Boots Burgers: Top Burgers Served out of a Rockwall Converted Garage

Boots Burgers: Top Burgers Served out of a Rockwall Converted Garage

Welcome to Bootsburgers. Established in 1968, and still serving strong
from a converted garage in the side of this old house. That is the thick smell of
burger grease filling the air. There’s no air
freshener quite like it. No tables, no waitstaff,
just a window. A window that delivers
one thing, tasty burgers. Hamburger, cheeseburger, or double hamburger,
double cheeseburger. Keep it simple. And through the
burger looking glass, you’ll find owner, David Moody. Flipping them
straight off the grill and into the stomachs
of happy customers, just like his father before him. Hey thanks for letting
me into your kitchen. – You bet, glad to
have you here man. – It’s a nice spacious
operation y’all got going on. Better fit for a simple menu. – Yeah, what you
see is what it is. That’s what you get. We’re not adding nothing,
not taking nothing away. – Well everybody
who knows Rockwall thinks of this high end, mansions, waterfront
yachts, that kinda thing. – (laughs) We keep it
like this for a reason because people come
down here to get away from all the hoopla. – Yeah, that’s right. Boots is an anomaly. I mean the only reason
it still exists, is because it’s
grandfathered in. According to modern city codes,
Boots is all kinds of wrong. What according to the
folks who eat here, Boots is all kinds of right too. 50 years? – Yeah. Probably longer than that, that’s as far back
as we can remember. I’m pretty sure he
was here before then. – How long is Boots
gonna be around? What ya think? – Ah who knows. We both say until you find
one of us laying in the floor. – Oh okay. – I told him, I said, “Kick
me twice, if I don’t move, put the closed sign out.” – That’s it. Hopefully that ain’t
happening anytime soon. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure
burgers like this can make you live forever. Give me a little rundown about
what makes a Boots burger, a Boots burger. – In my opinion, you put
that bun on that griddle, toast it, gets my grease on it. – So it’s gotta get
it a little crispy, but it’s a little bit
soggy at the same time. – Yeah. – The bun, the meat, is there seasoning
on these things? – No. This griddle, is cast iron. See most of your big
restaurants stainless steel, it does not taste the same. – So the magic’s right here. That’s the magic. – That’s it. – Well all that’s left
to do is order lunch. Double meat, double cheese,
homemade jalapeno relish. Now don’t expect the, do you want fries with
that nonsense here. It’s Bootsburgers, not
Boots French Fries. Ah but they do have chips and a Coke machine
for your convenience. Boom. All right, now you
can’t eat on site so we gotta get back in the car. (lazy guitar music) So we found ourselves
at Harry Myers Park, which is a Daytripper
destination in and of itself. Oh yeah. Look just a little bit longer, we would’ve fallen out of
the bottom of that bag. That means the burger’s good. Might not be the prettiest
for a camera but, it all is gonna taste
good when it goes down. Oh I like that, look the bottom of the bun
is just kinda like crispy. Completely greased
all the way through. Oh man. Dude that’s awesome. Daniel, you were so
right on the Bootsburger. – What’s he doing way up there? – Leave me alone, gosh. – Oh my gosh that’s
a good burger. And it’s like the meats
on, the veggies are good, and like the bun
is like so greasy it has almost melded with
the meat into one substance. Man that’s amazing. This is the more normal
tripper side of Rockwall. This is my side of
Rockwall right here. This burger has lost complete
structural integrity, it is falling apart.

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