Best Winter Running Shoes

Best Winter Running Shoes

Runners enjoy the outdoor sport year round.
No matter the climate, they are outside running. Running during the colder winter months is
not any different other than the challenges of snow or ice on the path. The natural elements create a new challenge
for runners. The need for a secure foothold on the ground has been resolved with shoes
designed for winter running. The shoe manufacturers have taken the needs
of runners to heart by creating shoes with screws or special threads. One such manufacturer is YakTrax as well as
La Sportiva Hobnails. These special running shoes have screws in
the soles of the winter running shoes for better traction. Hobnails has design of an apparently flat
surface with a wide top with the concept of installing the screws on the areas of the
foot sole that hit the ground while running. The screws remain in place and are embedded
in the sole of the shoe while worn. They are corrosion resistant, wear resistant
with a material constructed out of tungsten alloy. They are similar to the studs on snow tires
that hold firmly onto the pavement. The cost of the screws or studs is about $45. Reports from runners for the winter running
shoes and the added studs have been highly regarded. The feel of the road is the same even in the
ice and snow with the added Hobnails on the sole of the shoe. It is reported they don’t have a different
feel when hitting the dry pavement as well. Runners are always seeking a safer and more
comfortable manner to use for their running activities. Winter running shoes have provided the needed
safety and comfort for the cold weather running in an affordable manner. They are an addition to the current favorite
pair of running shoe. Easy to add or remove from the soles. Aid in the safety of running on slippery surfaces
without the concerns of falling or slipping resulting in injuries.

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