behind Forgive me hi, okay. Clearly I’ve written some Id We’re gonna do because remember it being that they didn’t tell you Well, it’s just we’ve been drugged. Whatever you going on. It is happening. Did you go? I know why so I said look. I’m not doing it again. What now boss Wow, I’m blake

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