A Sandals Surprise for Harvey’s Hundreds! || STEVE HARVEY

A Sandals Surprise for Harvey’s Hundreds! || STEVE HARVEY

– Who in the building
wanna win some money? Let’s go, let’s see who’s
playing Harvey’s Hundreds. (cheering)
(rapid chiming) Stop. (intense music)
(cheering) – Hi!
– How you doin’? Hold on. All right, great, what’s your name? – Rebecca. – Hey Rebecca, where you from? – Originally from Kansas, but I live here. – OK, that’s good. Who ya here with? – I’m with my boyfriend of
almost four years, Jerry. – OK, Jerry, what’s up baby? Yes.
(applause) Well, you wanna win some money today? – Yes, please. – All right, let’s turn around. I got 20 pictures up on this board. Every time you match up
one of those pictures, I’m gonna give you 100 bucks. If you can match up all
20 of those pictures inside of 60 seconds, Rebecca, you could walk outta here with $1,000. (cheering)
– Woo, let’s do it! – All right.
– OK, here we go. – Now, this week is
sponsored by Sandals Resorts. So they got a logo on the board today. If you look up there, you could see it. If you match up those logos right there, you gon’ win a special bonus prize for you and your boyfriend. (clapping) OK so let’s flip em over. Let’s scramble em up. Let’s try to make a lot of money here. – All right. – Time will start after
your first two numbers, go. – All right, 11, 18. – 11, 18. (buzzing)
– 12, 13. – 12, 13. (buzzing)
– 12, nine. – 12, nine. – Eight, 13. (buzzing)
Eight, one. (buzzing)
Two, four. (buzzing)
Two, eight. Two, eight. Seven, three. Seven, 19. Seven, 17. – Seven, 13. – Seven, 13. – Nine, four. Three, 17. – Three, 17. – Three, 17. – Come on, let’s go. – 12, 18. – You can win all of these. – 12, 14. 11, 12. 11, 14. 16, 19. – 16, 19.
(buzzing) – 19, 15. 19, 15.
(buzzing) – Oh, 15, 18. One and five. Six, 10.
– Come on. 12, 10. 12, 10. 12, 10, 12 not 20! (buzzing) All right. – You had a shot. You did pretty good though. You got 800 bucks. OK.
(clapping) – Thank you. – But turn around here. Here’s the good part. Since you matched the two
Sandals Resorts logos, that means you and your boyfriend just won a four night luxury included vacation in a love nest suite at
Sandals Grande, Antigua. Head on over there.
– Oh my God! – Your mediterranean, one bedroom villa has an enclosed patio with a
private pool and whirlpool, plus comfort, personal butler service man. It’s the ultimate romantic
hideaway and here to tell you more about your luxury included vacation is the travel mom, Emily Kaufman. – This Sandals resort is
located on Dickenson Bay. It’s one of Antigua’s best
and most famous beaches. This long stretch of white sand beach has the calmest waters and
they’re perfect to try out the variety of water sports
that you can experience there. And you’re gonna catch
unbelievable sunsets. It’s magnificent with 11
five-star global gourmet restaurants and seven premium bars. There’s romantic fire
pits and hammocks for two. Sandals Grande Antigua has been voted the most romantic resort year after year. You’re gonna have an amazing time. Congratulations!
– Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yay!
(applause) – All right, thanks Emily. For more information on Sandals Resort, head to Sandals.com. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)

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